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Welcome to the Megaman Battle Network 2 Walkthrough for the Gameboy Advance. I will be covering from the start all the way to the end
Note: I will be using Compass directions in some parts of the Walkthrough.. i.e. NE, NW, SW and SE and for the Virus groups (i.e. like the survival rounds) I will put like Round 1, Round 2, etc

The first thing you'll see is a dark screen and 2 people conversing about a secret "project" this may be a clue to something later [hint hint].

Scene 1: School's Out For Summer

ACDC School, Dencity Last Day of School... Lan arrives in the classroom and Megaman notices that Lan is on time today and Lan knows that today is the last day of school which means Vacation time (and also report card time) Talk to Dex (who is located at the back of the classroom) he asks Lan if he wants to surf the net after school, before he gives you an answer the bell rings [bing bong bing bong] Ms. Mari arrives and asks the class if they're excited about their vacation yet? A kid wants to go to his grandpa’s place and Yai wants to go around the world. Ms Mari reminds them not to forget their homework and report cards. Then Class will be dismissed! Now go to the back of the classroom and talk to Dex, he mentions about the new "Square" on the net and they are looking for City Netbattlers he also invites Yai and Mayl as well and they all go together the Square is like a meeting place on the Net for NetNavis.
Once you go out the classroom go to Lan's house and talk to the guy in front of Lan's house, he's from DenGas and thinks Lan has a problem with a gas appliance or something, the guy then goes to Yai's house. Go inside Lan's house and talk to Mom then go upstairs and then she'll ask you for your report card then Megaman tells Lan that he has homework. Jack in Lan's PC.

At this point once you get inside you will be controlling Megaman, a pink navi comes and starts the Homework program. This is just a tutorial so you will get used to net battling later on. Ms Mari reviews the class on Virus busting, at this part you will tackle the basics of virus busting and learning how to send chipdata to your Navi. Make your selection in the CustomWindow you have selection on the bottom but now you have to select a chip to send to Megaman, normally you can send 1 chip per turn but you can send 2 if they're the same chip or the same code. (I will explain this later) the first round will be easy since there are 2 Mettaurs... pick the Cannon A chip then pick the other Cannon A chip then hit ok
Round 2! Ms. Mari explains about support chips and how some chips aren't weapons, some can help you too Areagrab helps you move and Recov's recover your HP, Note that the Widesword and the AreaGrab are both L this is what's called Chip code. (Ms. Mari explains about it at this point) you can pick different ones as long as they have the same letter. If they have * they are wild (like Jokers) now there is one more round and you will be on your way to the Square. Ms. Mari now will talk about Open Folder it adds up to 5 chips to the CustomWindow. This is where the Add function comes handy if you don't like the selection that's there you can toss chips out and you'll get new chips in exchange. You will now have more chips in the folder. Select which ones you want and defeat the Mettaurs and the Homework Program will be complete. Welcome to the Den, to get to The Square from this point go through Den Area 1 then in Den Area 2 (for Den Area 2 I will show how to get to the Square from the R button will be right and L button is left) go up then left, down, left, down, left, up, left, up, right, up, right, down, right, down then finally right. To the left will be Dex's PC then to your right will be The Square Entrance where Roll and Gutsman will be waiting for you. Go to the top then go left into the hub you'll now be in The Square. At this point you can go and look around. There will be a License tester over where Roll and Gutsman are. Head over there and the tester will ask you if you're applying for a ZLicense, say yes and then talk to the tester again. For the first test you need to find HeroData and HopeData somewhere in the Den. (this will be randomized each time so the HeroData and HopeData are in different spots) HeroData will be in Den Area 3 and HopeData will be in Den Area 1, Return to the Tester Navi when you find the 2 pieces of data. Talk to the Tester Navi and he will give you your ZLicense as well as 4 MB of memory as your reward so you can preset your Chips. Lan’s PET will start to ring and then you will receive an email from Mayl giving you access to her homepage you will receive MaylCode as a reward. Talk to Roll or Gutsman and then you will receive a call from Glyde that Yai has taken too long in the bath and that the gas heater is acting funny. Mayl will call you and tell you to go to Yai’s house. Head there to see Mayl and Dex, after the talk Dex will go in but you have to go in anyways.

Scene 2: Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a Gas Gas Gas!

When you enter, the door will lock behind you and you will receive an email from Mayl with Roll R attached to it. Go straight ahead and you will notice that Dex passed out on the floor from the gas. Go left and jack into the gas monitor and you will now be in the AirComp (Air Computer).
In the gas computer go down and left and you will see a demonstration of how to evade the gas. Time your movement so you evade it and grab the Blue Mystery Data it will have 200 Zennies in it, follow the path and you will see 2 more Cybergas throwers, go to the one facing North to get a Recov10 * in the Blue Mystery Data, then let the gas blow you to the other one and move diagonally to the next one and follow the path leading down and go grab the Blue Mystery Data that contains the V-Gun A chip in it, then go back and talk to Gutsman if you need to, then inspect the knob and Cybergas will flow through, then let it blow you to the next platform and then activate the Ventilator program. The scene will now switch to Lan, he will help Dex and will then try to unlock the door, and you will switch back to Megaman. You should be in the GasComp2 now, go up and talk to Glyde, then let the gas blow you to find a Blue Mystery Data that contains an HPMemory you will need it. When you head up to the next room you'll see a lot of Gas and a Navi show up, This is Airman and you have to go get him, go down and head to the right, evade the first gas and grab the Blue Mystery Data that contains a RegUp1, then go left and turn the CyberKnob on and let the previous one blow you back, and save your game before you face Airman (it's optional to save but I do recommend it)

Airman's Stats:
HP: 300
Element: Neutral

-> Shoots a wind cannon if he is on the same line as Megaman
-> Creates a small tornado that appears on Megaman's side of the field at different speeds on each line
Reward: 1000 Zennys
After defeating Airman go up and activate the last Ventilator program. You will then control Lan, you will be in Yai’s room after all the talking, talk to Yai, and she will give you the passcode to her PC.. Go back to Lan's house and sleep.

Scene 3: Camping (or How I Stopped Worrying and Love Camping and Bombs)

At this point Lan will have the idea and want to go Camping so go to Yai's house and inspect the note and you'll notice that Yai is gone on a Around-The-World trip then go to the School and talk to Mayl, then go to Dex's house and talk to him, looks like nobody can go at this point but you'll be in the park at this point, Megaman notifies you that you have mail and it is info about your License, then go to Dex's house and challenge him to get his passcode..

