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On any evening from Day 3 onward, go to the Inn. A little gnome named Punny Bones will be performing. Sit down and watch his rather terrible comedy routine, and after stomaching his jokes, talk to him, Yuri, or the farmers if you wish, and go to sleep. The next day, go to the far room in the Inn. It's Punny Bones' room.

Once again, stomach some more bad jokes, and talk to the gnome. It turns out that he had made a good joke in the presence of the wrong company; namely, Baba Yaga. So she cursed him. Does she do anything besides curse people nowadays?! Anyway, pick up the Rubber Chicken from his bed and leave.

Head into the forest and visit the Leshy. Examine the bush that's rustling, and answer "Leshy" to the riddle. The Leshy will show itself. Leave the screen and re-enter. Another bush will rustle. Examine it, and it'll dissapear, causing another bush to move. Keep going around until the Leshy shows himself and tells you to "save the plant from goo".

Head back ALL the way to the Squid Stone. There's a bush trapped behind a dam of rocks and goo. Fighters and Paladins have to throw rocks to break the damn (it takes about three, depending on your Throwing skill), then grab the bush. Wizards have to cast Force Bolt on the dam until it bursts (two times, once again depending on skill), then cast Fetch on the bush. Thieves have to use the Grapple to break the dam apart (might take a few tries, depends on your Throwing skill), then climb up the ledge above the bush and use the Grappel to pick up the bush.

Head to Erana's Garden. Plant the bush in the big hole right next to you, and it'll grow automatically. Now return to the Leshy. He'll start hiding behind some bushes again. Follow the moving bush, and answer "Rusulka" to his question. He'll give you another riddle, along with a magic message: "Bushes near, dissapear!"

Head all the way east, then all the way south to reach a dead-end. A strange bush is at the bottom, though. Say the rhyme, and it'll dissapear. Follow the now-revealed passage to reach...Baba Yaga's Chicken-Legged Hut!

Walk down the path to run into Bonehead, the skull from the first game. If you try to pass him, you'll get damaged by a laser. He'll let you pass if you can give him something to keep the sun out of his eyes, so hand him the Hat. However, the hut is less than cooperative, so use the corn to get it to stay still. Enter the hut...of DOOM!

Naturally, Baba Yaga's got a trap ready; you'll be frozen inside a block of ice. Say your last words, and tell about Punny Bones to get her to spare you for the moment. She wants an Elderberry Pie, and if you can get her one, she'll spare you. Let's go get one, shall we?

Talk to Bonehead to get the list of items you'll need: a Pie Pan, Elderberries, Grue Goo, and Bonemeal. But first, head back to the Leshy to answer his riddle: Baba Yaga.

You should already have the Pie Pan, so we have to get everything else. Head to the Elderberry Bush (it's the bush with red eyes). Throw rocks to knock off some berries, then use the Rubber Chicken to lure it away while you grab the poisonous fruit. Use them with the Pie Pan. Now head to the Squid Stone. Use a Flask on the goo to get some Grue Goo. Use it with the Pie Pan as well.

Now for the hard part; Bonemeal. You'll have to find some bones, and the only real place to get them is from a Wraith Barrow, so make sure you have either the Undead Amulet or Aura spell on. Go hunting until you get the bones, or continue after that; you can get some great stuff from the Wraiths. Bones in hand, return to Baba Yaga's hut. Use the Bones on the mortar, then grind them. Use a Flask on the mortar to pick up the Bonemeal, then use the Bonemeal on the Pie Pan.

Show the Pie Pan to Bonehead, then use it on the first skull in the cluster of four skulls to cook the pie. Now head into the hut, and after some scenes, give the Pie Pan to Baba Yaga. Ask for the Gnome's humor back, and she'll give you the Good Humor Bars and teleport you out of the hut. Also, if you're a Wizard, return with an extra flask of Grue Goo or Bonemeal, then ask for a spell to gain the Hide spell.

In any case, return to Punny Bones. Give him the Good Humor Bar, and he'll repay you by telling you the "Ultimate Joke". Now wait until evening and watch his "Farewell to Mordavia" performance.