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Walkthrough Part 1

Before I get started, if you are looking for walkthrough part 2, Guadosalam to End Game, go HERE. Now, on with Walkthrough part 1, Game Start to Moonflow.

  1. Zanarkand
  2. Enter Spira
  3. Al Bhed Salvage Ship
  4. Besaid
  5. S.S. Liki
  6. Kilika
  7. S.S. Winno
  8. Luca
  9. Mi'Hen Highroad
  10. Mushroom Rock Road
  11. Temple of Djose
  12. Moonflow

- Zanarkand -

Enemies: Sinscale, Sinspawn Ammes

Items: None

After a neat little intro, you will gain control of your character outside his residence. First talk to the 3 boys, and by autographing their balls you will choose your name. Next talk to the two girls opposite the boys. After flirting with them, Tidus will head off to the Blitzball stadium.

Along the road, if you want to, you can stop and learn about Tidus' past a bit. Once you get to the stadium, rush through the croud (going Zig Zag works good). A nice FMV takes place, and when you regain control, the entire Blitzball stadium is in shambles, people are running away brainlessly, and Auron is waiting for you down the screen.

Just keep running until you start a battle. Just attack the Sinscales and go on. In the next battle, only attack the Sinscales in front of Tidus and Auron. You will now come to your first boss battle.

Sinspawn Ammes
HP 2400
AP 0
Weakness NONE
  • Ammes can NEVER kill you, it's only attack is Demi which is percentage based
  • Start off using Auron's Overdrive (the first Demi Ammes uses will shoot Auron up there). DO NOT put in the combonation, since without it you will do more damage
  • After using Tidus' Overdrive, a few physical attacks will finish Ammes off

There is a save sphere just ahad from Ammes. Save and heal then go forward. You will start another battle against Sinscales. After destroying one or two, Auron will tell you to attack the Tanker. After doing enough damage to it, it will fall off, explode, take down the building next to the path, and make Tidus and Auron run for their lives.

A nice little scene will take place. Once that is done, press and hold Circle, then swim towards the platform. You will be warped to Spira.

- Enter Spira -

Enemies: Geosgaeno, Klikk, Sahagin
Items: Potion x2, Hi-Potion x2, Flint, Withered Bouquet

Start by swimming to all the islands in the area and taking the treasure you find. You can also fight a bit more around here if you aren't familiar with the battle system yet. When you are ready, head to the top of the map.

SAVE IMMIDIATELY. You have a couple hard battles coming up. Take the Hi Potion on the left of the path as well. When you can come back here afterwards, it isn't worth it. Now head up the path until it breaks underneath you.

You will start battle with some Sahagins. They are NOT bosses. Slice two of them apart (and save Overdrive if you get it) and Geosgaeno** will come and eat the other one. Now it's time for the boss battle.

HP 32767
AP 0
Weakness NONE
  • Don't worry about that HP, you only have to do 90 damage to "WIN" this battle
  • One overdrive will kill it, or three physical attacks.
  • Or if you want to be different, choose Escape each round until you do escape

And you end up inside the ruins. Walk up the stairs into the central area. Examine the burnt out fire and search for a Flint and Tinder. The flint is in what looks like a poker table in an adjacent room. The tinder is a boquet of flowers on another staircase.

After starting the fire, you will innitiate another boss battle

HP 1500
AP 5
Weakness NONE
  • Attack Attack Attack. When Tidus' HP is less than double what the enemy hits for, use a potion
  • Halfway through the battle, ????? joins. Use her to attack with grenades

This battle should have been a breeze. When you regain control, you will be on the Al Bhed Salvage Ship, and ????? will have presented herself as Rikku (the character with the most confusing overdrive ever)

- Al Bhed Salvage Ship -

Enemies: Pirahna, Tros
Items: Potion x3, Al Bhed Primer I

First take the Al Bhed Primer just to the right of the door of the ship. Then just keep talking and talking and talking until you finally begin your mission. If you get the option of 'Yeah' or 'What?' choose 'What?' because the first option will repeat the sphere grid tutorial.