Gutsman's Stats 
HP: 300
Element: Neutral
Attacks: -> Creates the Shockwave like the Mets do
-> If Megaman is on the rightmost panel Gutsman will try to punch Megaman thus knocking him back a square

If you defeat Dex, you will get his PC code. Now go to the Metroline and take it to Marine Harbour and battle Ribitta for her Passcode (you will be needing both Dex and Ribitta's Passcodes at this point) 

Toadman's Stats:
HP: 300
Weakness: Elec
Attacks: Toadman will use the Melody Paralyzer which will paralyze Megaman for a second
-> He will come out of the ground and try to hit Megaman, if he is in the same line as Toadman
-> Tadpoles will come on a straight line and try to fire at you with his Melody Paralyzer
-> Water Splash if he's on a Lily pad if you're near it he will hit Megaman

After defeating Toadman, Ribitta will give you her passcode and you can head up to the Official Centre building and talk to the receptionist and answer Yes I am, and then she'll want to see your PET, select Yes and then she will give you an Examcard. Go to the door downstairs to the left and talk to the guy behind the desk and go in and Jack in wherever you want to start the test, you'll recieve an email from Yai and then go up and talk to the Navi to start the test The first thing you have to do is go through a 5 round Survival battle the following Viruses will appear in the Survival round
Round 1: Mettaur and 2 Mettaur2's
Round 2: Mettaur2, Canondumb and Bunny
Round 3: 2 Flameys and a Mettaur
Round 4: Fishy, Beetank and Brushman
Round 5: 3 Handys

After doing the survival battle the Tester will ask you to go find a Navi who needs help and help him, go to the Square Entrance and go to Den Area 3 and talk to the Green Navi, he'll explain that a Bad Guy stole his WalkProg and he wants you to go find it, you will receive an email from Mayl so go to Den Area 2 and talk to the Purple Navi and he will sic 3 Beetanks on you. Defeat the three Beetanks and you will recieve the WalkProg, bring it to the Green Navi in Den Area 3 and he will give you NiceData. Go back to the Tester and he'll tell you the last thing you have to do and it's another 5 round Survival Battle
Round 1: Mettfire and a Swordy
Round 2:  2 Ratties
Round 3 : 2 Ratties and a Twisty
Round 4:  Yort, Hardhead and a Mettfire
Round 5:  Mettfire, Flamey and a Puffy
after doing all this you will recieve a RegUp1 and your BLicense, then you will recieve an email from Chaud. Anyways jack out and go home to sleep

Scene 4:  Camping + Bombs = Lethal combination

At this point, you will see a conversation between Chaud and Protoman on some sort of threat on Gospel.  In the morning, you will get an email from Dex and then go head out to the Bus Stop near Dex's house. Talk to everyone then you will be going to Okuden Valley where Chaud will join you.  When you get to Okuden, Follow the northward path past the desk, you'll find out that it's blocked by bees, Inspect them then go to the rock path and go all the way to the end of the screen, Search around for a Lighter, then go right and find a Stick, then go to the path above and find a tree near the guy with a red jacket to find a Paper and then go back to the bees and select the third answer. On the next screen follow the path but now to be attacked by a Bear (don't worry this bear ain't real) go behind the waterfall to find a pair of Binocs, use the Binocs on the bear and you'll notice it has a jack-in port, Jack in and head Southeast there will be a BMD with a Regup1 in it, then go talk to the Program and it will unleash 1 Sparky and 2 Spikey2's, they won't be hard so just kill them. You will be back with Lan now so keep going to go to the Camp. Talk to Dex he'll want you to go find some kindling, then talk to Mayl she'll need a cutting knife then talk to Yai she'll want fish. Talk to the woman by the tent for a Knife, then talk to the old guy all the way down to the right for Firewood and finally go talk to the guy in the middle of the rock lake for a Fish. Now go back and give each person what he or she wanted.. (Knife for Mayl, Firewood for Dex and Fish for Yai)  you will be eating now and all of a sudden...


The Dam explodes!, go down and through the path to the Okuden Dam and go to the door, you'll recieve an email from Chaud.. looks like it's Bomb defusing time! 

You will recieve another email from Chaud he says there are 4 bombs to find.. Jack into the PET in the middle of the rockpath for the first Bomb Computer, BombComp1

Once inside the bomb you will recieve another email from Chaud, this one will have no message to it. Remember this: wrong directions will cause paths to explode (I've had problems with this part but it's fun) but i will use Compass directions for this so head West then North for a BMD with 500 Zennies in it, then go South then West, North, East, keep going East, North, West then you will receive another mail from Chaud, I will now said directions, wrong moves will make paths explode so just read this: Left, north for a BMD with "500 Zennys" go back, left, up, right, right, up, left, down for a BMD with a "Cannon C", go back up, then left and then up, inspect the monitor to disarm the bomb. Jack out and inspect the canteen near the right-most tent, then jack in on it to be in Bomb Comp2. In here, go up, up for a BMD with "600 Zennys", go back and right, down, right, up, up, left, up to the 2nd part of the detonator, go up, right, up, grab the BMD for an "HPMemory", continue up, left, down, left, left for a BMD with "WideSwrd L" then go back and down, down, left, up, up, up and continue to the monitor to de-activate it. The next monitor is behind the waterfall. You will now be in Bomb Comp3, go NW (North-West), SW (South-West), SW, NW and change platform, go NW, SW and grab the BMD for "PanlGrab L", SW, SE, SW, NW, NW, NW, NE, grab the BMD for "1500 Z", go back and SE, NE, NW, NE, SE and switch platforms again, grab the BMD for "RegUp2", go NW, NE, SE, NE, NW to reach the platform, de-activate the bomb and you will get a call from Chaud jack out. In addition, go to Camp Road 1, and talk to the guy in red jacket, select "Ask Again" when prompted, then "Get Suspicious" you will automatically jack in. Quickman
HP: 400
Element: Neutral Quickman is gonna be trickier to beat hence his name, he is pretty damn fast. He cannot be hurt when he is not moving and he is hard to hit when he is moving. When you have your chips ready, use them when he lunges at you with his boomerang, his pattern is simple, and he will move around then hit you. When Quickman gets down to about 3/4's of his HP he will throw his boomerang twice and sometimes in an 8 formation and it's hard to avoid (trust me), he will also come up to you with the jewel on his head if you take 3/4's of his HP out as well. Just take caution in beating him and you will eventually defeat him. After Quickman is defeated, Chaud will arrest Dave and Ribitta will interview you.

