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Trade List

This part is just a mini-section of the Trades you can do in Megaman Battle Network 2, if you have these Chips you can get Rewards from the person who you give it to. Sometimes the chip you recieve another will want it.

Name of Trader
They Want
You Get
Boy in Upper ACDC Town
DashAtk J
Spreader *
Boy in Marine Harbour Metro
PoisMask S
VarSword B
Boy in the Okuden path (first screen)
Invis1 *
Escape N & HPMemory
Girl at Official Centre downstairs
Escape N
Hammer Z
Purple Navi in Netopia Square
Hammer Z
SilvFist V
White Guy in Netopia Alley
Popup D
Blower P
White Girl in Netopia City
SilvFist V
BigBomb *
Girl near Netopia Airport Giftshop
AquaAura A, FireAura R, WoodAura S,  ElecAura L
UnderSht N
Black Kid in 1st Class in Plane on Display
ShadoMnV1 S, ShadoMnV2 S, ShadoMnV3 S
AntiDmg S
Black Girl in Mother Computer Room (AKA Jennifer)
BigBomb *
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