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Potions and Flask Items

Healing PotionDr. Cranium's Lab, Monastery, Barrow, Thieves' GuildWhen used, this restores some of your HP. You need to use the formulas to get it from Dr. Cranium.None
Poison CureDr. Cranium's Lab, Thieves' GuildThis cures all poison when taken. Dr. Cranium requires the formula for this, though.None
Empty FlaskDr. Cranium's LabAn empty glass flask. Really, that's all it is. It holds liquids. Really, that's all it does.None
Grue GooFill Flask with Grue GooThis stuff is molasses gone bad. REAL bad. It can be used for science, as well as some SICK recipies.None
BonemealFill Flask with crushed bonesIt's like flour, only made from human bone. A common thing in really bad baking.None
Will o' WispsCapture Will o' Wisps at swampWill o' Wisps are the souls of dead children. They play around in the swamp at night, and can only be captured by outsmarting them.None
WaterFill Flask with waterAbsolutely, possitively worthless.None
Rehydration SolutionDr. Cranium's LabThis water-like substance can rehydrate dried stuff. Unfortunately, Dr. Cranium kinda forgot the formula...None

Weapons and Armor

DaggerDark One's Cave, Thieves' Guild, Wraith BurrowThese little babies have a poor range, but can be thrown from a distance. When in close combat, right-clicking on the rightmost section of the status bar will cause you to throw a dagger.None
Battered SwordDark One's Cave (Fighters and Paladins)This sword's seen better days. It's beaten, rusted, and dull. You'd better get a good weapon, and fast!None
Fine SwordAdventurers' GuildThis is a vast improvement over the Battered Sword. It's cleaner, sharper, and all-around more deadly.None
Battle AxeWraith Burrow (Fighters only)This has a slightly shorter range than the Fine Sword, but does a LOT more damage. You'll get it, no matter what, so get used to it.None
Piotyr's SwordWraith Burrow (Paladins only)This sword once belonged to the Paladin Piotyr. He was killed trying to find and destroy the Dark One Rituals. Since you're a Paladin, you can use this, too. The best weapon in the game.None
Leather ArmorWizards and Thieves start with itThe very basics in protection. Doesn't offer a lot against a Necrotaur or a Revenant, but might work against Vorpal Bunnies and Killer Mooses.None
Platemail ArmorFighters and Paladins start with it, Wraith BurrowThis offers much better protection. For some reason, the hero's Chainmail Armor from previous games became Platemail here. God only knows why.None
ShieldDark One's Cave (Fighters and Paladins)A basic shield. This blocks attacks better than your weapon can.None
Piotyr's ShieldBurgomeister's OfficeThis was Piotyr's holy shield. It offers much better protection than a regular shield does. Too bad old Piotyr left it behind, huh?None

Thief Tools

Guild CardThieves' GuildThis proves that you're an official member of the Mordavian Thieves' Guild. Can also be used to remove certain locks.None
Safe KnobThieves' GuildIt's a safe knob. Don't try to hob knob with the rob knob or it'll make you sob, Bob.None
LockpickThieves' GuildThis is used only for simple locks. More advanced lockpicking and safe cracking requires the Acme Mark II Thieves Toolkit.None
Thieves ToolkitThe newest toolkit from Acme, the makers of rocket shoes and gigantic kites. This can pick advanced locks, disarm traps, and crack complicated safes.None
Magic StatueMonestaryThis turned the Chief Thief into a monster. Whatever you do, listen to the guy and DON'T TOUCH IT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!None
Shopping BagGeneral StoreA leather shopping bag, used for carrying large things...50 kopeks
Flask of OilGeneral StoreThis removes squeeks from doors that would otherwise give you away, thus ruining you thievery.100 kopeks
LocketNikolai's HouseA locket with a picture of Nikolai and Anna inside. The guy's nuts over his wife, remember? He'll notice that this is missing, so don't take it away from his house.None
BlackbirdMonestaryGreat, ANOTHER fake Blackbird! Then, where's the real one? Is there really a Blackbird to begin with?None

Other Items

Money PouchYou start with it.This, naturally, holds all your Crowns and Kopeks. Very handy.None
Food RationsGeneral StoreYou're limited to only one type of ration: Garlic and Avocado Sandwiches. This are neccessary to eat.50 kopeks
Key RingGet your first keyThis holds the many keys you'll find in Mordavia. When you get another one, you simply add it to the Key Ring.None
GarlicGeneral StoreGarlic is Mordavia's national vegetable. It's also said to be able to ward off vampires and other undead. It also stinks.25 kopeks
Hand BroomGeneral StoreA small broom. You can really clean up with it! *is killed for the bad joke*350 kopeks
Pie PanGeneral StoreThis is used to bake a pie in. Too bad our hero isn't a very good cook...250 kopeks
CandyGeneral StoreThis homemade candy comes in many flavors (except Garlic, which is sold out...), and is popular amongst kids.5 kopeks
Rope and GrapnelAdventurers' Guild (not for Wizards)A strong rope with a well-toned grapnel on the end. Perfect for unskilled climbers and getting out-of-reach items.None
FlowerAll over MordaviaGive these to women to gain their affection. It can also pry some information out of them.None
RockEverywhereA simple rock. It's nothing more than a throwing weapon, and not a very good one, at that.None
FlintDark One's CaveA piece of flint can create sparks when struck repeatadly by a steel object.None
Magic TorchDark One's CaveA special kind of torch. It can be put out and lit just like any other torch, but never burns out.None
Dark One's SignArchway in front of the Dark One's CaveA strange plaque that shows a depiction of the Dark One, Avoozl. This was used often by the Dark One's followers as a key of sorts.None
SheetDark One's Cave (Wizards only)A simple cloth sheet. It blows quite easily in the wind.None
Mana FruitFruit Tree in Erana's Garden (Wizards only)This fruit can restore your MP when eaten. Catching it is the hardest part, though.None
CornTown GatesA yellow vegetable. Loved by livestock around the world.None
JewelryWraith BurrowsUseless. Completely, utterly useless.None
Undead AmuletGypsy CampThis protects you from the life-draining powers of the undead if you can't use the Aura spell.None
HatNikolai's GhostA wide-brimmed hat meant for keeping the sun out of your eyes...None
Bonsai BushSquid StoneThe Grue Goo has nearly killed this little bush. It needs to go somewhere magical to survive.None
Rusulka HairRusulka (Paladins only)The Paladins need this to complete the Rusulka quest. And no, her hair doesn't get shorter, you perverts.None
Rubber ChickenPunny Bones' roomA rubber chicken used in pranks. Now if you only knew what the hell rubber was...None
Elderberry BerriesElderberry BushThese highly-poisonous berries come from the highly-poisonous Elderberry Bush. Still, there are uses for them.None
Good Humor BarBaba Yaga gives this to youThe taste of this is very...well...funny. It restores a sense of humor to people.None
DollInnA small, antique doll. It used to belong to the Innkeeper's daughter.None
HammerDungeonThis item is useless. It can trigger a hidden option at a following scene, but you die if you choose it, so it doesn't matter.None
StakeDungeonThe same as the Hammer.None
Erana's StaffTownThis magical staff has been holding off Avoozl's forces for decades. It has more power than people can possibly dream of.None
Dark One RitualsVariousThere are five total: Bone, Breath, Blood, Senses, and Heart. They're needed at the last area.None