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Old Characters:

The Hero
Appeared in: All of the games
Background: Yep, it's the big guy again. He's got nothing but the clothes and armor on his back, and has to save the world from certain destruction. All in a day's work for a professional hero!

Appeared in: QFG1
Background: It's everybody's favorite talking skull, Bonehead! He's a talking skull mounted onto a stick, and stands guard in front of Baba Yaga's cottage. He's loyal to the old ogress, but willing to let you in for a certain bribe...

Baba Yaga
Appeared in: QFG1
Background: An old ogress witch who lives in a hut on chicken feet. She was turned into a frog, but regained her true form later on. She still has a craving for flies, though, as well as a dislike for frog legs. Oh, and in case you're wondering, she's not too happy about the frog thing...

Ad Avis
Appeared in: QFG2
Background: Ad Avis? Isn't he dead? Then why is he in Mordavia? You'll find out soon enough...*cue omnimous lightning*

New characters:

Background: A servant girl for the new masters of Borgov Castle. She can only meet you at night, as she serves her masters during the day. She has a thing for you, but is there more than meets the eye here?

Dmitri Ivanov (the Burgomeister)
Background: As the mayor of the town, Dmitri takes his job as local lawman and leader VERY seriously. He distrusts strangers, like the rest of the town. And, come to think of it, the hero looks like a stranger...Also, he hates his grandfather, Piotyr, who he believes ran off with another woman.

Olga Stovich
Background: The local shopkeeper of Mordavia's only store. She's an excellent cook, as well as a great businesswoman and devious gossip. If there's anything worth hearing, she'll know about it. She also thinks a lot about her lost husband, Boris.

Boris Stovich
Background: He was once the local shopkeeper, but when the pass was closed off, Olga became a nag. One day, he finally up and left. He met the dark master, who offered him a job as the gatekeeper to the castle. He's there during the day.

Background: Yuri runs the Hotel Mordavia, the local inn. He's very serious about his job, as well as his height (he's standing on a stool, in case you didn't notice). He collects the down payment on your room.

Background: Yuri's wife works most of the day in the kitchen. She'll serve breakfast and dinner at the Inn, but after you save Igor, she'll stay and chat with you (as well as smoke a pipe...;)) She was once beautiful, but the loss of her daughter took its toll on her.

Background: The local pumpkin and corn farmer. He's the wisecracker of the three stooges.

Background: The most important man in Mordavia, Franz runs the local garlic crop. He's the insult comedian.

Background: Once, Ivan was a local elephant herder. Unfortunately, all the elephants left Mordavia, sending him out of business. He's the more serious of the three.

Background: The trademark hunchbacked gravedigger. He spends the day in the northern end of town, chisling gravestones, then goes to the graveyard in the evening, and finally vanishes during the night. He'll get in trouble eventually, though...

Background: A harmless old man who can't get over the fact that his wife is dead. He spends all day looking for her, and all night dreaming about her. Of course, you'll have to do something, even if it seems rather cruel...

Dr. Cranium
Background: A mad scientist (although don't say that to his face), Dr. Cranium creates Healing Potions and Poison Antidotes while working on ressurecting the dead, making the perfect cup of tea, and chowing down on pizza. He's also researching a Rehydration Solution, but he can't seem to remember his formulas.

Background: Anna was Nikolai's wife. She went into the forest on an errand for Dr. Cranium, but didn't make it back. Her ghost is still looking for a way back to town, but can't leave where she died. She so wants to see Nikolai again...

Background: Tanya was the daughter of Yuri and Bella. At first, things were nice, but when the monsters came, she was locked up inside her room to keep safe. She hated her parents for that, and made friends with a nice monster named Toby. She was then taken to the castle, where she became a vampire. She's still there...and still a vampire...

Background: Toby is a big, gorilla-like monster that lives in the castle. He's actually quite nice, and cares for Tanya deeply, but can get in the way very often. He also cannot speak; all he ever does is grunt.

Background: The Chief Thief has a problem. He made the mistake of breaking into the old monastery, and touched a wierd statue. Now he's a giant beetle-like monster. He needs your help to get back to normal.

Background: The Leshy lives in the forest. It likes to give riddles to travelers that pass by. Answer them correctly, and he can help you on your way.

Background: The Rusulka is the spirit of a drowned unmarried woman. She seeks revenge on all men by drowning them. The upside: she doesn't wear any clothes!

Background: One of the local gypsies. Davy is young and naive, but a small incident softens him up to the hero. He also has a mate...

Background: The leader of the gypsies, and a fortuneteller. She can see the future clearly, but this is very much a curse as well as a gift. She'll tell you your fortune for one crown.

Background: The Domovoi is a mischevious spirit that gives good luck to wherever it lives. It can only be seen by children and strangers, and even then, only when it wants to be seen. It knows everything about the area it's in.

Background: The grandfather of Dmitri, and a noble Paladin. He lead the attack against the Dark One's Cult, but nearly lost. After Erana sacrificed herself to save him and the world, he began a one-man crusade against the followers of the Dark One. He was killed in battle, but since nobody else knew of his mission, they thought he had just ran off. His ghost haunts the area in front of Erana's Staff.

Fairy Queen
Background: The Fairy Queen is jealous of Erana and her power. She wants Erana's Staff, but the only way to get it is to sacrifice someone. So she brings in the hero to do the job.

The Dark Master
Background: The Dark Master's coming to Mordavia was the beginning of the nightmare. He is believed to have caused numerous disasters, such as the monsters and the swamp, but nobody cares to check it out. Also, even Boris has very rarely seen the Dark Master; what has he to hide? Oh, maybe more than you'll be willing to imagine...