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QFG4 had some bugs when it was first released. Some were adressed in the QFG Anthology re-release, but others were ignored. Supposadely, QFG Collection got rid of all the bugs, but I haven't been able to verify that. Anyway, here goes:

B: The game crashes when I try to slide down that slope!

A: Turn the detail all the way down and speed all the way up in the options menu.

B: The game crashes when I try to get to the Mad Monk's tombstone!

A: As far as I can tell, this is only in the MS-DOS version of the game. Try playing it in Windows, as that's the only way I was able to solve the problem.

B: I can't import a character into the Windows version!

A: As far as I can tell, the only way to import a character in the Windows version is to beat the game, then save the information onto your hard drive. You can then upload that character into a new game.

B: I enter the combination on the "Stone of Squids", but nothing happens!

A: This is a horrific speed bug, which happens whenever you play the game on a fast computer. The way around it is to either get MoSlow (which I'm VERY much against) or simply click on the letter you're entering an additional time. In other words, enter: A-A-V-V-O-O-O-Z-Z-L-L. Crap, I spoiled the puzzle, didn't I?

B: The antwerp maze goes too fast!

A: Turn the speed ALL the way down before doing the puzzle. The Antwerp will now move at a reasonable pace.

B: The game crashes when I try to start it up in Windows!

A: This is most certainly a video issue. Set your moniter to 256-colors before starting the game; that's the only setting the game will run at. If that doesn't work, then there's something wrong with the game itself, and I'll be unable to help you.

B: The game won't let me continue onward!

A: Four possible scenarios here:

1. It's a bug that hasn't happened to me, in which case, I'll be unable to help you.

2. You didn't save Igor. I don't care if you ARE prejudiced against hunchbacks, you have to save the guy!

3. You didn't meet with Katrina. I haven't verified this, but some people have made mention that if you don't see Katrina for a while, the game will not continue.

4. You lost your manual with Dr. Cranium's formulas in it. I would help you, but legally I cannot give those out to you. Sorry. If you're using the QFG Anthology version, a copy of the original manuals is on the CD itself (just check it out).

That's it, folks. This should help you on your way to enjoying the game. Oh, and for those out there who think that these bugs make this game any less enjoyable, let me say this: