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Side Quests and Secrets

NOTE: The following Side Quests are on seperate pages.
Celestial Weapons
Monster Arena
Omega Ruins
Chocobo Racing (Remiem and Calm Lands)

- Butterfly Catching -

In the Macalania Woods, you can participate in a Butterfly Catching game. Touching a Multi-colored butterfly will innitiate the game. Once it starts, touching a Red Butterfly will cost you 1 second off your timer and cause a fiend encounter. You must get all seven butterflies to win anything. By winning the Butterfly Catcher in both Macalania Woods Central and North AFTER obtaining the Airship, you will recieve the Saturn Sigil.

- Lightning Dodger -

In the Thunder Plains, you can dodge lightning bolts all you want. In fact, to get Lulu's ultimate weapon to full power, you have to play this game. My strategies involve shutting down the lights, wearing No Encounters equipment, and turning in circles ready to mash the X button when the screen turns white.
5X-Potion X2
10Mega-Potion X2
20MP Sphere X2
50Strength Sphere X3
100HP Sphere X3
150Megalixer X4
200Venus Sigil
Prizes can be picked up in a chest
outside the travel agency

There are also prizes for getting hit by lightning bolts:
Prizes can be picked up in a chest
outside the travel agency

- The Cactuar Village -

On Bikanel Island, you can participate in a Cactuar Minigame. To initiate it, you must examine the stone south of the pit with the raging sandstorm on the fourth area of Bikanel Island. You must find 9 different Cactuars, sneak up on them in a game of Red Light Green Light, and then defeat them in battle to gain their Sphere. If you miss at either the Red Light Green Light, you get a Sphere del Perdidor (if you don't know Spanish, that means a LOSER SPHERE). If you win the Red Light Green Light, you get a sphere bearing the Cactuar's name. Take the Sphere to the stone and insert it. It will give you a clue for the next Cactuar. After obtaining all the Cactuar stones, the area below will open itself. In there are two treasure chests, one containing the Mercury Sigil, and another with a prize depending on how many Red Light Green Light games you won.

Cactuar Locations

  1. Near the save point at the entrance
  2. Search in the second area, near the top left
  3. Behind the sign that advertises 20% off in the fourth area
  4. Running in the top left part of the third area
  5. With number 4
  6. By the Save point in the second area. Examine it to initiate RLGL
  7. In a treasure chest in the third area towards the mid left (not in the ruins, under it)
  8. In a pit in the fourth area. You must leave and re-enter the fourth area
  9. Go to the entrance, beam up to the Airship, and go to the roof
  10. Automatically appears after getting all the other Cactuars

Red Light Green Light wonPrize
1, 2Potion
3, 4, 5Elixer
6, 7Megalixer
8, 9Friend Sphere

- Chocobo Training -

In the Calm Lands, you can take a chance to train a Chocobo. By doing this, you can get some nice items. The most important of these is the Sun Sigil.

There are four seperate courses which you can participate in. They are the Wobbly Chocobo, the Dodger Chocobo, the Hyper Dodger Chocob, and the Catcher Chocobo. You must complete all previous courses before participating in the next.

The Wobbly Chocobo is fairly simple. The Chocobo you're on refuses to go in a straight line. You merely have to stear him in the general direction.

The Dodger Chocobo gets much harder much faster. The trainer will shoot blitzballs at you. You have to avoid the balls and make it to the end. My recomendation is to turn sharply when you can see the ball coming.

The Hyper Dodger Chocobo is MUCH harder than the Dodger Chocobo. The Blitzballs shoot from above you and split into 3 near ground. Also, there are birds coming full speed down the path. You must be able to swerve out of the way of the ball, then dodge the bird. I recommend going in a Zig Zag pattern.

Finally is the Catcher Chocobo. This is actually a race and not a course. To win, you must get a lower end time than the Chocobo Trainer. The catch is that your end time is altered by the number of balloons you touch and the birds you hit. For each balloon you hit, your end time is reduced by 3 seconds. For each bird you hit, your end time is increased by 3 seconds. By finishing with a time of 0:0.0, you will win the Sun Sigil.

- Airship -

While there may not seem to be much about the Airship, there is. With the search command and the password option, you can reach quite a few hidden places.

(X,Y) Coordinates Location, and treasures
(13,60) Baaj Temple, Anima
(73,35) Omega Ruins, Great Training area
(14,43) Sanubia Desert, Ascalon sword (Tidus, Double AP ability)
(31,74) Besaid Falls, Dragoon Lance (Kimahri, Counter abilities)
(34,57) Mi'Hen Ruins, Sonar (Rikku, Initiative ability)
(41,58) Battle Site, Phantom Bangle (Lulu, Ice/Fire/Lightning eater abilities)
Password Location, and treasures
GODHAND Mushroom Rock Road Crevice, Godhand (Rikku, Celestial Weapon)
VICTORIOUS Besaid Ruins, Victorious (Rikku, Ice/Fire/Lightning proof)
MURASAME Besaid Ruins, Murasame (Auron, One MP Cost, Piercing)

Also, if you want to, after you get the airship you can re-embark the SS Liki and Winno. In the SS Liki, there is not much of interest.. except for one of Auron's spheres. On the SS Winno, you can re-attempt the Jecht Shot, as well as get a weapon for Wakka. To get his Weapon, talk to a man on the upper deck and tell him there are 11 gulls on the ship. To re-attempt the Jecht Shot, just go to the Blitzball on the deck. To arrive at your destination, go down below deck to rest.

