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Walkthrough Part 2

Before I get started, if you are looking for walkthrough part 1, Game Start to Moonflow, go HERE. Now, on with Walkthrough part 1, Guadosalam to End Game.

  1. Guadosalam
  2. Thunder Plains
  3. Macalania
  4. Sanubia Desert
  5. Home
  6. Airship
  7. Bevelle
  8. The Calm Lands
  9. Mount Gagazet
  10. Zanarkand Ruins
  11. Sin

- Guadosalam -

Enemies - None
Items - Al Bhed Primer XIII, Mega Potion, Elixer, Hi Potion x2, Lightning Marble x8, 3,000 Gil

A short scene starts off as you enter. If you wish, you can go around and get some nice items, but they're not extremely necessary. When you want to go on, just head towards Seymour's Mansion at the very end. You will talk around a bit, then go up the ramp to the Farplane. Once on the Farplane, talk to Wakka and Lulu. Talking to Wakka will give you some nice add-ons for the Brotherhood: Strength +10%, Sensor, and Waterstrike. Then you have to go up and talk to Yuna to end the Farplane event. Back outside Seymour's mansion, just talk around with the Lulu Rikku and Kimahri, until you have to make a choice. After you do so, talk a bit and you will eventually end up on your way to the Macalania temple.

- Thunder Plains -

Enemies - Aerouge (200), Buer (230), Gold Element (1200), Iron Giant (3600), Kusariqqu (445), Larva (1498), Melusine (265), Qactuar (500)
Items - Al Bhed Primer XIV, Remedy, Ether, Phoenix Down x2, Hi Potion x2, X Potion, Water Ball, Yellow Shield, 5,000 Gil, 2,000 Gil

This is one of the most simple plaises so far in the game. Just run straight to the Travel Agency, where you can watch a little scene unfold with Yuna. Afterwards, just keep running again until you finish the Thunder Plains.
NOTE: If you want to do the Lightning Bolt Evading game, go to the Secrets page to learn more about it.

- Macalania -

Enemies - Blue Element (1500), Chimera (5250), Iguion (370), Murussu (580), Wasp (360), Xiphos (2700), Spherimorph (12,000), Evil Eye (310), Ice Flan (1350), Mafdet (710), Snow Wolf (400), Crawler (16,000), Negator (1,000), Seymour (6,000), Guado Guardian (2,000), Anima (18,000), Wendigo (18,000)
Items - Al Bhed Primer XV, Al Bhed Primer XVI, Jecht's Sphere, Phoenix Down x3, Remedy x3, Mega Potion, Ether, Hi Potion x2, X Potion x2, Elixer, MP Sphere, Luck Sphere, Level 1 Key Sphere, Level 2 Key Sphere, Sleepy Cait Sith, Shell Targe, 2,000 Gil, 400 Gil, 5,000 Gil

You will fight not one, not two, not three, but FOUR boss battles in Macalania. This is a warning, once you find the second Save Sphere, keep training for a while until you feel fit. You will basically follow one path for most of this area. The first boss battle will be thanks to Auron wanting to show something to you. This first boss is Spherimorph

HP 12000
AP 3240
Weakness Differs
  • There are a few approaches to this battle. One is to cast all the Nul Spells and use Armor Break on Spherimorph, then recast the Nul spells as needed
  • Another is to have Tidus attack the monster, and whatever it counterattacks with, use the opposite spell (Fire VS Ice, Lightning VS Water)
  • No matter what method, KEEP YUNA IN YOUR PARTY. If she goes into Overdrive, wait for Blizzara or Watera to be cast, then summon Ifrit or Ixion and perform their Overdrive attack

After winning this battle, Auron will learn the Overdrive, Shooting Star. Now continue until you reach Rin's Travel Agency at Lake Macalania. Save here, no matter what. You still have 3 boss battles and a cloister of trials to do, and you can't head back once you enter. If you are underlevelled, you will have to come back here. Now continue on for boss fight number 2.

HP Crawler: 16000
Negator: 1000
AP 4400 + 220 for each Negator
Weakness Lightning
  • This is an odd battle. The Negator in the sky will disable Mana. This means, no Magic and no Summoning. Take it out with Wakka as fast as possible.
  • Have Auron and Tidus or Kimahri attack the Crawler while Wakka's busy
  • Once the Negator is out, switch in Yuna and summon Ixion. Keep pounding the Crawler with Thundara
  • If the Crawlers countdown is about to reach 0, use Ixion's shield ability. Afterwards, have it heal himself with Thundara
  • If Ixion is KOed, use Lulu Auron and Yuna. Have Auron attack and Lulu cast Thundara, and Yuna use shell on everybody

Now just follow the path into the temple. Talk around and invade into Yuna's room. Then go up and into the Cloister of Trials. This cloister seems pretty simple, just don't hit the reset switch on the left. Continue straight through into the chamber of the faith. Once you get there, it's time for boss battle number 3.

