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Jobs BBS

The Jobs BBS is located in the Net Center in Marine Harbour. Lan will have to get his BLicense then he will be able to do the jobs that are there
Jack in required means if you need to Jack in to do the job
Note: Mission1, Mission2 and Mission3 are done when Lan has his ALicense he has to complete these before he can do the test, all the rest are done by storyline and they are pretty straightforward.

Name of Request
(what is written)
How to get there (where it's at)
Jack in Required:
Words of Thanks from your Employer
Need Help
Can you Please find a lost girl? a relative of mine  I'm waiting at the School in ACDC Town
Go to the School and talk to the girl by the chalkboard she will tell you her request and that her cousin has gone off somewhere. Go to the Metroline and take it to Marine Harbour (since it's the only place you can take it) once you get off the Metroline go up past where Ribitta's van is and the little girl should be there, talk to her and she will tell you if her Sis is looking for her and tell her that she will be back later after she gets to see the rest of the City. Go back to the Metroline and take it back to ACDC Town then go back to the School. The girl by the chalkboard will give Lan her reward
ACDC School
Lan, Thank you You're the best!
At The Cafe
I'm waiting in the Cafe with an ocean view, I'll explain this job in person. There is some danger involved so your Navi must be strong
Take the Metroline from ACDC Town and head over to where the Cafe is.. there will be a guy with Netbattler clothing on .. he will tell you that he wants a certain navi deleted. Head up to the Center's Lobby and Jack in at the Center's Host computer, go around and go to the Square Enterance then go down to Den Area 2 when you get there, head over and talk to the Purple navi, he will send out 2 Fishys and a Mettfire.. Nail the fishy first then get the Mettfire. When you defeat the 3 viruses, jack out and head out to the cafe and talk to the guy again, he will tell you that he is an Official Netbattler and Lan will recieve his reward
Cafe where you can see the ocean
A very tough kid solved my problem for me. I look forward to watching your skills develop.
I really need help. I'd rather discuss this in person than on this board. I need help from a good virus buster.  I'm waiting in front of the ACDC Town St.
Take the Metroline to Marine Harbour  and talk to the guy wearing a white labcoat, he'll explain that he was testing some experimental Navis and they ran away. They are in the ACDC Town network (so they haven't made it on the Big net yet)
All three of the purple navis are near the top of the screen you can't miss them.

The first one will be in Dex's portable game machine at Dex's house Jack in and talk to the purple navi.. he will send out 3 Handys Destroy them then jack out.

The second one will be in the Broken Toy by the Jungle Gym jack in and talk to the purple navi.. he will send out 2 Spiky viruses. Destroy them and jack out.

The third one will be at Lan's classroom.. Jack in to the Chalkboard and go talk to the purple navi there he will send out a Flamey2 and a Flamey3 both Flameys will be using the Lineout so nail them both.. Destroy them and jack out.  When all 3 Navis are destroyed go back to the Metroline and talk to the guy in the labcoat, he will give Lan a RegUp1 for a reward

Your busting technique is very impressive.
You have a bright future ahead of you, kid. You'll be quite a NetBattler after
you get some experience.
I have a simple request. First come up to KotoSquare! Meet up with a mean  looking kinda Navi
From the License office head up the stairs and jack into the Center's host computer, head to the link to the Square Entrance and head down the path take the right path to Den Area 3 and then it should lead you to the Koto Area, Go left and take the path at the end, go over to the moving platform and take it, then go down the ramp and take the link to the KotoSquare Entrance. At the Entrance go up then right and take the link to KotoSquare. Talk to the purple navi (Don't worry this one's a nice one)  standing over on one of the peninsulas he will tell you his request.. he will tell you to jack in the Coffee Machine (it's misspelled as CofeeMachine), talk to the purple navi and he will send 3 Spooky2's after you... destroy them and then the purple navi will drop a weird program.. this is the OddProg that the purple navi in KotoSquare wanted .. jack out and go back to KotoSquare
Recov30 *
You are a fast-operating kid. I look
forward to seeing you grow up.
Help find a lost program! Come to the Okuden Valley campgrounds
for details. I'm standing in the middle of the river.
Go to the Metroline and take it to Okuden Valley.. Go allll the way to the Campground and talk to the guy standing on the pathway, he will explain that his son's program got lost on the Net and he wants Lan to find it.. head back to the Metroline and go to Lan's house, Jack in Lan's PC and go alll the way to Den Area 3 Megaman should be able to see a program walking around, talk to the program and it will tell him that it got lost, Megaman will tell the program that the owner is looking for it. Jack out and head back to the Campground and talk to the guy again to finish the mission
Okuden Valley Campground
You are a very observant kid. Good luck in
future jobs.
Chip Please
Our water heating program is busted. We've no hot water. Do you
have lots of chips? Can you give me a FireSwrd F? Of course, I'll give you a
"Slasher L" in return. I'm in the lobby of the Center, so look for me there.
First person that comes gets the goods.