- Al Bhed Primers -

There are 26 Al Bhed Primers in all. One for each letter of the Alphabet. Note that any of the primers marked with a '*' appear somewhere that you can't return to, after which they appear scattered on Bikanel island. After obtaining primers, you can find Compilation Spheres scattered across Spira. Compilation Spheres combine every primer on the memory card into one big volume. If you collect all of the primers and decide to start over, you can still use the primers in your new game by going to one of the Compilation Spheres and loading it.
Primer Number Location
I* Al Bhed Ship
II Besaid - Crusaders Lodge
III* SS Liki - Engine Room
IV Kilika - Tavern
V* SS Winno - Bridge
VI Luca Stadium - Basement
VII Sphere Theater (in Luca)
VIII Mi'Hen Highroad (Automatic)
IX Mi'Hen Highroad - Upper Road
X Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice
XI Djose Highroad
XII Moonflow - North side
XIII Guadosalam
XIV Sanubia Desert - East
XV Macalania Woods
XVI Lake Macalania, In front of the agency
XVII Sanubia Desert, Central
XIX* Home
XXII* Bevelle, entrance to cloister of trials
XXIII The Calm Lands - North Western area
XXIV Remiem Temple
XXV Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
XXVI Omega Ruins

- The Secret Aeons -

- Yojimbo -

Yojimbo is quite simple. Go to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the trench between the Calm Lands and Mount Gagazet. Work your way to the end where you will fight a a summoner. Summon Bahamut and take her Yojimbo out in a few MAGIC attacks. Physical attacks don't work too well. Once you are done with the summoner, warp to the back room and begin negotiating prices with Yojimbo's Fayth. Choose To Defeat the most powerful of enemies and first offer 125001, then around 150000. Afterwards, offer about 200000 and you will obtain Yojimbo. Note, Yojimbo is based on a pay basis. His attacks and attack power will depend on how much you pay him. I usually just pay him 1 Gil, he can easily do 40 000+ damage with that. You can only do over 9999 if you get the Mars Crest from the Mi'hen high road as discussed in the Celetial Weapons guide.

- Anima -

Scroll up and find the location of the Baaj Temple. Go there and finish off Geosgaeno (the boss you fought at the beginning alone, and did enough damage to just escape)

HP 32767
AP 0
Weakness None
  • Equip everyone with Stoneproof and Deathproof armor. Geosgaeno often likes to use abilities which inflict these
  • Hastega and Protect (if available) and attack until Overdrives are available. At which point, use them (Blitz Ace looks really cool in the water)
  • After a few Overdrives, Geosgaeno will be down

At this point, you might as well get the Onion Knight opposite of the temple entrance if you haven't already. Once you are ready, head into the temple. Activate all possible statues (which should be five of them if you have followed my walkthrough). Each statue represents a hidden treasure in a Cloister of Trials. It's completely impossible to miss the Bevelle and Besaid Cloister's destruction spheres, so do not e-mail us asking how to get back into there. If you are missing some from the others others, go to their point in the walkthrough. Once you have all five treasures, go to Zanarkand. Go into the dome, back to the Cloister, and step on all the white Squares. This will open a slot in the first room with a Destruction Sphere. Take it and put it in the slot right to the monitor in the second room. Take the Magistral Rod as your gift. Go back to the Baaj Temple. Now you can safely head into the Chamber of the Fayth. You will acquire Anima. You recieve a Rod of Wisdom from the Besaid, Red Armlet in Kilika, Magic Sphere in Djose, Level 2 Key Sphere from Macalania, HP Sphere from Bevelle, and (as said before) Magistral Rod from Zanarkand.

- The Magus Sisters -

The Magus Sisters have the most powerful attack in the game. Dealing up to 1 499 984 damage, they are well worth the trouble. To get them, buy two capture weapons and head to Mount Gagazet. Capture one of EVERY monster (Including the three inside the water area) and return to the Arena owner to obtain the Blossom Crown. Now head to the Remiem Temple. Defeat any undefeated Aeons up to Bahamut. For defeating Bahamut, you will get the Flower Scepter. Now head to the back, and use both items on the shield. Go through to obtain the Magus Sisters. To learn more on controlling the Magus Sisters, goto the Aeon page.
By the way, that 1.5 million damage attack is Mindy's special attack. Obtain it by selecting 'Go Go' from the attack menu. Mindy might cast Black Magic however, so it is up to chance.

- The Omega Ruins -

Scroll above to see the location of the ruins. Most of the items in the ruins are random. The monsters are incredibly hard, and the most powerful NON ARENA monster resides in here. Take to the left at the entrance and then take a right at the next fork. Walking up, you should be able to find Al Bhed Primer XXVI, the final one. Turn left and go down the seperate chamber to a Gylph shape on the wall. Backtrack a bit until you see another Gylph on the wall. Touch it to bring up a chain of stones on a small path to reach a Teleport Sphere. Now go back and continue on until you come to a lift. Go up and foward. You will come across Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon
HP 70000
AP 40000
Weakness None
  • Equip armor with Confusion and Stone ward. You might also want Silenceward for spell casters
  • Attack hard and fast, but don't use up all your MP or Aeons, save those for later
  • I recommend Double Casting Flare and using Overdrives as much as possible here

After defeating Ultima Weapon, you will warp to a new area. On each circular platform, you will face a triggered fight. First turn left and get the Friend Sphere, then turn right and circle all the way around. Try to get into Overdrive and be sure to keep your Aeons safe. Before going into the center platform, use any and every item you need to heal to full health. Now head in to face Omega Weapon

Omega Weapon
HP 99999
AP 50000
Weakness None
  • First have Kimahri Lancet Omega. You will get the awesome Nova Ronso Rage
  • Pound away with Overdrives and Aeons. If anyone has Break the Damage Barrier, their Overdrives should easily take a big piece out of Omega's HP
  • After using your Overdrives and Aeons, turn to Quickhit and Doublecasting Flare

After defeating Omega, this area basically turns into a training ground. Feel free to do anything here.