HP Seymour: 6000
Guardians: 2000
Anima: 18000
AP 5080
Weakness None
  • If you don't have her, switch Rikku in to your party. Use her to steal from both Guardians
  • Seymour uses spells in a certain order. Cast the Nul spells for whatever he is going to cast next
  • Once the Guardians are gone, Seymour summons Anima. At this time, summon Shiva, who is currently ?????
  • Keep Shiva at good health by casting Blizzara on herself when needed. Once Shiva is in Overdrive, use Diamon Dust. This will take off 9999 health Guaranteed
  • Doing two diamond dusts will take care of Anima. Now just keep at good health while Seymour attacks Shiva (and cast NulFire too)
  • Once her gauge is full, use Shiva's Diamond Dust a third time to finish Seymour off

Running outside, you trigger the reset switch for the Cloister. This one is fairly easy, just repetitive. Take the Gylph Sphere from the center column and put it in the pedestal. Push the pedestal to the right, then push it upwards. Follow the pedestal down the ramp and remove the Gylph Sphere and put it in the farthest left slot. Go up and over to the newly raised platform and get the Macalania Sphere. Now put it in the pedestal and push the pedestal under the column in the lower level. Go back up and take the Macalania Sphere on the far right of the Cloister. Bring it down the ramp and put it in the column to the left. Finally head back up the ramp, and take the Macalania Sphere from the top of the ramp to the central pedestal. Go back up to the hallway, but hit the return switch. Remove the Macalania Sphere from the Pedestal, and push it down the ramp. It will catch the Destruction Sphere. Place the Macalania Sphere in the slot to the far right, then take the Sphere from the Central Column and place it above where the ramp was to re-create it. Now push the pedestal to the right, then upwards and down the ramp. Follow it, and put the destruction sphere in the empty slot. This reveals your treasure. Then, go up and take the Macalania Sphere from the right, bring it down to the Pedestal and push it in place. Now go up, take the Sphere above the ramp, and go put it in the center column and head out.

Save here, you've still one boss to defeat. As you run away, the Guados will chase after you. Just steal from them and attack physically, and take out their monsters like any others. Once you reach the lake, it's time to finish off the string of boss battles.

HP Wendigo: 18000
Guardians: 1200
AP 2580
Weakness Wendigo: Fire
Guardians: None
  • Take out the Guardians using Shiva or Ixion, but save Ifrit
  • Once the Guardians are gone, have Ifrit ready to take a pummeling. Get him into Overdrive and use Hellfire
  • Two Overdrives should knock Wendigo out cold

After the battle you will get caught underneath the ice. There are some Lv. 2 Key Spheres behind Kimahri. Really you just have to talk around until you exit this area.

- Sanubia Desert -

Enemies - Alcyone (430), Cactuar (800), Mech Guard (1280), Mech Gunner (2800), Mushussu (680), Sandragora (12750), Sand Wolf (450), Sand Worm (45,000), Zu (12,000)
Items - Al Bhed Primer XVII, Al Bhed Primer XVIII, Mercury Crest, Remedy x4, Ether x2, Hi Potion x 16, X Potion x4, Mega Potion x5, Megalixer x3, Elixer, Al Bhed Potion x24, Level 2 Key Sphere, Teleport Sphere x2, 10,000 Gil

When you start off, you will trigger a fight against a Zu, all alone. Lucky enough, Auron and Lulu show up while you are fighting. After you finish off the Zu through whatever methods you want (it's just a normal monster, lots of strategies work) just follow the path for two screens. When you get to the third screen, to straight along the right side, or right up the middle with the mini-map on. Without the map, you can get lost here. If you want 10,000 Gil then head left into the ruins in the third area. In the fourth area, just head up avoiding the sink holes (the items aren't all that necessary yet, plus you can get them later without the Sandragoras in your way). You will have to go through the last sinkhole to get to Home. To kill the Sandragora, just use fire based attacks.
NOTE: Rikku should be in your party 24/7 here. She can use Al Bhed Potions to heal you, plus she can steal from Machina which instantly disabled them.

