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Style Changes

At some point in Battle Network 2 Megaman will recieve something called a Style Change. But before he gets a style change, he must have the Chng.bat installed, it is a story item so you can't miss it.  There a a total of 18 styles (you start with NormalStyle) the other 16 are combinations of what you can get. They are Random so you can't really pick what you want you will get one of the 4 elements and one of the 4 types. The final style you can get is HubStyle which increases your Buster but decreases your rate of fire and HP.

Note: all pics are Heat to save bandwidth.. Thanks to Pierson for the Pics

The Elemental System is like this: Aqua is weak to Elec, Elec is weak to Wood, Wood is weak to Fire, Fire is weak to Aqua

The colors for the Elements are as follows: Heat: Red, Wood: Green, Aqua: Blue, Elec: Yellow, and Hub: Light Blue

How to obtain it
Elements that go with it
What it does (Effects)

Attack primarily with battlechips and up as many during your custom phase, Upload Program Advances as well whenever possible.
Aqua, Elec, Wood and Heat
Custom styles begin the battle with 7 chips available per turn in the custom screen as opposed to the normal 5.

Charge up your Buster a lot even when the Custom bar is full, charged shots from Normal Style count towards a Guts style but uncharged shots from an Elemental will not count.
Aqua, Elec (my favorite), Wood, and Heat
Guts Style doubles your attack rate and have no knockback.
Whenever possible get through fights without getting hit. Upload Recovery Chips and Defensive chips like CurseShield and Barrier.
Aqua, Elec, Wood and Heat
Shield Styles start with the Barrier also you can press Back and B to reproduce a shield at any time.
Team Style
Use a lot of Navi Chips. (I've used back to back Navis before and it did trigger a Style change to TeamStyle.)
Aqua, Elec, Wood and Heat
Team Styles allow you to use up to 8 Navichips as opposed to the 5 that you get normally.