This one should be a piece of cake.. all you need to do is S Rank a Swordy2 for a Fireswrd F then swap with the woman by the pathway leading to the licensing office
Yes (if you don't have a FireSwrd F) No if you do
Lobby in The Centre
Slasher L
I don't know a thing about virus busting.
I've never done anything like collect chips myself, but buying them from a nice
guy like you is one way to do it. Thanks kid!
Paying in Advance
I'll pay in advance, with an item you won't get elsewhere. The job
is easy, and the reward is great - act now! If you're interested then hurry
over to Yumland 1! My black Navi is waiting for you there.
From the Licensing Office, go up the stairs and into the Center's Lobby. Head over to the Center's Host Computer and jack into it. Go to Den Area 3, following the same route you took in Mission3. When you reach the area where the lost program used to be, continue going forward and take a left at the sign. Follow this path to Yumland 1. When you reach Yumland 1, take the upper path up and left. Go all the way to just before you reach the dead end, then head down and left and follow that path to the platform. Once you reach the platform, go down and left and make your way around to the teleporter. Teleport yourself to the platform on the other side and head up and left. Talk to the black and purple Navi, and it will give you your reward, GateKeyB. However, it will tell you to give it all of your battle chips. You, of course, will object to that, and so the Navi will start a battle with you.  You will take on a Sparky and a Flamey2... when you're done just finish up the mission and recieve your reward
This is the Center. Good job foiling the
con game targetting city NetBattlers. Brilliant work.
Need a Cupid
I've fallen madly in love! The problem is, I'm too shy to come out
and say it! Somebody help me out, please! Please come to the campground
Head to the Okuden Valley camp entrance via the Metro Line. Talk
to the old man near the bushes and he will tell you that he has fallen in love with a woman and that he wants to tell her how he feels, but is too shy. Lan and Megaman will suggest that he write her a love letter. The man will write the love letter right there and give it to you. Your job is to deliver the love letter to the woman and bring him her reply after she reads it. Her nickname is Sunflower, and she will be "where flowers bloom," so use the Metroline to go to Marine Harbor and head over to the garden outside the Center. Talk to the woman standing by the garden. She will tell you that she is Sunflower, so give her the letter. After she reads the letter, the woman will you to give the man her reply: "Start as a friend." Go back to the camp entrance and talk to the man again, giving him her reply. He will then thank you and give you your
reward of 10000 zennys.
Okuden Campground Entrance
10000 Zennies
Thank you so much, Cupid! I'm in heaven on
earth now!!!
For male pride
I am going to netbattle a guy. The problem is, I may lose. Can someone help me out here? I'm waiting at the entrance to the Square, Please, save my male pride from embarrassment
Jack into the Center's Host Computer and head to the Square Entrance. Talk to the stationary pink Navi. It will tell you that it is getting ready for a NetBattle, and it wants you to spy on its opponent. The opponent can be found in a "quiet place to relax." You should be able to figure out that the Navi means Okuden Valley, so jack out and use the Metro Line to head to Okuden Valley. Once there, head up the camp road to the waterfall. Jack into the Guardian Statue by the waterfall and go to the left corner. Talk to the green Navi standing there, who just so happens to be the Navi you're looking for. The Navi will tell you that it's training for a NetBattle, and then it will ask you if you're a fan or a bystander. Say that you're a fan, and then you will be given a choice between asking for its plan and asking what its weak spot is. Choose the one you want, because the Navi will end up saying what its plan is and telling you that it won't tell you what its weak spot is regardless of what you choose. Armed with this information, jack out of the statue and head back to Marine Harbor. Jack into the Center's Host Computer and head back to Square Entrance. Talk to the pink Navi again and tell it about the other Navi's lack of a weak spot and its plan. The pink Navi will tell you to get a Satelit1 G chip for it, so give it to the Navi if you have it in your sack already. If not, you can either take a chance at the chip trader in the Center, or you can head to Yumland 1 or Yumland 2 and try to win one from a Sparky. Once you get the chip, take it to the Navi and exchange it for your reward, a RegUP2.