Scene 5: The A-License and some Yumland Goods

You'll be at the park and you will see a Balloon with foreign data and Megaman will translate it and you decide your project, BTW jack in the broken toy near the park for a RegUP1 and 3000 Zennies, then go to your house and Jack in your PC and head over to Den Area 3 and go to the Lower level and look below the bridge and find a BugFrag, then inspect the left cube that goes to Yumland and to find out that you need the A License so Jack out for now. If you want to fight Dex and Gutsman at this time you can, it's optional but if you want Gutsman he will be a little stronger than before but not by much


HP: 500
Element: Neutral
Attacks: he will use Shockwaves as usual
-> if you are on the front line he will punch you
-> Cracks all Panels in floor with Shockwave
-> Uses AreaGrab when low on HP

Now head to Marine Harbour and challenge the guy in the Lobby near the Entrance, this is Mr. Famous and again if you want (it is optional but I think you have to fight him) His navi is Gateman.

HP: 600
Attacks: chest cannon shoots at you
-> Creates 3 Soldiers that home in, shoot them as fast as you can (if you have the Megabuster charged you'll have a better advantage killing the soldiers)
-> when Gateman gets down to roughly 200HP he will use RemoGate, it's a shield that will block any of your attacks, You can still use Bombs, Roll or Gutsman
-> RemoGate can also attack you and can be destroyed.

For defeating Gateman, you get HPMemory. Go downstairs and talk to the guy behind the counter, he will tell you that you have to do 3 missions on the Jobs Board (see the Jobs section for more information), do the other 2 if you haven't done them or want to if you'd like. When you are done, the three missions go and talk to the guy at the desk and he will let you into the Exam room so when you get in Jack in as Megaman and go talk to the Test Navi and you will start the ALicense Test. First thing, you have to do:

5 Round Survival Battle
Round 1: 2 Handy2's
Round 2: Fishy and 2 Beetanks
Round 3:  2 Flappy2's and a Beetank
Round 4:  Flappy2 and 2 HardHeads
Round 5: Candevil and 2 HardHeads

Second thing you have to do: Locate and punish two Navis (They are both purple).  For the first Navi he is in Den Area 1 near the bridge of the upper level, talk to him and he will send out two Ratty2's and a Flappy2 you will get BadDataA. For the second Navi he is in the path in Koto Area near KotoSquare. He will send out a Poofy, Puffy and a Shellgeek, defeat those three and you get BadDataB, now go back to the Test Navi.

Last thing to do: Yet another 5 Round Survival Battle
Round 1: Dominerd and 2 Canondumb2's
Round 2: 2 Flappy2's and a Spooky2
Round 3: 3 Ratty's
Round 4: 1 Sparky
Round 5: Puffball, Fullfire and a Beetank

When this is done, you get a RegUp2 and your ALicense. Jack out and talk to the guy for a Recov50 *.  Go to the lower section of Den Area 3 to get to Yumland.

Scene 6: Yumland vs. Cutman

Now that you have passed the test, it is now time to go to Yumland but what is this? Yumland's empty save for three navis. Anyways, follow the right path to the NW and keep going until you see a dead end. Go left before that to reach a platform, go left and enter the teleporter, you will be in Yumland 2.  Use the Conveyor belt to go right and go right again to follow the path up. Use the conveyor belt to go left, Unlock the Data there if you'd like.. Go left to another platform then go down and then up through the path left where you are for the BMD it has a Navi+20 * so it'll be useful for your NaviChips. Go down and right where the teleporter is and enter it, you will see a scene between Yumland's residents and Shadowman. You will now be in the YumSquare Entrance and now enter the Yumland Square but as you know right now, it is empty. You will then hear something, follow the path to trace the sound, go to the Message board and then talk to the Navi in there, Save your game because if you get deleted you have to do the entire scene over again. Anyways after a few scenes Cutman will appear and yes, you have to fight him (he's not that hard)

HP: 600
Element: Neutral
Field: The Field will have 2 Rocks in the middle of them
-> Cutman will shoot one of his scissors that will go around your rock (no pun) so you might need AreaGrab if you have it, if you don't have it just do your best to avoid it
-> He will try to cut Megaman with his scissors if he's on the rightmost panel
-> He will also try to shoot his scissors at you like a boomerang which might trap you (it also will damage you if you hit them) so try to hide behind the rock but if he hits the rock 3-4 times the rock will break
After defeating Cutman some more scenes happen.

Scene 7: Megaman vs. Yumland (well not really)

You will instantly recieve mail from your dad so head over to Marine Harbour and go to the Official Centre. Use the elevator to get up to Dad's lab and look through his labcoat for a PowerUp then talk to him.
You must locate the Chng.bat file. Go downstairs and jack into the console.. Head over to the boards and post on the Street Board. Jack out and go do some jobs.. Well do about 2-3 jobs to make the time pass, then as soon as you're done the jobs go jack in and check the boards and there should be some new info. Go talk to some people in Koto and Den Squares, do some more jobs until the info appears.  Head over to ACDC Park and talk to the guy there. Apparently, the girl (who is the programmer) is at the Campgrounds in Okuden. You will recieve a Battery, go to Okuden and head to the campgrounds, talk to the girl at the leftmost tent and give her the battery, she tell you that a friend of hers knows about Chng.bat so you have to head over to KotoSquare and you'll get NoteData. Go to the Official Centre and jack in and head over to KotoSquare and talk to the purple Navi, he will give you the YumKey and you have to head over to Yumland and go to the Yumland Square, go to the boards and go all the way to the back and open the lock, and grab the Chng.bat, try to go back and the alarm will sound and you can't jack out. Go back out and some Viruses will attack you several times.

Round 1: 2 Mashys and a Puffball
Round 2: 1 Sparky and 2 Ratties
Round 3: 2 Dominerds and a Spooky2
Round 4: FullFire, Spikey2 and a Mettaur3
After you battle the 4 rounds of viruses, jack out and go see your dad and then some more stuff happens. Another alarm sounds and Yumland is attacking the Square and you have to go defeat them.

