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Game Info
Der Langrisser is a game made by Masaya/NCS Corp. Supposedly it's the fifth installment in the Langrisser series: Renamed to Warsong in the western world. Though, the western world has only seen one game in the series: Warsong, released for the Sega Genesis, and apparantly a total flop; since it kept them from releasing future games in the series.

The game is a strategy RPG. Those of you who have played the vastly more known Heroes of Might and Magic series will know what that is. Der Langrisser is pretty similar, though it has a more consistent story. You have the characters who acts as the heroes, or commanders, and units. And you battle your opponent in scenarioes; that is, on a battlefield in turn based combat. Prior that you will have had the oppertunitu to buy an army and equipment. Depending on the outcome of the battle, you will be rewarded with experience points, money, and sometimes, if you're lucky, equipment.

Game History
Year Name Publisher Console Comments
1980s Elsareed Masaya/NCS Corp. PC9801
Supposedly a predecessor to the Langrisser series. Brought along here for good measure.
1991 Lungrisser First Masaya/NCS Corp. Sega MegaDrive/Genesis -
1991 Warsong Treco Sega MegaDrive/Genesis A remake of Lungrisser First, and the only game in the Langrisser series to be released in the western world.
1993 Lungrisser Masaya/NCS Corp. PCE SCD An improved version of Lungrisser First, released for PC-Engine.
1994 Lungrisser II Masaya/NSC Corp. Sega MegaDrive/Genesis -
1995 Der Langrisser Masaya/NCS Corp. SNES A remake of Lungrisser II.
The game this shrine is about.
1996 Der Langrisser FX Masaya/NCS Corp. PC-FX An improved version of Der Langrisser, for PC-FX.
1996 Langrisser III Masaya/NCS Corp. Sega Saturn -
1996 Langrisser III Limited Edtion Masaya/NCS Corp. Sega Saturn If you were rich, you would have bought this edition to get a holographic cover and a voice-actor fanbook.
1997 Langrisser I & II Masaya/NCS Corp. PlayStation X Lungrisser First, and Der Langrisser bundled. Lungrisser First was remade to play more like Der Langrisser.
1997 Langrisser I & II Limited Edition Masaya/NCS Corp. PlayStation X There's money in Limited Editions, you know.
1997 Langrisser IV Career Soft Sega Saturn -
1998 Langrisser Dramatic Edition Career Soft Sega Saturn The same as Langrisser I & II Limited Edition: With new artwork, a couple new scenarios, remixed music, and a drama mini-cd. Truely a must have?
1998 Langrisser I Unbalance PC Win95-J Langrisser I, released for PC.
1998 Langrisser II Unbalance PC Win95-J Langrisser II, released for PC.
1999 Langrisser Tribute Edition Career Soft Sega Saturn A bundle consisting of Langrisser Dramatic Edition, Langrisser III, Langrisser IV, and the new game Langrisser V. It also backs a couple of neat extras.
1999 Langrisser IV & V: Final Edition. Career Soft PlayStation X A bundle of Langrisser IV, and V. And with an added hard mode to Langrisser V.
1999 Langrisser Millenium: The Last Century. Masaya/NCS Corp. WonderSwan A remake of Lungrisser First for the WonderSwan.
1999 Langrisser Millenium: The Birthday Eve. Masaya/NCS Corp. DreamCast Langrisser enters the world of 3d battles and near naked females. Or so the screenshots hint.