Entrance to the Square
Thanks to you, I think I'm gonna win this
battle! Thank you very much!
Detective Job
Looking for someone. If you can help, come to ACDC Town. I'm waiting in front of the squirrel.
If you're already in ACDC Town go to the squirrel it's not far from Lan's house talk to the guy in a white shirt he will show you a pic of another guy, the guy wants you also to check and see what he is doing.. the guy (who's the criminal) is located in Okuden Dam so you'll need to take the Metroline to Okuden Valley and go through the Campground to get to the Dam he's near the end of the path..  talk to him and he says he's sightseeing and tells Lan to go home for his own good. Go back to ACDC Town and talk to the guy in the white shirt again he will tell you that the guy in Okuden Dam was a dangerous criminal and then he will give you your reward.
ACDC Town by the Squirrel
Twister Y
Thank you for aiding in the arrest of a vicious criminal
Sell me a Chip!
I'm leaving the country and need a strong chip. Can someone sell me a "Catcher N" I'll pay in cash. I'm waiting at Den Airport
Take the Metroline from ACDC Town and take it to the Airport. Head over to the Departures lobby. Talk to the guy in the blue shirt and he will offer to pay for the Catcher N (if you have it). If you don't have a Catcher N, you can try your luck at the Chip Trader or S Rank a RedUFO in the Cockpit's Control Panel (you will have to do this after the Earthquake scene). If you already have it just hand it to the guy and he will give you your reward
Den Airport
50000 Zennies
Thank you for helping me feel safe on my
Help reconcile us
My Navi ran away because we argued the day before last . Can someone please find my Navi? I'm waiting at the ACDC Town Station please help.
Head to the ACDC Metroline and talk to the guy wearing Netbattler clothing. he will tell you that his purple navi ran off to the net after arguing to him and he wants you to find it. Head back to the Centre's Host Computer (you can also take the Metroline back to Lan's house and jack in there as well) once you jack in go to Den Area 3 towards Yumland 1,  take the same path you took for Paying in Advance. In Yumland 2, take the upper right arrowed path all the way to the end, then head up and left. Take the lower left arrowed path as far as possible, then head down and right along the arrowed path there. Go up and right past the arrowed path, then go up and left at the fork. Follow the path down and left, then head down and right at the intersection. Go up the ramp and use the link there go get to YumSquare Entrance. At YumSquare Entrance, take the lowermost path to get to YumSquare. Here, go all the way around to the entrance of the Treasure Room. Talk to the purple Navi, and it will complain about its owner. Eventually it will tell you to tell its owner, the guy in netbattler clothing is in ACDC Station, that it won't come back yet. Jack out and head to ACDC Station, then give the guy the news. He will thank you and give you an HPMemory as a reward.
ACDC Town Station
Thanks to your help, my Navi and I are
friends again.
Fight Crime
Recently, a nasty Navi has been making trouble. He picks fights
with ordinary Navis, and even uses viruses. Now he's after me, so I'm on the
run. Can you do something about this? I'm waiting in a telephone in some house,
The phone the Navi is referring to is located in Yai's house, so
head to ACDC Town and go up to Yai's house. In Yai's house, go up the stairs on
the left and head all the way to the left corner of Yai's room. Jack into the
telephone there and head to the lower corner. Talk to the purple Navi and it
will ask you to get rid of the bad Navi. Then, talk to the other Navi and a
battle will commence.