Scene 8: The Puzzle of the Mother Computer

This part is very fun, I will admit it is my favorite part in the whole game.

What are the 3 missing letters? Curiousity Killed The

Section 2

I Lie in a bed but never sleep
What are the 2 missing letters in this word?  _et_attler
Program A is more honest than Program B, Program B is more honest than Program C Program C is more honest than Program D, Program D is more honest than Program A.  
Program D: AFBECD
Program C: ACEBDF
Program B: FEDCBA
Program A: URTGOK
2 hands,  no arms,  1 face, no nose what do you call a Chronometer you wear?
2nd letter is L. 5th letter is S. 10th letter is R. First letter is A.  4th letter is O.  8th letter is H, 3rd letter is M. 7th letter is T. Last letter is E, Make 2 words from: " ere last month"
ALMOSTTHERE (Almost There)
Mask, Wig, Gem, Knife
Start from the SW and work your way around:  WIG, GEM,  MASK, and then KNIFE
You Cannot Escape Now, Fear and Danger Await, Beginning to Worry? Good Luck!
UCANGO (spelled just like that)
A Quick Brown Fox..  something
Itsy-Bitsy, 8 legs, Muffet foe, Spins webs
Spider (use the left S)
What did William Tell hit with his arrow?
What insect starts bathing and ends up drab?
Program 1: DNGVU
Program 2: OTIEP
rearrange the programs' hints to find the message the message is the password Program 1, Program 2, Program 1, Program 2, Program 1, Program 2, Program 1, Program 2...
DONTGIVEUP (Don't Give Up)
I'm an animal, I wear a mask
ACE... what are the next 10 letters?
Dare They Slay Me?  (hint: 21, 18, 21, 16, 26, 25, 12, 16, 14, 23, 11)
SYSTEMAHEAD (System Ahead)
SYSTEMCLOSE (System Close)
PSECV WANIR NGURU OISNW, Find the one that doesn't belong, Everyone else is a bird Blackbird, Cold bird, Water Bird do you understand now?

After you do the puzzles I would recommend saving just before you fight Shadowman, He is a tricky navi, if you remember him from Megaman 3 he is tricky.

HP: 800
Element: Neutral
Shadowman has some different attacks that he will be using when you fight him.
-> He will create fakes of himself to confuse you so hit the fakes and go for Shadowman himself (the real Shadowman will have a number below him for his HP),
-> Throw shrukens at you, so move away from the blinking panels
-> Uses a Fire Jutsu at you to make a path of fire on one line, Destroy the fake.
-> When Shadowman gets down to about 200HP he will create clones of himself that will appear on your side of the field, they move in your area and they will slash at you.
After defeating Shadowman some more Dark Scenes happen.

Scene 9: Netopia.. Where Nothing is Safe

You will appear at your house and you'll get mail from the Netopia HQ and you must go to Netopia so first, go to the Metroline and you will get another email, go to the Official Center and Challenge Mr. Famous and if you win you get another Folder. Anyways, talk to the woman at the desk and ask for a Passport, but you have to go to the desk on the right, you'll get your passport, go upstairs to your Dad's Lab and talk to the guy in front of the big monitor by your dad's office and then check the silver PC on your dad's office for a SilvFist I. Now, go down to the Metroline and go to the Airport, go up and talk to Mayl and she will give you Wireless and Roll V2 R, talk to Chaud if you want and jack in the Airport's Flight Scheduler and get a Bugfrag (if you want) then take the path on the left and try and go through the metal detector. A guy will tell you that you can't bring your PET on the plane so he takes your PET away (and Megaman) and he'll give you a MiniPET for the flight, you will recieve mail from your MiniPET and then talk to the guy behind the desk and show him your Passport and go through, another guy will come and hit you and make off with your Zennies, if you want talk to the kid by the Gift shop and take the Quiz (See the Quizzes section for the questions and answers) Now after all that fiasco happened, go talk to Chaud, select Go Away, and go recover Megaman then go to the gate just up from Chaud and go board the plane. Then, follow the path and the guy behind the desk will try to insult you (they're speaking Netopian), Megaman activates the translator so you can talk to him. Show him your passport to continue the select the meeting thing, go through the path and talk to the guy who looks like the one that stole you, Talk to him twice and he will send out a Megalian A, a Megalian H and a Snapper. Defeat these and he will give you your Zennies back, then try to exit to be freely escorted to town and you'll find out that your Chips are now gone (well the ones in your Folder not your pack). Anyways take the path that goes left of the Castle and head to town, go to your Hotel and go to the first door you see, there will be a short scene where Lan and Megaman will argue and Lan will toss Megaman on the ground and leave, go out the hotel room, head to the park and talk to Higsby, he will give you a Sonicwav I, Quake2 W and Treebom1 *.  Go to the Park and talk to the old guy and he will tell you that you should go look for your Chips and Passport, next go back to the city then head into the alley and talk to the kid, he will ask you for a Guard * (if you have one), the Kid will tell you about the Passport and then go all the way up to where the basketball hoop is and talk to the guy there, this is Raoul and you have to battle his navi Thunderman.

HP: 700
Element: Elec
Weakness: Aqua
Thunderman has 3 main attacks that he will do when you fight him.

-> There are 3 clouds that will be going back and forth throughout the playing field, you cannot destroy the clouds, they will shock you though and they block your path.

-> He will shoot 3 quick thunders at you and avoid the blinking panels, these panels will be the ones that will strike
-> The clouds shoot small elec balls at you and they go in any direction.