You will have to help the Al Bheds salvage some ancient Machina. Just swim down the nicely positionned chain. When you get to the bottom, go to the back room and activate the search lights. Swim back to the first room, and encounter Tros.

HP 2200
AP 8
Weakness NONE
  • Tros isn't that hard. Attacks and Overdrives will work.
  • When he goes to do a Nautilus charge the first time, choose the Stand By command on your overdrive menu.
  • When he does it the second time, choose Pincer
  • Once he's pinched, Tros will go down VERY quickly

After the battle, swim out of the room. Follow on with the scene, and eventually you will be on the Isle of Besaid

- The Isle of Besaid -

Enemies: Condor, Dingo, Garuda (Sinle Event Fight), Pirahna, Water Flan*
Items: Antidote x4, Hi-Potion x2, Phoenix Down, Potion x2, Rod of Wisdom, Brotherhood, Moon Sigil, something mangled and slobbery, 400 gil

Start off by swimming into a little 'cave' so to speak. There you will find the Moon Sigil. Then follow Wakka. While swimming, stay underwater. There are some nice items including a Potion, a Hi Potion, and a Phoenix Down.

Once you get to the village of Besaid, go to the Crusaders camp. You can learn a bit about them, pick up Al Bhed Primer 2, and save. When you go out of the camp, follow the little path just left of it to some items. Then go to the temple. Talk to the priest then return to Wakka's house (middle on the right).

While you sleep at Wakka's, you will remember a bit about Jecht. When you wake up, head to the temple again. Go to the Cloister of Trials. Touch the far wall, then the wall on the right. Examine the Wall Mounting partway down the stairs to get a Gylph Sphere. Take it down and insert it in the door. Remove the sphere from the wall, and put it in the first wall mounting you see as you go around. Leave it for now.

Touch the wall opposite the next wall mounting. Take the Besaid Sphere from in there, then insert it on the opposite wall mounting. Go back to where you put the Gylph Sphere, and take the Destruction Sphere from within. Bring the Destruction Sphere to where you obtained the Besaid Sphere and insert it. Go to where the wall disappeared, and take the treasure. Now go to where you put the Besaid Sphere, and bring the pedestal to the middle of the circular room. You will trigger a scene where you meet Lulu, Kimahri, and the local summoner, Yuna.

At night, go talk to Yuna. Then talk to Wakka and rest. When you wake up, meet the others (Wakka Lulu and Yuna) outside, then head back for the beach where you arrived. You will learn Wakka and Lulu's uses, then partway to the beach, you will find Kimahri.

HP 750
AP 3
Weakness NONE
  • You only have Tidus in this battle, you can't switch him out or anything
  • Kimahri will begin with four attacks, then he will alternate between jump and attacks
  • Time yourself to heal after he jumps, and attack after he attacks
  • After the battle, Kimahri will head forward to the boat before you

At this point, IMMIDIATELY go back to Besaid. Talk to a little girl in front of the temple to recieve an item which will give Valefor a second overdrive, Energy Blast. Now head back through the jungle until you reach the beach, talk to all the people outside the boat to get some nice items, then board and head for Kilika

- S.S. Liki -

Enemies: Sin, Sinscale, Sinspawn Echuilles
Items: Remedy, Potion x10

There isn't much to do on the boat. Go into the hold, and into the only door, there should be a brown case, kick it a few times. Talk around with people until a cinematic starts. You will get your first of many visits from Sin

HP 2000
AP 10 + 2 for each Sinscale
Weakness NONE
  • Kill off two of the Sinscales. Killing the third will make Sin launch three new ones
  • You really don't have much choice. The only people who can attack Sin are Lulu Wakka and Yuna (with her Aeons). I personally leave Wakka out of the party and put Kimahri in because you're gonna need him at full health
  • The best way to take down Sin is to summon Valefor, and put it in Overdrive. Using Energy Blast on Sin should knock it out in one hit

And if you thought that was fun, here comes Sinspawn Echuilles

Sinspawn Echuilles
HP 2000
AP 12
Weakness NONE
  • If you saved Wakka and didn't use Tidus like I told you to, you will have full health for this battle
  • Not much choice here, have both Tidus and Wakka attack the Sinspawn (the sinscales around it rejuvinate, don't waste your turn on them)
  • You should have a nice supply of potions won from battles to use, so if you're low on HP, use them immidiately
  • Using Dark Attack against Echuilles will reduce the chance of it's Drain Touch working
  • After every second Drain Touch, Echuilles will use a Blender attack, so immidiately heal after every second Drain if your HP is low

After the battle, you get a nice little scene, and watch Kilika be destroyed.

