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Here is a list of known bugs. At least a list of bugs I've experienced and heard about.

I've experienced.
  • The rom freezes upon fast forwarding in zSNES.

From Alan Wingard
In the character creation quiz, if you take the quiz and then cancel for more than five times, the game will freeze. However, any weapons will still be in your inventory. That means if you take the quiz five times and get five devil axes, at the beginning, money will not be a problem

I cannot properly give credit to who sent me this, so if you were the one who sent me this, please give me an email.
I found out today that if Riana is at level 9 and you reach level 10 through a summoned monster it will actually demote you to a previous class. I don't know if this is just me but I was on scenario 12 and at level 3 class. I summoned the best summoning Freiya and killed one of the mages. Then I gained a level and asked which class change which ended up being level 2 classes. I then reloaded the scenario and made it to level 10 through healing my characters and I was given level 4 classes. Don't know if this is just me, but i'd rather be on the safe side and let everyone know when they are at level 9 don't rely on summonings or else the game will hurt you for it.