This battle features a Shrimpy3 and two Poppers. It is VERY difficult, so save
your game before you begin the battle. Use an electricity-based attack to
quickly take out the Shrimpy3, because dodging its attacks will be difficult
with the wood towers the Poppers send toward you. Also, I recommend not using
an Elec style unless you're confident you can dodge the Poppers' attacks.
Overall, just be patient and don't do anything stupid when the wood towers come
your way. When you delete the viruses the bad Navi throws at you, talk to the
good Navi to get GospCode!
Yai's House
Thank you for saving me from a nasty
situation. I will train too, so that I can stand up to evil like you!
Help Research
With the assistance of a TV station, I'm researching virus
busting. Please help me with my research. Your task is simple. I want to measure your Navi's data as you delete viruses. Your reward will be an item that I know you will just love. Just don't blame me if your Navi gets deleted
instead. ;) If you agree to this job, plug into my van's computer.
Exit the Center and head to the TV station van. Jack in and head
left. Talk to the Navi standing there. You will then begin a sequence of five
consecutive battles. Be warned, however; if you die, then it's a Game Over for
you, so save before starting the battles.

Battle 1 is against two Rattys and a Flamey2. Stay in the upper two rows and
try not to get hit by the mice the Rattys shoot at you. When you've eliminated
the Rattys, use battle chips to defeat the Flamey2. This battle shouldn't be
too hard.

In Battle 2, you go up against a Goofball, a VacuumFan, and a HardHead2. This
battle is MUCH more difficult than the first battle. Your first target should
be the VacuumFan. At 90 HP it shouldn't be too difficult to take out, but you
should still try not to waste too much time on it. After you get rid of the
VacuumFan, try to take out the HardHead2. Leave the Goofball for last. Try to
avoid the Goofball's poison mask whenever possible, and heal whenever
necessary. Also, try to lure the Goofball to either the top row or the bottom
row in order to be able to avoid the poison the mask shoots out at you. After
defeating the HardHead2, just take care of the Goofball.

Battle 3 features a Sparkler, a Cloudy2, and a Flappy2. You can take care of
these viruses in any order. I recommend focusing your attacks on either the
Sparkler or the Cloudy2 first. Take care to watch the movement of the Sparkler
and the cloud from the Cloudy2 in order not to get hit. The Sparkler moves
exactly like the Sparky (see Job #7: Paying in advance for more info), and the
Cloudy2 shoots a cloud at you that moves up and down. Stay in the middle row to
help avoid the Sparkler's attacks, but move up and down occasionally so the
Flappy2 doesn't crack the panel you're standing on. Also, remember that when
the Flappy2 attacks you to move left or right, since if you move up or down you
can still be harmed. Overall, just pray to whatever God or Gods you worship to
help you beat this battle, because you'll need to.

You face a Fishy2, a Flamey2, and a FullFire in Battle 4. When the Fishy2 comes
after you, it leaves behind a trail of fire that can harm you if you step on
it. To avoid the Fishy2, switch rows just before it reaches your row. While
you're avoiding the Fishy2, use high-powered chips to knock out the FullFire
before it can unleash a barrage of meteors on you, severely hindering your
avoiding abilities. Lance is a good chip to use here. Just be patient and don't
be discouraged if you don't win on your first try.

The last battle, Battle 5, pits you against a Dominerd2 and two Fishy3s. This is the most frustrating battle for this job, and quite possibly the whole game.
The AirShoes chip is a must for this job, for it will be nearly impossible to
win this battle without it. Make it your default chip before starting the
battles. You will need AirShoes because eventually, the Fishy3 will use
Geddon1, which cracks all panels. Select it when the Custom bar fills up the second time, or else it'll be too late. The Dominerd2 takes only 1 HP damage when it's not attacking you, so be sure to bring some good sword and fist chips. Try to hide behind the Dominerd2 so you won't be hit by the Fishy3s. Stay in the center or rightmost column so you can move left when it attacks you. When you defeat the Dominerd2, focus your attacks on the Fishy3s, and be
sure to bring a LOT of luck with you.
Ribitta's Van in Marine Harbour
I obtained lots of fascinating data from
your Navi. Problem is, we don't have the technology to analyze it! Whoever made
his Navi must be a Genius.
Please Help!
I've heard Eletopia's virus-busting is topnotch. Can you get rid of the four nastiest bullies in Netopia?  They're too much for us to handle alone. I'm waiting in Netopia Town, in Netopia,  Thank you for your time.
Head to the Metroline station and go to the Airport. Go up and left and take the red stairs to the departure lobby. In the airport, go up and right through the gates, then head up and left to board a plane for Netopia.
Once in Netopia, head down and left and exit the airport to get to Netopia
Park. Follow the path leading up and left to get to Netopia Town. Continue
onward and talk to the woman in the pink shirt near the hotel. She will inform
you that the four bullies should be hanging out near the entrance to NetSquare.
Head down and left all the way to the end and go into the jewelry shop. Head up
and left and jack into Ms. Millions' purse. Follow the winding path to the
link, which takes you to Netopia 3.

