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The New Game Questions

In Der Langrisser each new game beings with a series of questions; what you reply to these, sets your class and gives you various bonuses at startup. Below's a list of what the various replies do.
The information for this section is taken from zero0723's Der Langrisser FAQ.
=, negates any previous values. IE: If you become defense +1 if you become a Bishop, but instead you can the defense +4 the class grants.
Attack/Defense +, applies to your character. Attack/Defense Bonus +, increases the attack and defense bonus granted to units within the command range.

Your Reply Reply's Effect Proceed To
    Q1: The enemy staged a surprise attack on you while you were replenishing your resources. What do you do?
Retreat Defense Bonus +1 Q2
Defend Honourably - Q3
Counterattack Attack Bonus +1 Q4
    Q2: Where do you think God is?
God doesn't exist. Class: Warlock, Magic: Magic Arrow, A=1, D=1 Q5
In the heavens above. Class: Bishop, Magic: Heal1(?), Troop -1, Unit: Monk, A=0, D=4 Q5
In the heart and spirit. Defense Bonus +1 Q4
    Q3: What do you think is the most important thing in establishing an unrivaled force?
Power to destroy. Class: Gladiator, Unit: Bandit, A=1, D=2 Q6
Strong leadership. Class: Fighter, Troop +1, A=1, D=3 Q6
Good mobility. - Q4
    Q4: What kind of things would you like at your next house?
The smell of the sea. Class: Pirate, Troop +1, Unit: Merman, A=0, D=2 Q7
The soft breath of spring. Class: Knight, Troop +1, Unit: Trooper, A=2, D=0 Q7
A fresh gentle breeze. Class: HawkKnight, Troop +1, Unit: Harpy, A=1, D=1 Q7
    Q5: If the world falls into crisis, what would save it?
Mysterious holy power. Magic: Force Heal1 Q8
Vast knowledge. Magic: Thunder Q9
My strenght. Attack +1 Q10
    Q6: If you were to take command of an army, what would you find most desirable in your units?
Great soldier strenght. Troop +1, Unit: Trooper Q9
Perfect regulation. Defense Bonus +1 Q10
High morale. Defense Bonus +1 Q11
    Q7: Which of these abilities would you find in an ideal army?
Commander strenght Attack +1, Move +1 Q10
Impenetrable defense Defense Bonus +1 Q11
Power to annihilate enemy Attack Bonus +1 Q11
    Q8: What image would you like to hold when confronting a person of darkness?
A vile enemy. Magic: Turn Undead, MP +4 Q13
A being to worship. Item: Devil Axe Q14
Difficult to kill. Item: Mirage Robe, MP +2 Q15
    Q9: What would you consider your role of life in this world?
To protect those I love. Magic: Protection1, MP +4 Q13
To strenghten myself. Attack +2, Defense +1 Q14
To pursue my dreams. Magic: Attack1, MP +4 Q15
    Q10: An allied unit is under siege, but your unit is in a perilous situation as well. What command would you issue?
Order a retreat. Item: Speedboots. Q14
Call for reinforcements. Item: Large Shield, Magic: Protection1 Q15
Help the allies in trouble. Item: Cross, Magic: Heal1 Q16
    Q11: What would you wish for in life?
Knowledge Magic: Thunder, MP+4 Q15
Wealth +300gp, Item: Large Shield Q16
Power and authority Item: Wand Q17
    Q12: If you gained great powers, what would you use them for?
To protect the people. Item: Amulet Q15
To rule over all Attack +1, Defense +2 Q16
To promote justice. Unit: Monk, Attack +1 Q17
    Q13: What do you think love is?
Something shared. Magic: Charm, MP +1 Q18
Something received. Item: War Hammer Q18
Something that strenghtens. Attack +1 Q18
    Q14: If you could change the world, what would you wish for the people to have?
Love, hope, and courage. Attack +1 Q18
Freedom and liberty. MP +2 Q18
Harmony and peace. Defense +1 Q18
    Q15: What ability must a person have to rule a country?
Charisma. Magic: Charm, MP +1 Q18
Leadership. Magic: Quick, MP +1 Q18
Initiative Attack Bonus +1 Q18
    Q16: Of the following choices, which do you think is most important in becoming a hero?
Virtue of determination. Magic Defense +10 Q18
Strong leadership. Defense Bonus +1 Q18
Courage Attack Bonus +1 Q18
    Q17: Hmm, you are a boy aren't you?
No, a romanticist... Magic: Heal1 Q18
No, a burning spirit... Attack +1 Q18
No, a man of steel... Defense +1 Q18
    Q18: At the beginning of a battle, what do  you need the most?
Knowledge and tactics. Magic: Heal1, MP +2, Attack Bonus +1 Q19
Cool judgement. Defense +1, MP +2, Defense Bonus +1 Q19
Exceptional battle skills. Attack +1, Defense +1, Attack Bonus +1, Defense Bonus +1 Q19
    Q19: What is your idea of an invincible army?
Small numbers, good skills. Troop -1, Attack Bonus +1, Defense Bonus +1 Q20
Weak, but large numbers. Magic: Attack1, Troop +1, MP +2 Q20
Commander is strongest. Attack +2, Defense +1 Q20
    Q20: What is cause you think is worth dying for?
For glory and honour. Attack +2 End
To defend my country. Magic: Attack1, MP +1 End
To protect those I love. Magic: Protection1, Defense +1 End