- Kilika -

Enemies: Dinonix, Killer Bee, Lord Ochu(Optional), Ragora, Sinspawn Geneaux, Yellow Element*
Items: Elixir, Ether, Potion x3, Scout, Red Armlet, Luck Sphere, Mana Sphere x2

The first thing you do here is watch Yuna's first sending. The next morning, go around town talking to people until one of the Aurochs says Wakka wants to see you. Go talk to Wakka (He's at the right fork from the boat). You will now be heading out into Kilika forest.

In your first battle, you will learn how to use Kimahri's overdrive. Lancet the Ragora, then use Seed Cannon on it. If you want to, you can face the Lord Ochu, if you don't want to, head ALL THE WAY to the left of the forest, head as far up as possible, then back ALL THE WAY to the right, go up the path and find the temple stairs. If you want to see how good you are in battle, walk up to the Lord Ochu and face it.

Lord Ochu
HP 4649
AP 40
Weakness Fire
  • Have Lulu in your party at all times, and continuously cast fire with her. For the rest of the party, I'd recommend Yuna (you're going to heal a lot) and Tidus or Wakka (speed or power, your choice)
  • If you don't have a nice supply of Phoenix Downs, you will be in trouble. You will be reviving KOed characters often (I prefer Tidus in my party so he can do this faster)
  • Once the Lord Ochu uses REST, summon Valefor and knock it with a physical attack. Continue to use Valefor afterwards, and you should soon win.

Now head into the temple (if you faced the Ochu, go talk to Luzzu to get an item). SAVE IMMIDIATELY once you see the save spot. Now head up and face the Sinspawn.

Sinspawn Geneaux
HP Sinspawn: 300
Tentacles: 450
AP Body: 48
Tentacles: 5 each
Weakness Fire (For body only)
  • This fight is MUCH easier than the Lord Ochu (at least in my opinion). Start off with a party of Kimahri Wakka and Yuna. Take out one of the two tentacles, then summon good old Valefor
  • With Valefor, get it in Overdrive, and then use Energy Ray to take out the second Tentacle and more than likely open up the shell
  • If the shell is not opened, just attack and Overdrive with Valefor until it opens. Afterwards, switch to a party of Tidus Yuna and Lulu
  • Have Lulu blast with fire, and Tidus attack. When you can see the boss is going to be out for a few turns, switch in Yuna for Wakka and deliver a few blows. It should come down fairly easily

After you finish the Sinspawn, you'll learn a bit about them (This being your third one, you already know they're powerful and annoying). Continue up to the temple, enter, and it's time for another Cloister of Trials.

This is one of the easiest cloisters in the game, start by taking the sphere you see, and putting it in the door. Take the sphere back out, and walk up to the next room. Put the Sphere into the top slot, then remove it and put it any slot. Touch the gylph. Take the Gylph Sphere and set it anywhere. Goto the next room and hit the return switch on the right. Take the Kilika Sphere from the wall and place it in the pedestal. Now go back for the Gylph Sphere and place it where the Kilika Sphere was. Push the pedestal onto the return switch. This drops part of the platform. Go down and take the Kilika Sphere from behind where the platform dropped. Put it in the slot at the end. Go back to shere you used the Gylph Sphere and take the Destruction Sphere. Take it and go down to the platform and place it there to receive a Red Armlet. Now go to the end and take out the Kilika Sphere. Walk past to catch up with Yuna and the guardians. Just keep talking until Yuna comes out with your new friend, Ifrit.