Go down and right, then head down and left. Keep following this path until you
reach the ramp, then head up and left and go up the ramps. When you reach the
platform, follow the arrowed path up and right, then take the teleporter to the
next part. Go up and left and take the lower left path. Go down the ramp and
take the next lower left path, then go down and left at the intersection. Go
all the way down to the teleporter, then take the arrowed path to the next
teleporter. After you follow this next teleporter, follow the path up and
right, then go up and left and take a right at the end of the pathway to reach
the link to the NetSquare Entrance.

When you get to NetSquare, there will be four purple and black Navis on each
side of the center of the square. Talk to each of the Navis to enter a battle
with the viruses they throw at you. You can talk to them in any order.

UPPER LEFT: Talk to the Navi on the upper left to enter a battle with two
Handy3s and a StormBox. Concentrate on eliminating the Handy3s first. Each time
bomb they place has 32 HP, so be sure you're using an Elec style if you have
one. If you don't have that style, then just make sure to have plenty of high-
powered chips such as AquaSwrd, FireSwrd, and ElecSwrd in your folder. Any of
the GutsMan chips are helpful as well, since you can use him to crack the
rightmost row of panels and break them so the Handy3s can't put down their time
bombs. Overall, just equip a lot of high-powered chips in order to defeat the
Handy3s as quickly as possible. Once you defeat the Handy3s, simply take out
the StormBox to win.

UPPER RIGHT: The Navi on the upper right will throw you into a battle with a
BlueUFO, a Fishy2, and a Fishy3. Be careful when you use battle chips, because
the BlueUFO will try to steal them. Make the BlueUFO your first target. Use a
strong sword chip such as ElecSwrd or AquaSwrd to defeat it. You should also
use the BlueUFO as a shield against the Fishy2 and the Fishy3. TimeBom2 or
TimeBom3 can be really useful here. If that chip happens to come up, use that
chip and nothing else in order to keep the BlueUFO from coming to your side. If
it doesn't come up, just use any high-powered close-range chip to defeat it.
Once you get rid of the BlueUFO, focus your attacks on the Fishy2. After
defeating the Fishy2, simply defeat the Fishy3 to claim victory over the evil

LOWER LEFT: Talking to the Navi on the lower left will pit you against two
Brushman2s and a DeathFire. This battle is the easiest of the four, but it can
be annoying if you're not fast enough. During the course of the battle, the
Brushman2s set down panels that allow an enemy to halve its HP loss. Just take
out the Brushman2s quickly and cleanly, then destroy the DeathFire while
avoiding the meteors to succeed.

LOWER RIGHT: The lower right Navi will send two Goofballs and a HardHead3 to
attack you. I recommend saving this battle for last, because it's easily the
hardest of the four battles in this job. Destroy the HardHead3 first, and
defeat it as quickly as possible. Also, try to prevent the Goofballs from
leaving you with only two columns by staying in the rightmost column of your
side right after they're finished trying to poison you. When you get rid of the
HardHead3, try to use as many fire-based attacks as you can to facilitate
getting red of the Goofballs. Just don't give up and hope you get lucky in this

Once you defeat the last Navi, jack out and head out of the jewelry store. Go
back to the woman and talk to her to pick up your reward, a StepSwrd M.
StepSwrd M
Everyone is overjoyed that you took care of the bullies!
Lend me cash!
The company I work for is on the verge of bankruptcy. I need 50000 Zenny immediately. If business picks up again, I will repay you with interest. If you can finance me come to the Big Mansion in ACDC Town
Ok this one's easy if you have the Zennys to do it. If you already have 50000 Zennys go to the guy at Yai's Mansion and give it to him already, if not, go jack in and beat up a lot of viruses till you get 50000 Zenny.  simple enough? go back and talk to the guy and he'll give you the good news that his business is booming again and you'll recieve 100000 Zennys
The Big Mansion (AKA Yai's house)
100000 Zenny
You saved my company from bankruptcy. You
must be the god of prosperity! Thank you very much. "When the wind blows, the
kitemaker prospers!"
To bug academics
I belong to the Netopian Bug Society. I'm looking for a bug I'm researching for the Symposium. It's called the Den Beetle, and it lives in Electopia. It's a very rare bug, and i'm having trouble finding one. I'm looking for someone to help me find this bug. If you can help, see me at the Okuden Valley campground
Take the Metroline to Okuden Valley and head to the campground.
Talk to the guy standing by the river. He'll tell you that he wants you to find
a Den Beetle. According to the guy, the Den Beetle likes places where the water
is peaceful. Head back two screens to Camp Road 1 and go down near the river.
Head up and left and walk onto the rock path near the kid. Go all the way to
the end of the short path to find the Den Beetle, then head back to the
Campground and talk to the guy again to give him the beetle and receive a
Recov200 M for your wages.
Okuden Valley Campground
Recov 200 M
Thank you for finding the elusive Den
Beetle! The bug will finally reveal its many secrets!

