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Tidus Auron
Yuna Wakka
Kimahri Lulu

NOTE : Rikku's complicated Overdrive has it's own page here. The Aeons Overdrives are listed on the Aeons page.


Tidus - Swordplay

Tidus' Overdrives involve some agile attacks with his sword.

When Tidus chooses one of these Overdrives, a pop up display will appear with a large bar, a marker, and a gray box in the middle of the bar. Hit the X button when the marker is in the gray area to execute the Overdrive. The more time left, the more powerful the attack is.

Tidus gains more Overdrives as he completes successful Overdrive attacks (meaning whenever he gets the marker on the gray bar) Tidus' Overdrives are:
Technique name Technique description Obtained at:
Spiral cut Tidus will do some fancy flips and crashes his sword down on the enemy with the last one.
Marker speed - slow
Gray bar - large
Start of game
Slice & Dice Tidus will run near random enemies, slicing them with his sword as he goes along. The number of times he attacks seems to depend on time left.
Marker speed - moderate
Gray bar - medium
10 successful Overdrive attacks with Tidus
Energy rain Tidus charges up energy and jumps off the nearest enemy high into the air. he releases the energy into his sword, and then unleashes all the energy at all the enemies. This is the only attack guaranteed to attack all enemies
Marker speed - fast
Gray bar - small
30 successful Overdrive attacks with Tidus
Blitz Ace Oooh, slow motion. Tidus charges at the enemy and unleashes 8 attacks (I figure roughly one third to one quarter of his normal attack) at the enemy. Afterwards, Tidus will stick his sword in the ground and jump off it high into the air. One of the girls* will shoot a blitzball at Tidus, thats when the bar finally appears (you thought you could escape it). If you get the marker on the gray bar, Tidus will perform a sphere shot against the enemy, which does roughly the same amount of damage of all the attacks combined.
Marker speed - too fast, getting dizzy
Gray bar - INCREDIBLY small
80 successful Overdrive attacks with Tidus
*: It depends on your conversation with Lulu in Guadosalam. Whoever you said you wanted, they throw the ball.

Auron - Bushido

Auron's Overdrives involve Dark sword skills.

When Auron chooses one of his Overdrives, a pop up display will appear with a series of buttons. You entering all these buttons in order without any mistakes, there will be an added effect. If you fail to enter them, however, the attack will inflict extra damage (this is not true for his final Overdrive, where he does extra damage by entering the combo).

Auron will gain extra Overdrive attacks as you find Sphere Videos recorded by Jecht Auron and Braska. You can not get the sphere videos until after the fight with Spherimorph.

Auron's Overdrives are :
Technique Name Technique Description (with added effects) Spheres Required
Dragon Fang Auron will jump and aim his sword downward into the ground. At this point you will enter the combination.** When you land, circles of non elemental flame will engulf the enemies.

Added Effect : Delay

0 (has at start)
Shooting star FOOOOOOR. Auron will run up to the enemy and swing his sword at it like a golf club. If successful in entering the combonation, (and the enemy is not immune to eject), hole in one.

Added Effect: Eject

Banishing Blade Auron will take his sword in his left hand, then grab that jug on his belt. Drinking from it, you must enter the combination.** If successful, Auron will blow the contents onto his sword. Crashing it into the ground, four dark balls will shoot out of the sword and attack the enemy.

Added effect: Power, Magic, Armor, and Mental Break

Hurricane Shoeing his party away, a cyclone builds around Auron. Twirling around building it up more, Auron launches the hurricane at the enemies. The enemies will be sucked up into the storm (unless they're latched to the ground.) While they're in air, you will enter the combo. If successful, Auron will throw his jug into the storm causing an explosion of non elemental fire (didn't he just drink from that thing in banishing blade.)

Added Effect: Extra Damage


Sphere Locations
Automatically obtained after Spherimorph boss fight.
Besaid, to the right of the temple entrance.
S.S. Likki, deport from Besaid.
Luca Stadium, Basement A.
Mi'Hen Highroad, Lower road, far end.
Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice.
Moonflow, South Wharf/Dock
Thunder Plains, South
Macalania Woods, South (Near the Suteki Da Ne scene)
Mt. Gagazet, Trail. (Just where the party rests)
Note that NONE of these Spheres are obtainable until you have defeated Spherimorph
**Combinations - Here is a table containing all the button presses for each of Auron's Overdrives

Yuna - Grand Summon

There isn't really anything that interesting about Grand Summon.

