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Old Spells

NameWizards Only?DescriptionMP Cost
OpenYesThis opens doors and locks from a distance, thereby avoiding deadly traps. Will not work on all doors and locks.2
Detect MagicNoReveals magical enchantments and energies in an area. Absolutely useless.2
CalmYesMakes an enemy immobile for a few seconds, allowing time to escape. Cannot be used in combat.4
DazzleYesThis blinds enemies with a flash of light. Doesn't last as long as Calm, but can be used in combat.3
Flame DartNoA powerful fireball. You can win most battles by casting this repeatadly.5
FetchYesThis allows you to get out-of-reach items. Also has other uses...5
Force BoltNoA small projectile is fired, physically damaging targets and knocking loose objects over.6
LevitateYesThis allows you to float up and down. It consumes MP quickly, though, and the user cannot do anything else while floating.7 (7 for each additional second)
ReversalYesThis creates a shield that reflects all spells back to the caster. Very useful against magical enemies.8
TriggerYesThis sets off traps from a distance. Open does the same thing now, though, and at less of a cost.3
ZapNoThis charges your weapon with electrical energy for the next attack. Must be cast again after each hit.3
Juggling LightsYesThe most worthless spell ever. Just creates some balls that briefly light up a darkened area.8
Lightning BallYesSends a ball of lightning (hence the name) hurtling at the poor victim. Does decent damage, but Flame Dart is cheaper and better in the long run.10
Summon StaffYesWizards can summon a magical staff that increases their magical powers. However, they cannot move while the spell is in effect, or they'll lose their staff. Also, since the hero lost his staff in the third game, he'll have to find another before he can use this spell again.5

New Spells

NameLocationDescriptionMP Cost
FrostbiteKatrina teaches you this on your first visit.This creates a cold field that damages entire groups of enemies. Cannot damage the unnaturally cold (a.k.a. undead).15
ProtectionErana's GardenThis protects the caster against physical attacks. It has no effect on magical ones, though.7
GlideDr. Cranium gives this to you.This allows you to move on top of surfaces like it was simply ice.10
ResistanceSummon Erana's StaffThis protects against elemental damage. Very useful when attacked by highly magical forces.10
AuraMagda gives this to you.This protects against the life-draining powers of Wraiths and Ghosts. Always have this on before facing one of those things.8
HideBaba Yaga gives this to you.This makes you invisible, as long as you stand still. If you move, the spell will be broken.6
Ritual of ReleaseThe Fairy Queen gives this to you.This is used to free Erana's Staff. It's just for the story; you can't use it until the correct point in the game.20

Paladin Abilities

NameRequired HonorDescription
Flaming Sword0Once you have a Paladin's Sword, it'll be encased with flames, thereby dealing more damage.
Healing230This heals you (duh!). However, it drains your SP, as well, so don't overuse it, or you'll be tired fast.
Sense Danger250
This ability senses any dangers that happen to be nearby. The more you know, the higher your chance of survival.
Honor Shield280This reduces the amount of damage you take from both physical attacks and magical spells.