Return my gem!
I work at a jewelry shop in Netopia, and 3 gems were stolen:


I know who did it, but I don't know where he is. Please help me with this
Take the Metroline to the airport and catch a plane to Netopia.
Go into town and head inside the jewelry store. Head over to the right side of
the counter and talk to the girl standing there. She'll tell you that the three
most expensive items in her shop were stolen, and that the culprits were the "3
Bandit Sisters." She'll ask you to get the gems back from the Sisters.
According to her, there's been a reported sighting of them by the castle, so
head back to Netopia Park. Go up to the castle and head up and left. Go around
the corner and follow the path until you reach a woman in a pink shirt. Talk to
her and she'll give herself away as one of the 3 Bandit Sisters. You'll then,
of course, enter a battle with some viruses.

In this battle, you're up against a Fishy2, a DeathFire, and a Flamey3. Each
column except the far left and far right columns is covered with ice, so Elec-
based attacks cause double damage when a virus is on one of them. Keep that in
mind. Also keep in mind that when you move along the ice, you won't stop until
you either hit a non-ice panel or you hit an edge. Use powerful chips to knock
out the Fishy2 first, because it will cause major headaches early on. In the
meantime, be mindful of the meteors the DeathFire shoots at you. While the
Flamey3 is still alive, try your hardest not to be on the middle row for too
long in order to prevent the Flamey3 from trapping you on one of the other
rows. After you take care of these baddies, talk to the woman again and she
will give you the YumTear.

Head back to Netopia Town and go to your old hotel room. Talk to the woman
standing near the corner. She's another one of the 3 Bandit Sisters, so talk to
her once, and she'll express her dislike for you barging in on her room. Talk
to her once more to begin another battle.

This battle features a Swordy3, a Cloudy3, and a Poofy. Just like in the last
battle, each column except for the leftmost and rightmost columns is covered in
ice. I will stress this point: USE. ELEC. BASED. ATTACKS. They will make this
battle a whole lot easier, especially if you use them when the viruses are on
the ice. Take care of the Swordy3 first, and do so quickly before it uses
AreaGrab on you. Then, take care of the Cloudy3 before it can do too much
damage. In the meantime, try to dodge the ball the Poofy shoots at you by going
under it, and try to get the Cloudy3 to shoot the cloud so that it goes over
the rightmost column on your side. Once you defeat the Cloudy3, move to the top
row when it's safe, dodge the ball, and get rid of the Poofy. Talk to the woman
again after winning to earn the KngStone.

The last sister is located at the top of NetCastle, so head back to Netopia
Park and go into the castle. Walk through the secret passage and go up and
right through the passage. Continue onward through the dungeon until you reach
the top of the castle. Talk to the girl there and enter yet another battle.

This battle is against a GreenUFO and two Sparknoids. This is a highly annoying
battle. Take care of the GreenUFO first, then stay on the back row while the
Sparknoids come toward you. Move right and try to avoid the Sparknoids when
they get close to you. Equip plenty of high-powered chips, especially Elec- or
Wood-based chips, in order to defeat them. Just hope that you get really lucky
in this battle, because you'll need a lot of luck here.

Once you win here, you'll receive the Twilight after talking to the woman a
second time. Head back to the jewelry store and talk to the lady who posted the
request to receive your reward, a GoldFist Z.
Netopia Jewelry Store
GoldFist F
Thank you so much for saving my job! Next
time you want to buy jewelry, be sure to shop here! I'll give you a great deal!