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QFG4 ditches the location-specific encounters from QFG3 and opts instead for the traditional day/night encounters of the first two games. Also, many of these fights can be ended by repeatadly casting Flame Dart, but if you aren't a Wizard, or like a good fight, I suggest you do otherwise.

Monster NameDay/NightDescription/StrategySpoils
BadderNightThese bat-spiders swoop in, bite at you, then go back and do it again. Slash them as they swoop; one hit should kill them. They come in groups of two or three, and can poison you if they hit.None
Vorpal BunnyDayThese cute bunnies (with nice vampire fangs) are fast, but also weak. Just hit them as they jump at you.None
RevenantNightThese are the lowest-level vampires around. They move about as fast as a Resident Evil zombie, but have a long reach. Either get close and attack endlessly or throw daggers and spells.Kopeks (random amount)
Chernovy WizardNightThe former followers of the Dark One have been mutated into these abominations. They attack using very powerful spells, and the real problem comes with getting close enough to damage them. Either use distance attacks (daggers and spells), or use duck-and-approach tactics to get close enough.Crowns (random amount)
WyvernDayThese were actually around Mordavia before the Dark One, but like then, they only come in a handful of numbers. They can shoot you with fireballs from a distance, but the real danger is from their tails; being hit by it will inject an incredibly deadly poison into you that will probably kill you unless you use a Posion Cure Potion. Use either distance attacks or get close and attack QUICKLY.None
WraithNightIf you see a pile of rocks in a place at night, and they weren't there during the day, be careful. A wraith is nearby. If you don't have either the Undead Amulet or the Aura Spell, they'll suck the life out of you if you get too close. If you get into combat with one, duck under its magic and move in to attack.Whatever is in the Burrow
NecrotaurBothThese suckers are your worst nightmare. They move about eighty miles an hour, cannot be outrun, and leave you only a second's opportunity to attack. They attack by charging into you, which cannot be avoided. Try hitting them right after they attack, but be quick about it.None
High PriestBothThis is the game's only real boss. He has a nasty acid spit from a distance, and a tentacle that can hit you from halfway across the screen. He's immune to Flame Dart and Frostbite, but not Force Bolt or Lightning Ball. Getting close is a bit of a challenge; duck the attacks constantly if you want to survive, and don't stop pounding once you get close!Essence Ritual