After you get Ifrit, head back to town. Take this time to stock up on Potions and Phoenix Downs. When you are ready, board the boat.

- S.S. Winno -

Talk to Yuna for a bit, then spy on Wakka and Lulu on the upper deck. Once that's done, find the Blitzball on the front deck, and try out the Jecht Shot. You DEFINITELY want this right now, it's your key to standing a chance in the Blitzball tournament. After you either perform the shot, or miss it, just follow the scene until you go to sleep for the night. The next morning, you arrive at Luca

- Luca -

Enemies: Oblitzerator, Sahagin Chief, Sinscale, Vouivre, Worker

Items: Hi-Potion x2, Phoenix Down x2, Tidal Spear, HP Sphere, Magic Sphere, Al Bhed Primer VI 1600 Gil

As you enter Luca, you will get a good introduction to all the Blitzball teams. You will also head over and see Maester Micha, and the new Maester, Seymour Guado. After that's all over, you'll end up in the Aurochs locker room. Save and go over the Blitzball basics. But of course, being an RPG, something has to happen every five minutes. Go follow Yuna to where she says Auron is. Partway there you will show Yuna how to whistle like the Blitz fans did 1000 years ago, and then of course, you continue towards the Cafe. Once there, you'll meet Biran and Yenke Ronso, the Ronsos who 'removed' (actually just snapped half off) Kimahri's horn. And more RPG elements appear when Yuna goes missing.

Here's what you have to do. Return to the Blitzball stadium, and head left at the docks. At each dock except number 2 (which has a save point) you will encounter some enemy Machina. If Kimahri is a good distance into Rikku's sphere grid path (which he probably isn't) stealing will kill them instantly. If not, focus Tidus and Kimahri's attacks on one, and Have Lulu cast thunder on the others. Once you arrive at the Al Bhed ship, you will face Oblitzerator

HP 6000
AP 36
Weakness Lightning
  • This is an interesting fight. CONTINUOUSLY attack with Kimahri. Have Lulu cast thunder on the machina on the right until Tidus can use it with his Special Command.
  • Once Tidus has used his Special Command succesfully, the Oblizterators's attacks will be INCREDIBLY weak, so just keep attacking and pounding with Thunder.

After defeating the Machina, you'll rescue Yuna. Now time to head back to the Blitzball stadium. You are playing in the finals against the Luca Goers. This match is extremely hard, so take it more as real-time practice. About halfway through the second half, Tidus will switch places with Wakka. You now have nearly 0 chance of scoring, so work on defense. After the game is over, it's time for a nice visit from the fiends. You won't face many, but the ones you do face are tough. Lucky for you, Auron is back. After a few fights, Seymour will summon Anima. Anima is an incredibly powerful Aeon. Just follow along with the scene until you're out of Luca.

- Mi'Hen Highroad -

Enemies: Bomb, Chocobo Eater, Dual Horn, Floating Eye, Ipiria, Mi'Hen Fang, Raldo, Thunder Flan*, Vouivre, White Element

Items: Eye Drops x3, Hi-Potion x2, Remedy, Mega Potion x2, Ice Brand, Echo Ring, Al Bhed Primer VIII, Fortune Sphere, Mars Crest 2000 gil

Let's just start with an announcement. This place is NOT hard. Just INCREDIBLY long and boring. Basically just run up the first stretch picking up the items on the sides. At the end is a summoner named Belgieme. Talk to her, and challenge her. Summon Ifrit (you're kind of forced to) and beat Valefor. It's quite easy. Just remember to cast Fire on yourself when you're low on HP. Afterwards, just keep heading along the path

When you arrive at the Travel Agency, SAVE!!! There is a boss comming up right outside the door. After saving, stock up on potions and phoenix downs (You won't get another chance for a while) and head outside to trigger the scene.

Chocobo Eater
HP 10000
AP 90
Weakness Fire
  • This is a wierd battle. You can't actually defeat the Chocobo eater, just drop him on his back
  • Start this off by forcing Yuna into Overdrive then saving it for later. If you want, summon Ifrit and attack the Chocobo Eater with it
  • Once the Chocobo eater falls on it's back through whatever methods you want (I prefer pounding with Auron and Wakka) Summon Valefor and use Energy Blast
  • Repeat the process until either you or the Chocobo eater fall of the cliff

This is where it gets interesting, since you can be on one of two paths.