After defeating Thunderman, Raoul gives you RaulCode and now go down and jack into the Radio and use the Pass to open the Security Cube and go talk to the Navi if you want, he will tell you that someone in The Square must know about it. Go down and right to a board then up the hill and go through the up-most panel and down the slope, then keep going to another panel and get the BMD that contains a Bugfrag. Go back and take the path right of the panels and go left, go to the NE to the merchant or go NW to continue and head to the hill NW of you and go take the teleporter. Now follow the path to reach the NetSq. Entrance, and enter the NetSquare, talk to the purple Navi in the green square, go out and go to Netopia 3, take the rightmost panel and talk to the purple thug Navi and he has your passport! He will send out two Hardhead2s and a Fullfire these are a piece of cake trust me. After defeating the viruses, Hallelujah! You get your Passport back! The other navi standing there won't do anything though, so now jack out and go to the Underground and give Jim his Guard * that he's been waiting for. He will tell you there is a rumor that Ms. Millions bought some Chips and she is in the Jewellery store. Go to the Jewellery store and go to the left she will be sitting somewhere and there's a guy next to her, He'll tell you that she doesn't relate to commoners but she asks you if you want your Chips back select the "Give me my Chips!" and you will have to fight her Snakeman. Snakeman
HP: 900
Element: Neutral
Reward: 10000 Zennies, MiliCode and your Chips
Weakness: Fire

Snakeman's side of the field will have the middle row empty (it can't be changed)

Snakeman is gonna be a tricky Navi if you don't know what you're doing he has a few attacks he does:

-> Snakes come out of the middle empty row hence why it's empty
-> Snakeman continually shoots at you for a couple seconds
-> He will hide in his jar if you're on the same line as him, in order to get him out of his jar go up/down or stay in the back to attack
-> when Snakeman has less than 450HP he will move to the row that Megaman is on and will bite at him for HIGH damage (200+ roughly)

After beating Snakeman, you will get your chips back, go out, go back to the Hotel room, and go to bed.
The next day you will recieve email from the ONB HQ (Official NetBattlers HQ) with directions on how to get to the "secret meeting place". Go to Netopia Castle and walk along the wall and you'll automatically go in, this is the Meeting Room where you will be having the ONB Meeting. At this point you can walk around and talk to everyone, then the Meeting will start, an earthquake will occur in the middle of the briefing and everyone will fall through the floor then you'll get a call.

Scene 10: Dungeons and Viruses but No Dragons

Note: All items are in BMD when you're going through the Castle Computer and FAST means move quick

Follow the path to be killed and Jack into the thing on the wall and talk to the Program to get some info. Follow the path and go NE to keep going the NW path will be a dead end, it's a circle so get the BMD and it contains a CyberKey and 1000 Zennies move back FAST! to the door and use the CyberKey.  The next area you will encounter the following programs:




Take you to their grave


Suck your HP


Steal your Zenny and they always go Left.

The Next area a Zombie will be following you so to avoid him follow the path and go right, wait for the Zombie to go by and go down through the right path for another CyberKey, then go back to where you evaded the Zombie then go left and up to another MD which has a HPMemory in it, move fast and go back in the same direction to get to the door and then hit the switch.  Now as Lan, go through and you will recieve another call, then in the next room you will be trapped with The Princess, this time the Ceiling is coming down! Jack in and you will now be in Castle Comp2.
For this part move quick and go SW to get a Repair C, go back, move around and take the second path you see or follow the Zombie and Vampire, when you get to the next path, wait, the zombie will take it and the vampire will go on, wait and go a little more down and takes it, move fast and take the path the vampire takes before the Zombie gets you and grab the CyberKey, go through the door and when you can.. Go up here for a FullEnerg if you want to take the back. Go down, keep straight until you hit a corner, go up and keep straight again.
Go up for a Cyberkey and the bandit should go straight on, follow him and take the left path after he comes out and grab the Sword S. Wait till the bandit goes away through the NE path, if you got your Zenny stolen, now's a good time to recover it go down and right to get your Zenny, otherwise go left and hit the trap switch. Go on, the door will close and you'll get another call, go up the stairs and talk to Jennifer, go into the next room and there will be a ring of fire ensnaring you. Use the Wireless and you will jack in.
Inside just starting, a Thief will come after you, go down to evade him and then go back up and get the BMD it is a SubMem and you will need it. Go back and follow the thief for the CyberKey in the other BMD and FAST go to the door just left of where you are.
A little after you will get another call, Go down then straight, right, down, when you see nothing come after you, go get the RegUp1 and then go up, and wait for the Bandit and Thief to pass you and follow them. When the Vampire appears take the path down and get the CyberKey, and then FAST go on or down or the Thief will get you, after he goes on wait till he comes down or go up and get the BMD that has 1200Z in it. Go down FAST or the Vampire will get you. Go left and through the door, you will find a switch. As Lan, now would be a good time to Save. Go on and in the next room you'll see Raoul toasted, talk to him and Chaud will come and guess what? you have to fight him

HP: 800
Element: Neutral
Weakness: None

Protoman will be hard to beat (I had a hard time beating him when I fought the first time) if you do not know what you are doing.
He will do the following:  -> Teleport a few times around on his side of the field and then slice at you or do a wave-slice, so move to the top or bottom to evade.
-> Sometimes he will then zoom in and slash you
-> Zoom in and slash you with his sword
-> Protects himself with his shield for some attacks
-> When Protoman get down to less than 400 HP he will move faster.

After defeating Protoman, Raoul will say you are innocent and the real double agent is the Princess! Go through the NE path and go up and see her, use the Wireless and Jack in.

As Megaman, go down and go down again and FASTLY go straight and grab the CyberKey and back before the Vampire gets you. Go back to where you started and then go up twice and grab FASTLY the LongSwrd L then FASTLY run down and run through the door.
Here go up and to where the grave is, go right and then up, go straight when the bandit appears, and right and down for FullEnrg, go up a little and wait, when the bandit goes straight FAST go left to evade him, then down, a vampire will appear, go right and down through the first path for BugFrag then right and up and then left for CyberKey, FAST go back and right! You should be able to outrun the bandit, then grab the BMD for PowerUp, then FAST up and through the door. Go to the next area... In here, go down and right and then up after the Bandit appears, then go left, up, right, down and right to
evade the vamp, grab the "CyberKey" and go up, follow the vamp that just appeared and go down then left for a FullEnrg, then follow the bandit and through the door. Go up, SAVE just in case, go right a little, just when the bandit and zombie appears go back and down to evade them, go right and up
AFTER the bandit comes down for Recov120 U, then go down, then go down, down again and all the way down for a Invis2 Q, then up again and follow the Bandit, when the Vampire appears the Zombie should be ahead of you, the Zombie will probably go back and get you...
Just make your way around, it's hard now... When you get to where the zombie got you go wait until he goes up and go to the chest, hopefully the 2 vamps will go back around and you will avoid them, then go up and get the CyberKey and go down and through the door. SAVE and a little further you will see Knightman, and go talk to him and then you have no choice but to fight him.

Knightman HP: 1000
Element: Neutral
Weakness: none Knightman will have Stonebod on for the entire fight (so if you hit him it's only gonna cause 1 point of damage) but he will shut it off when he throws his mace though.

