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The summon system has changed drastically in Final Fantasy X. Now, when you summon an Aeon, it replaces your party rather than just perform one attack. The Aeon itself has an Overdrive gauge. When it fills, it's time for a devastating attack. The attacks themselves are listed with the Aeons.

Aeons have a sub menu with commands like normal characters. However, theirs consists of Boost Shield and Dismiss.

  • Boost - Boosting your Aeon increases the number of damage the Aeon takes, but the Overdrive gauge fills twice as fast. I personally don't use it because near the end of the game, enemies become slow and sluggish and you have to boost many times before you are actually hit
  • Shield - When shielding the Aeon will take less damage. As the downside, the Overdrive gauge does not fill at all. A great use for it is during a contest of Aeons (one Aeon versus another). When the other Aeon goes into overdrive, immediately shield.
  • Dismiss - By choosing this command, the Aeon will leave the battle field and your regular party will return. Dismissing your Aeon at low health is VERY important. If your Aeon is knocked out, it will take many battles before it can fight again.
Aeons will recover from KO status and fully heal whenever you touch a travellers sphere. They are impervious to all negative statuses except curse (can't use overdrives).

Also note, Aeons overdrive gauges fill with the following methods: Stoic, Warrior, Evade. Basically any time you have a turn or the enemy has a turn it'll fill.

Aeons are found throughout the lands in temples of Yevon. The summoner must pray at the faith behind a cloister of trials to receive the blessing of the Aeon. Once the Aeon joins your party, you will have a chance to select its name. I will simply use default names for the shrine.

The Aeons

Valefor Ifrit
Ixion Shiva
Bahamut Yojimbo
Anima Magus

OVERDRIVE Energy Ray does medium to high damage to all enemies.

Energy Blast does very high damage to all enemies.

Energy Blast can be obtained by returning to Besaid and talking to a girl near the temple.

Valefor is non-elemental in nature. It starts out with all four basic Black Magics. It has a high agility stats, and later in the game will evade most attacks. It will always automatically evade ground based attacks, such as Lord Ochu's Earthquake ability.
Energy Ray
Energy Blast
SPECIAL ATTACK Does slightly less than normal damage. Added effect: Delay
Sonic Wings Break the Damage Barrier: Moon Crest
Obtained at: Besaid Temple

OVERDRIVE Massive fire elemental damage to all enemies. Cool sequence too Ifrit is the second Aeon obtained. He is extremely physically powerful. He also has the Fire spell, as well as Nul Blaze and Nul Frost.

Ifrit absorbs Fire damage. If you want to heal Ifrit, have him cast Fire/ra/raga on himself.

SPECIAL ATTACK Meteor Strike is a non-elemental, long ranged attack, which means it can be used on any enemy on the field (unlike Tidus' attack for example, which can't be used against some enemies if they are too far away physically).
Added effect: Ignores Protect status
Meteor Strike Break the Damage Barrier: Jupiter Crest
Obtained at: Kilika

OVERDRIVE Very large lightning elemental damage to all enemies. Ixion is of the lightning elemental variety. He has very high Magic Defense stat, and a better than average Defense stat. He comes with Thunder and Thundara black magic.

Ixion absorbs lightning damage. To have him heal himself, use Thunder/ara/aga on himself.

Thor's Hammer
SPECIAL ATTACK Aerospark deals non-elemental damage to one enemy
Added effect: Negates Shell Protect Reflect Haste Regen and all Nul spells.
Aerospark Break the Damage Barrier: Saturn Crest
Obtained at: The Temple of Yevon-Djose

OVERDRIVE Deals massive ice elemental damage to all enemies Shiva is an ice elemental. She has a VERY high Agility stat, as well as a better than average Magic stat.
Diamond Dust
SPECIAL ATTACK Normal Non-elemental damage to one enemy
Added Effect: Delay (greater delay than Valefor), Threaten
Heavenly Strike Break the Damage Barrier: Venus Crest
Obtained at: Macalania Temple

OVERDRIVE Deals INCREDIBLY MASSIVE Non-elemental damage to all enemies. Bahamut is the Final Fantasy trademark summon. He has the highest strength of any story-line Aeon. He also has incredibly high Magic and Defense stats. He has the highest elemental Black Magic available to him.
Mega Flare
SPECIAL ATTACK Deals damage to all enemies. No added effects.
Impulse Break the Damage Barrier: Has by Default
Obtained at: Bevelle Temple

Special Attacks Yojimbo is the most dificult to control Aeon. He works entirely on a Pay system. When you pay him Gil, he will use one of his four special attacks (They are listed here from most common to least common). If you pay him 0 gil, he automatically dismisses himself. There is no set price for which attack he'll use; it's all luck of the draw.

To find out how to get Anima, visit the Secrets section

Daigoro One enemy, regular damage.
Kozuka One enemy, medium-large damage.
Wakizashi One enemy, large damage
Zanmato One enemy, instant kill.
NOTE: Most bosses are not definately killed by Zanmato, they have a resistance to it. Also, don't spent all your gil trying to get Zanmato, as I said in the description, it is purely random which attack he uses, the gil you pay makes only a small difference.
Break the Damage Barrier: Mars Crest
Obtained at: The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

OVERDRIVE Really, REALLY high non-elemental damage. I've been told that in FFX-International he does 16 smaller hits, which total up to about 99 999 anyways. Anima has max stats when you get her (yes, her). You first see Anima as Seymour's Aeon at Luca, then defeat it in Macalania. You can obtain it for yourself after you have the airship. Check the Secrets section for more details.
SPECIAL ATTACK High damage, high recovery time.
Added effects: Instant death!
Pain Break the Damage Barrier: Has by Default
Obtained at: Baaj Temple

The Magus Sisters
The Magus Sisters are hard to control. Rather than choosing commands, you will choose orders (listed below). The sisters will perform an attack based on the order you choose. The Aeon will not die until all 3 of them are down. Cindy can cast Full Life, and Auto Life. If you let the Aeons do as they please, and all of them are up, they will use the same strategy as they do in FF2/4j; Sandy will cast Reflect on Cindy and Mindy will bounce spells off of her.

To find out how to get the Magus Sisters, check the Secrets section.

Gogogo - Cast magic or use special abilities
Attack - Attack physically or use special abilities
Help each other - Cast support magic
One more time - Repeat last action
Combine Powers - Overdrive
Are you okay? - Cast Lancet.

Break the Damage Barrier: Has by Default
Obtained at: Remiem Temple
OVERDRIVE Note: All 3 Magus Sisters must be in overdrive mode to perform this. Select Combine Powers from the menu. The 3 will perform an attack that does VERY large non-elemental damage.
Delta Attack
Cindy Sandy Mindy
Special Abilities
Camissade Razzia Passado
Large damage, one enemy Large damage, one enemy 15 Medium damage hits, one enemy
Auto Life
Full Life
All AGA spells

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