The upper path contains one lance for Kimahri accessable by Chocobo only. The lower path contains the Mars sigil at the end (or beginning if you fell off)

After getting the items on both paths, and leveling up a bit. Head to the gate, talk to the guards, then go back via the upper path (Actually you will just trigger an event halfway there to allow you through the gate). The next area is the Mushroom Rock Road

- Mushroom Rock Road -

Items: Hi-Potion, Remedy, Serene Armlet, 1000 gil

You're forced to take the first left here. Don't worry, nothing interesting can do yet. Just follow along the paths and you will eventually reach the end. Once you're there, the fun begins. It seems the Sinspawn are having a violent reaction. They combine into your next enemy, Sinspawn Gui.

Sinspawn Gui
HP Head: 4000
Body: 12000
Arms: 800
AP Head: 48
Body: 400
Arms: 37
Weakness None
  • First of all, you should concentrate on using Ice or Fire elements, because Lightning and Water will not work (and lightning heals it actually)
  • Have a party of Auron Lulu and Yuna to start off. Be prepared to switch in Wakka at any time
  • When the boss' head starts moving, switch in Wakka and hit it quickly
  • Use Auron and Lulu to take out the arms. Once both are out, have Yuna summon either Valefor or Ifrit (I prefer Ifrit because it can use Fire to heal itself)
  • If both summons die, use Auron Tidus and Kimahri to attack the body
  • Once the arms regenerate, switch back to the innitial party
  • Once the second battle begins, just focus all of Seymour's attacks on the Sinspawn's arms and body
  • I've been told Seymour has an incredibly overdrive, but I've never had the patience to wait for his gauge to fill up

- The Djose Temple -

Enemies: Basilisk, Bite Bug, Bunyip, Funguar, Ganderwa, Garm


After following the path out of the battle zone, take the right fork to go to the Djose Temple.

This temple is one of the most confusing, but simple when you begin to think about it.

In the Cloister of Trials, start by taking the two Djose Spheres and inserting them into the door. In the next room, put two Djose Spheres into the pedestal, push it over under the upside down pedestal, turn back and get the other Djose Sphere, then place it in the wall by the pedestal. Take one sphere out of the pedestal and put it in the wall as well. Take the newly powered Djose Sphere, and insert it in the slot to the right of the door. Then take the two spheres from the wall and put them in the pedestal. Go opposite of the pedestal and hit the switch to move it back to the center. Push the pedestal into the newly opened room, and jump across. Push the pedestal in there. Return to the main room and hit the return switch once again. Put the charged Sphere in the slot to the left of the door, then return the two Sphere's in the pedestal to the first room. The lift will appear. Go up the lift, and push all the pedestals at the end of the room. Now go back down the lift. Locate the Gylph on the left side of the room. Touch it, then take the Destruction Sphere from inside. Go back up, and put the Destruction Sphere in the pedestal in the upper room. Take your treasure and go up the stairs to the fayth.

- Moonflow -

Enemies: Bite Bug, Bunyip, Extractor, Funguar, Ganderwa, Garm, Ochu, Snow Flan*


The Moonflow is fairly simple. At least the first half. Once you reach the end of the first half, just talk around until you're ready to go. Then talk to Auron and the Shoopuf captain to head off. Now it becomes interesting.

HP 4000
AP 660
Weakness Lightning
  • Since this battle is underwater, only Wakka and Tidus can participate
  • Just keep attacking the Extractor until it gets ready to use Depth Charges. At that point, heal
  • Lightningstrike weapons will make this battle much faster.

Once the battle is over, you will finish the Shoopuf ride with ease. On the next side, at the first corner, it's time to meet up with an old friend, Rikku. You can now customize weapons and armor at any time by going to the menu and selecting the Customize option. Just follow the path and you will end up in Guadosalam.

Click HERE To continue to part 2