Yuna will summon any Aeon she has, and it will appear ready to perform its Overdrive. Afterwards, the Aeon's old Overdrive gauge will be back to what it was before, thus not wasting it (and possibly allowing for ANOTHER Overdrive)

Wakka - Slots

After choosing a type of Reel, the slots will appear. You're attack will depend on what you got in the slots.

The different Reels are won as prizes in the Yevon Cup Tournament in Luca. For more information on Blitzball see the Blitzball section.

Each slot has different effects, the ELEMENTAL slot will have reels of the four different elemental colors, Red Yellow Blue and White. Mixing three is a non-elemental attack, mixing two is an elemental attack, and mixing all three is elemental and increases the power.

The ATTACK reels are a favorite. Spinning on the wheels is 2 hit, 1 hit, and Miss. After spinning all the reels, Wakka attacks the enemy as many number of times as you got hits on the reels. This is won in a TOURNAMENT match in Blitzball.

The STATUS reels are the worst in my opinion. A few statuses which Wakka can inflict with his own skills spin around the reels. Two matching has a small chance of inflicting the status, three matching has a much higher chance. This is won in LEAGUE matches.

The AUROCH reels are a more complicated reel. They combine Elemental and Status reels, but also have an extra bonus. For each original Auroch you still have on your Blitzball team, you get an additional Auroch slot on the reel. These match to extremely powerful non-elemental/status attacks. I prefer attack reels over this, still more damage available. This overdrive is won via Tournament.

Here is a small cheating tip: Hitting the Reset Data at the Blitzball stadium, you can change the prizes for the matches. Doing this enough, you can get the overdrives in only three matches. Be sure to recruit some good players before playing.

Lulu - Fury

Choosing fury will bring up a list of all the Black Magic Lulu has learned. Choose any there, and a popup box will appear. Rotate the Right Analog Stick as fast as possible clockwise until the timer runs out. Lulu will cast the spell many times, and how many depends on how many full rotations of the Analog Stick. Note, harder spells such as Ultima require more turns of the Analog Stick per casting.

Kimahri - Ronso Rage

Kimahri can learn abilities from certain creatures using the LANCET ability. If the creature has an ability that Kimahri hasn't learned, it will go into Kimahri's list of spells. Also, when Kimahri learns a new ability, he will immidiately go into Overdrive and be able to use it.

Kimahris abilities:
AbilityDescriptionLearn from..
Jump Kimahri will jump in the air and crash his spear down on the enemy Has at start
Seed Cannon Kimahri will launch a seed at the enemy... somehow (hey, its a fantasy world) Ragora. Obtained automatically via Tutorial
Thrust Kick Kimahri will attempt to kick the enemy out of battle. YKT-11, YKT-63, Biran
Aqua Breath Water based damage, all enemies Chimera, Chimera Brain, Yenke, Chimeragist
White Wind Heals party Spirit, Dark Flan, Yenke
Mighty Guard Casts protect, shell and all the nul spells on the party Behemoth (King), Biran
Fire Breath Fire based damage Dual Horn, Valhala, Grendel, Yenke
Self-Destruct Incredibly high physical damage. Kimahri disappears from battle Bomb, Puroboros, Grenade, Biran
Stone Breath If succesful, the enemy is turned to stone Basilisk, Anacondour, Yenke
Doom If succesful, enemy will faint in n turned (usually around 4 turns) Ghost, Wraith, Biran
Bad Breath Enemy will be inflicted with many status changes (Great) Malboro
Nova Magic damage to enemys. Damage depends on kimahris magic stat. Sucks a lot if you don't have a high one Omega, Nemesis
Names in BOLD are Arena monsters
You can find enemies which teach the abilities listed above in the Monster section

WARNING : The NOVA magic has only two Boss class monster which it can be stolen from. The fights are incredibly hard, and if Kimahri is not up to date, he will almost surely die getting it.