Other attacks he uses:
-> Mace throwing
-> He will jump one square forward and crack all panels
-> When Knightman has below 500 HP he begins throwing his mace in a circular pattern when he is in the same row that Megaman is in if he is in the front column
-> Shoots to the air and 3 boulders will fall down, if not on the same line. After defeating Knightman you will return to the Hotel, you will control Lan, and some more talking will go on again. Then Megaman will turn the trap off but the Princess will start it again and she will fall Thus putting her to her doom <--- no that's not right! Oh wait you go back to the Meeting room. You will now be back in your Hotel Room and it's time for you to go back so go to the Park and check the Bus Stop and select Departure Lobby to go to the Departure Lobby at the Airport, fight Chaud if you'd like to get Protoman at this point, if not, go up to the right path and swipe your ticket through. Talk to the guy behind the desk and hop aboard the plane....

Scene 11: Magnetic Fields Can Cause Plane Crashes

Then you should be back with your friends... yea right I wish.. You are still on the plane... you will then control Lan after some talking. Go down and search the curtains for an HPMemory (you'll need it), go down twice and you will be in the Cockpit. Talk to the guy on the right and you'll experience some turbulence, then go back to your seat, and you'll control Lan again and Jack into the TV for a Bugfrag, talk to the people in the Business Class, Talk to the guy in the upper right seat for a SilvFist V and go back to the Economy Class and talk to the guy left of your seat for a Repair L. After talking to everyone, Megaman will tell you it is Lunch Time and you will then go back to your seat. After Lunch, Lan's tummy starts hurting so go to the back up to the bathroom and a scene involving a spider will occur. You must find someone who knows about bugs, so go to Business Class and talk to the guy in the middle right seat, the spider you heard was a Red-Eye Woolly Spider and it's lethally poisonous. You will then hear a scream, go all the way back up to where the bathroom is, you will see a guy on the floor and you must now go find a doctor (if you remember where he is) if you don't remember he is the one who gave you the SilvFist V go talk to him and go back to where the guy is and you will catch the spider.

You will then make a trap to catch the spider and you will need the following things: a Box, a stick, a string and some Whiskey

What you need

Where it is


Grab the Pilot's cap from the Cockpit


Talk to the old lady beside the Scientist, just to the right of your seat


Talk to the girl near the bathroom


Talk to the black guy sitting in 1st Class near the bar

For the last one select Hellz Yea! and you have to recite what he says so here it goes: Chicky-Chick BABY! Make me go KABOOM! Can you digit LADY! Oh my Lovefire! Comin' to ya SOON! If you get it wrong, you have to do it until it is right.
Anyways, now that you have what you need to set the trap, go back to where the bug guy is and set the trap, ensnaring the spider. Go back to your seat and you'll experience more turbulence, the Captain says there's a problem with the Right Wing and you must go to the Cockpit, Talk to the Captain and jack in (I hated this part but the music's cool)

As Megaman you will be attacked by some electromagnetic field, anyway, go down and through the blue then continue and through the blue again, then right and down then left all the way and up for 800 Z, go down and take the blue, then down to the plane symbol, you will then be in Air Comp2. Here go down and then teleport to the Air Comp3. Follow the path and take the blue down then right and down then right through the first red and up for 3000 Z, then go left and take the blue and down to where the red are, but now take the right-most, and go right and down through the first path you see and then follow the path to reach the blue de-magnetizer. Then go left and down for a FullEnrg, then up through the red, and left all the way, and then through a red field, go down and then right for a GrassLne N, go back up and take the left path and go down and take the red and follow the path, to reach the red de-magnetizer. Go up all the way and left to a tire place and fix the right-wing program... But the piloting program will now fail!!!
As Megaman again, go down and teleport to Air Comp2 and teleport to AirComp4, go down and take the right red and down, then go right and up for 900 Z, go down and take the blue then follow the path up for "RegUp2", then go back and left to go back where you started, take the left blue, and go down for a LilBomb *, go up and take the red and go down but take a left for a blue field follow the path all the way down and you will reach the red de-magnetizer go back up and right for HPMemory, go left and up then go to where you started but take the right path, where the red field was and then up for the blue de-magnetizer. Once again, Megaman, go up to be at AirComp2 again, but you will go to the AirComp5, go up and then right for Barrier L, then take the red in front of you for 1800 Zennies and go down, take the left path with no field in it and use the red there, go down the stairs and go right and take the right-most blue field to reach the blue de-magnetizer. Go back and take the middle path up then take the red and go up the stairs, go right to reach the red de-magnetizer. Then go up and left all the way until you see a BMD with 1000 Zennies, go right and down and left and left and then down then left for a Recov120 S, go right and down all the way until you reach the first area, go through where the program is and take a right twice to reach the program, fix it... And now is the throttle...Again Megaman, go up to be in AirComp2 but switch back to AirComp1, go up and take the red for RockCube *, go down the blue and then right and down the stairs, then right, up and left then up again and left the up all the way and left for 2000 Zennies, then go down and take the red, to reach the red de-magnetizer, then take the blue back and go left until you can go down, do so all the way down and left to reach the blue de-magnetizer go back and right to where the stairs are and take the SW path, go down and left then down for RegUp1 then all the way up for Spice2 N, then down and left to fix this bug... But we are not done yet... Now is the landing gear. You will finally reach the under part of AirComp2, go down and take the blue, again, then go left and take the blue, below the bridge is a BugFrag, then keep go up, take the red and go right all the way and down for 1500 Zennies, go back and take the first blue from right to left, and go right to reach the blue de-magnetizer. Go left all the way for HPMemory, then go right and up and left and down and left all the way and up again to reach where we started. Go left and take the red, then another one, then right and down then go through the 2nd path you see to the left and down all the way, then right all the way and up for "HiCannon E", go back down a little left and NE for a red, take it and go left and take another red and reach the red de-magnetizer, go back down and left for "500 Z", then go left all the way and up and left again, then down, more left to where you'll see a program is, SAVE and go up, where you'll fight Magnetman.

HP: 1000
Element: Elec
Weakness: Wood
Magnetman's playing field will have a MagLine in the middle panels
Remember beating him in Megaman 3 on the NES? He’s a bigger pain in this game.. You can use Wood-based Chips like Treebom1 and Lance on him since he's a back row boss.

