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Character Bios

Welcome to the Character Bios page in Megaman Battle Network 2! This section deals with the cast of the game plus the Navis as well

Good Guys

Lan Hikari ->  Lan is the operator of Megaman.exe in the Battle Network series as well as the main character with Megaman. he is a grade 5 student at ACDC Elementary school.. his dad is the one who gave him the custom burnt disc for his PET which is short for Personal Terminal..  Lan had a twin brother named Hub but later is Megaman.exe Lan and Megaman are best friends and help each other out whenever possible. Lan’s last name Hikari is Japanese for Light.
Megaman.exe -> Megaman was originally Lan's twin brother Hub Hikari but as an infant he was succumbed to a fatal heart condition known as HBD. Lan's father concieved a way to merge human DNA with Navi programming with AI (Artificial Intellegence) hence Megaman was born. Both Lan and Megaman have resurrected Lifevirus in the previous game and also take down WWW (World 3).
Mayl Sakurai ->  Mayl is Lan's best friend and operator of Roll.exe. Mayl is in Lan's class as well. Roll is good friends with Megaman as well as being his sister from the beginning.
Roll.exe -> Roll is good friends with Gutsman, Megaman and Glyde. Even though she used to be a lab assistant she's now a Netnavi.
Dex -> Dex is another friend of Lan and is the operator of Gutsman.exe, he is also the Camp Leader in Okuden Valley.

Gutsman.exe -> Gutsman is Dex's navi, Gutsman has a huge crush on Roll, as Dex has a huge crush on Mayl
Chaud -> Chaud counts as a major character so I'm placing him here... he works for the Official Netbattlers and he is the operator of Protoman.exe
Protoman.exe -> Protoman is Chaud's navi, Protoman is known to wear shades, as he has in the past..

Yai -> Yai is one of Lan's friends and she comes from a very wealthy family she is the operator of Glyde.exe

Glyde -> Yai's navi Glyde is also good friends with Megaman, Roll, and Gutsman.

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