Magnetman will do the following attacks:
-> Creates a MagLine.
-> Creates a Black Magnet ball which will home in on you and it will stun you as well (Note: IF YOU HAVE A STYLE CHANGE ON DO NOT USE WOOD OR YOU WILL TAKE DOUBLE DAMAGE)
-> When Magnetman gets down to less than 500 HP he will use North South Tackle.
After defeating Magnetman, the bug guy will catch the one behind it and the program will be fixed automatically. You will return to your seat where you will finally arrive and Magnetman's Operator Mr. Gauss will be arrested. You can finally go back to ACDC town so head there and when you get to ACDC Town go talk to Yai, Dex, and Mayl and then go home and sleep.

Scene 12: The Den Igloo (otherwise known as the Big Run around)

You will see a scene with your dad and then an Earthquake will happen, you'll be Lan again and you will then recieve mail from Mayl and she will tell you that Roll is lost and you will also recieve mail from NAL containing a FreePass for your earlier heroic effort. Jack in, to see some ice thingies all around, you can only break the white ones, make your way to Yumland but you won't be able to go even reach it... Go back to Den Area 2, talk a pink Navi near the upper level, and go to KotoArea 1, near the warp that leads to KotoSqr. Ent. is another white crystal, break it and talk to the Navi to get a RedFrag. Jack out and go to your dad. Talk to him he will make the RedCure with your RedFrag, now jack in again and go to Yumland. In Yumland go to Area 2 and go to the right twice then up, below the hill is a "BugFrag", continue up and left twice then down, break the red ice and up then talk to Roll. Go to the Square and check out the Street Board, read the "Doc" posts and exit the board, you will receive Mail from Mayl, who will thank you for saving Roll and she'll give you the "Roll V3 R" chip. You must now get to NetSq. Ent. Because then only entrance available to the Undernet is there. There is a way to open a path from Den Area3 and Yumland 2 to Netopia, but for it you need the ONBACode, where is it? Go to Netopia (City) and into the HQ and talk to the guy near the monitor and he will give it to you. Go to Den Area 3 and go to Netopia, use the panels to go NE, then go left until you see a platform then use the GsplCode (see the jobs list for the Help Fight Crime) and go down the ramp then just follow the panels and head to the board then down and go to Netopia 2. Here destroy the red ice IF you want, then head down and right to the board then up then up the hill and down the other hill then SE to another platform and left and up from where the Navi is to another board go NW and up the hill there then go SE and teleport, follow the path to reach the NetSq. Ent. Take the warp on the upper-left to continue or go to the Square to buy SubChips... In Netopia 3 follow the path and head through 2 panel right to left and enter the warp, go up and then left and go to the board and up the ramp use the left-most panel to continue then go right all the way and down to a platform with a warp, use the panels and go down the ramp and left then right all the way and enter another warp, follow the path to reach Undernet 1. Use the panel and go up and up the stairs, then go right and down and through the panel going right then follow the path up and warp, on the blue level go down then right and up the stairs and follow the path to reach the Undernet 2. Here go up the stairs and take the right-most ones to get an "HPMemory" at the end. Then go back and take the other stairs then go down and up another set of stairs, on the green level use the panel going right twice and go down the stairs straight ahead, go down and use the panel going left and down this stairs then keep going down and right then up, right and follow to a warp, here just go right to get to the UnderSq. Ent.

Use the NE to reach the UnderSquare then talk to the second Navi you see, he is an informant, he will sell you some info for 10000 Zenny (if you have it) you must pay in order to proceed, he says the Navi that knows it is in NetSquare and it's purple and greedy. So go back to Netopia Square, in the green level, talk to the Navi that is jumping, he knows the one who knows the keyword and says that he went to buy a chip... Go out of the Square and head to Netopia 2, in there use the warp and go left and down a ramp then go right through a panel and keep going right then NE to where the merchant is, and talk to the purple Navi, he wants a ZapRing2 B first, give one to him and he will tell you the keyword, so go back to the UnderSquare. And head to the boards, and inspect the Undernet Info Board, and you will automatically post the keyword, go out and go up and talk to the orange-like Navi, he is The Doc. Select Yes! when he asks for all you have, but he will take them but he will return them in a sec and will give you a AntiRecv D, he will need a YellFrag and a HeatData, he already has the YellFrag  so you must search for the HeatData, he will say it's in some heating program, go to Okuden Valley and jack into the Grill and talk to the programs, if it says something like a friend being in Yumland, head to Yumland 2 and save the program behind a red ice, talk to him and go back to the grill and talk to it again to get the HeatData. When you jack out an earthquake will happen, you must hurry to the Doc!!

Once you are with the Doc select Yep! he will then give you the "YeloCure" he also says about a guy in Netopia 2 that tried many things to break it, so you must search for him. So head there and help a Green Navi behind a yellow ice, he is all the way SW, talk to him and he'll say he lost his little brother, accept his request to find him, go to the Undernet and where there is a Navi that tells you which way takes you to Undernet 3 and UnderSquare, take the left stairs down, break the ice and go to the Undernet 3, here follow the path and go either way, continue up then talk to the Navi, he is the key maker and the little brother, after you talk to him, he tells you you need 3 BlueFrags to make a cure for the ice, go back to Netopia 2 and talk to the big brother. He will give you BluFragA, go back to Undernet 3 and follow the path, a Navi will suddenly appear below and taunt you, but he has a "BluFrag", you will then get mail from Chaud, he will say you can reach Undernet 3 from Kotobuki, but you need a key, so go to NetSquare and talk to the pink Navi, yes, the keymaker, he will give you the "GateKeyD", use it on DenArea 1 in the lower-left warp, you will then be on KotoSq. Ent. Go down and warp to UnderKoto, follow the path and down the ramp, use the first panel going right then go to where the GMD is and go down to another panel going down, use it then a panel left and another up, ge left from the PMD and then down and right to reach the platform, go right a little up and right to reach Undernet 3! Here follow the path and go SW, follow the path but go right when you can, use the GsplCode and grab the BugFrag, go back and keep going down then go right and talk to the Navi to fight:

The Navi will do the 2 round Survival battle
Round 1: Fishy2 and Fishy3
Round 2: 3 Null&Voids

The Navi will say that Freezeman is moving towards the destruction of the world and you have to stop him! Megaman asks where GospelHQ is, it’s in KotoSquare, and you have to hurry over there. The Navi also drops BluFragB, you will also get GospelID and you will get mail as well. Go to KotoSquare and go to the laser door and break it down and go through GospelHQ follow the path and kill more Yellow ice and you'll see this whole bunch of ice, SAVE at this part, and make sure you have an ElecStyle if you want to get this over quickly

HP: 1000
Element: Aqua
Weakness: Elec (use any Elec style and make sure your shots are charged)
As I said, Freezeman can be quickly deleted if you have any Elec Style (be it Team, Guts, Custom or Shield) so he'll take double damage but he has a few aces up his sleeve:
-> Turns into a crystal which will resist some damage before being destroyed
-> Drops 3 icicles after you (similar to Knightman's 3 boulders)
-> Sends 3 Icewaves after you, 1 after the other

After defeating Freezeman you will get the last BluFrag and it will break, but then all the ice will break and disappear. You will then get mail from your dad, now jack out, go home and talk to your mom and then go upstairs and go to sleep.

Scene 13: The End is The Beginning is The End

 This is one of the most confusing parts of the game but still one of the best since this is the almost the end of the adventure. So, first things first, go to KotoSquare to where you destroyed Freezeman for some weird events..
Megaman suggests going to Kotobuki City but you do not know how to get there, so go to the Center and go see your dad. After talking to your dad and some kick ass music and receiving a MagSuit and your KotoPass, it is time to go to Kotobuki! So jump on the Metroline and let's go! You arrive at Kotobuki and it does not look like how you see it.. Go Jack into the Vending Machine near the Kotomart and recieve a RegUP3 from a BMD and Jack back out.  Go to the building and Jack in the console thing for a BugFrag, then go to the elevator and Dex, Mayl and Yai will come out and then go to the second floor and go to the left most door and Jack in. As Megaman, follow the path and warp on the northern warp and get Recov150 T, go back and into the left warp, talk to the programs for info... Go down and get ElBit082 go back up and keep going up for an HPMemory, go back down and fix this (Inspect the purple thing), you will be back where you 1st warped, go in again, this time you will be sent to the correct location, go down and left then up and right to be blown away, follow the path for ElBit232, go back and fix this, re-enter and go down for a RegUp1, go back and re-warp, head left and up...You will be in Apart Comp2, here go up and up again and warp, go up then right and warp again, go right for HiCannon *, go back and up for 3000 Zennies, warp back and go up then right and be blown away to Apart Comp1, follow the path and go left for 1200 Zennies, go back down and right now for a warp, take the further-most down for ElBitEV go back and follow the path and warp again to a normal place, go left and down all the way and warp again, go left, down and right and follow to reach Apart Comp3.Here go up and warp, go down and warp again, go right and warp once again, follow the path for ElBit243, go back and use the bit, warp in normally, follow the path and go down for ElBit253, go back through the warp and up then use the bit, warp in normally and go down for 2000 Zennies, go back and up and warp to be blown away, here go right and warp, here go right and warp and go right then down for 2000 Zennies, then go up and right for ElBit042 go back to the warp and follow the path, blow away and go down, blow away and go down and warp then go down and back to Apart Comp2. Here go down and then up and warp, go up again and warp, here fix the program, re-warp and follow the path for ElBit271, go back and go down all the way and warp, go left, down and right back to Apart Comp3. Go up and warp then go up and warp and go right and up and warp again, fix the program, re-warp and go left and get ElBit093 warp back and fix the program, re-warp and go left for PowerUp then go back and up to Apart Comp4. Here go up and warp, go down and right for a FullEnrg, go back and down and warp/blow, go down and left the up for BugFrag, go down and warp left of here, follow the path for ElBit201, go back and fix the program, re-warp and SAVE!

You will confront Airman, Quickman and Cutman 1 after the other well; they are easy though... Then insert the ElBitEV to make the elevator work, jack out and go to the 9th floor and search the left-most door for HPMemory, now go to the 30th floor to see a scene, enter the door on the left, and after a scene, jack in the server there...As Megaman, go up then left and up the stairs for AreaGrab * (Yay!) go back down and head right from the start then up the normal path for "RegUp1", go back and up the stairs then go left and then up for "Recov150 T" go back left and down then right to where you started, head right and down for 10000 Zennies, go back up and then right and down a stairs the left then down, in the corner SAVE then left for a scene, this time you will be attacked by Knightman, Magnetman and Freezeman After you delete them you will destroy a program, when Lan, SAVE! This is your last chance to do so... Anyway, go in the door and after a scene you will jack in. The path is straightforward, when you reach a platform your friends will appear to... DELETE YOU!
Yea right, After the scene, your friends will be there, Chaud included, after another scene you will then continue, at the end you will meet who the SuperNavi is after a scene, yes, you got it it's:
-> Shoots an Energy Ball at you and will Shoot many other Energy balls at you just kill him After defeating Bass rather easily you'll be taken through some more cut scenes and you will now face the true boss and here he is!
Gospel (Yes, I know he looks like a giant dog and he is)
HP: 2000
Weakness: Shooting when his mouth is open
Element: Varies
I had a hard time beating Gospel the first time and he was very hard to beat, but the more you know his pattern the easier he will be to defeat but here's his attacks: -> Sends a Shockwave from his mouth from the middle line if you're in the middle row
-> Charges to break all the panels
-> Turns his head into a Drill and flies at you if Megaman in the same row
-> Stuff appears and flies at you so try to dodge it when Gospel gets down to about 500HP Use your STRONGEST chips at this point (like Guardian, Cannball and Geyser) they will deal lotsa damage
-> Gospel will copy one of the 6 Navis you fought, be it Airman, Quickman, Cutman, Shadowman, Knightman, or Magnetman and will mimic their moves

Uses VacuumFan and tries to suck you in.
-> Blows a giant green fire (Wood damage and 2x damage against Elec)

When you defeat Gospel it will trigger the End! You have successfully brought an end to the Gospel Netmafia and all of the residents of ACDC Town and you will receive a Yellow Star when you start the game and you will be at the Penthouse and in front of GospelServ1 and you can continue from there and beat Gospel as many times as you want. After this, You can go defeat the WWW Navis, SRank the V2 and V3 Navis (WWW Navis not included), Complete all 18 jobs, Get your SLicense, try getting Level 70 or above, try getting more than 130 chips, do 10 or more different P.A. and recieve your other stars.