- Home -

Enemies - Bomb (850), Chimera (5250), Dual Horn (1875), Guado Guardian (2,000)
Items - Al Bhed Primer XIX, Al Bhed Primer XX, Al Bhed Primer XXI, Hi Potion x2, Al Bhed Potion x10, Friend Sphere, Skill Sphere, Special Sphere

Go up and save on the right of the entrance. Then head to the left and downward a bit to obtain an Al Bhed Primer. Going in, just follow the path for the first screen. In the second screen, there are two Al Bhed Primers. One right at your feet near the entrance, and the other at the right in the fork. Afterwards, just follow the paths and you will end up at the end of Home. Once at the end, search around for 10,000 Gil.

- Airship -

Enemies - Bomb (850), Dual Horn (1875), Evil Eye (310), Evrae (32,000)
Items - Al Bhed Potion x4

When you finally get control while on the airship, talk to everyone in the bridge. Go around the entire airship and talk to Rin and any summoners. Return to the bridge and speak to everyone (including the pilot.) Now run to the end of the airship so you can get on the roof. Along the way, you will fight some enemies, but laugh at the Guados choice of enemies. The best is a Dual Horn with 1875 HP. Once you are on the roof, you will fight Evrae, the flying guardian of Bevelle.

HP 32000
AP 5400
Weakness None
  • I like a party of Wakka Rikku and Tidus for this battle
  • Start by casting Hastega if you have it, and if not use Haste on Tidus and Rikku
  • Proceed by casting Slow on Evrae, and having either Rikku or Tidus telling Cid to pull the ship away. Whenever Cid has a turn and is not moving the ship (and is pulled away from Elvae) he will unleash some missles at it
  • Switch out Tidus for Kimahri (if he's down Lulu's path) or Lulu. Now have Rikku use Al Bhed Potions to heal, Kimahri or Lulu use Black Magic, and Wakka physically attack
  • When Evrae swoops in, you can switch to Auron Tidus and Rikku, but I prefer to pull out so Cid fires the missles and I don't get hit with Evrae's breath attack

- Bevelle -

Enemies - Aqua Flan (2025), Bat Eye (380), Cave Iguion (550), Maze Larva (2222), Octopus (4500), Phlegyas (1680), Sahagin (1380), Swamp Mafdet (850), Warrior Monk (1400), YKT-63 (4200), YAT-99 (4200), Evrae Altana (16384), Grothia[Ifrit] (8000), Mortibody (4000), Pterya[Valefor] (12000), Seymour Natus (36000), Spathi (20000)
Items - Al Bhed Primer XXII, Mega Potion, Elixer, HP Sphere, Black Magic Sphere, White Magic Sphere, Skill Sphere, Knight Lance, Lucid Ring, Avenger, Rematch

Once you defeat Evrae, you're going right into Bevelle. You will face a number of soliders and Machina to get to Yuna. Once you reach the end, you will trigger enough events to lead into the Cloister of Trials. Pick up the Al Bhed Primer at the bottom. Now time for one of the more confusing Cloister of Trials yet.

Once you are on your platform, wait until you reach the first Gylph on the path. Turn right here (Turn by hitting X while the Gylph is pointed in a certain direction.)Take the Bevelle Sphere and put it in the pedestal. Now turn Right, then Right again. Place one Bevelle Sphere in the slot. This opens part of the lower path. Go back onto the path. Turn around at the next Gylph and then turn right again. Take a Bevelle Sphere from the mounting and put it in the pedestal. Now turn right and go straight through to warp to the beginning of the path. Take the first right at the beginning. Take a left, then go straight, straight, right. Take one of the Bevelle Spheres and put it in the side mounting. Push the pedestal back on track and turn right. Go take the second right turn. Get the Gylph Sphere at the end and put it in the pedestal. Take a right onto the path, then the next right. Put the Gylph Sphere in the end mounting, and get the Destruction Sphere. Ride the platform to the right, go off the end, then take the second right again. Put the Destruction Sphere in the slot. Now go onto the path and turn right at the next gylph, and take the Bevelle Sphere. YOU MUST GET THIS SPHERE. Even though it is not necessary to get it to pass the area, you must have it to get one of the secret Aeons, as well as power up Yuna's Nirvana to full power. When you are ready to go on, go to the end of the path, and then take a right on the next Gylph. Go further on the path and you will come to a fork. Take one Bevelle Sphere and put it in the mounting. Go get the treasure on the right, hit the switch, then push the Pedestal to the left and get the treasure chest. Now head off to the right until you reach the end of the Cloister. And if you thought this was hard, wait until you get to the next Cloister.

You will be reunited with Yuna in the chamber of the Fayth, but when you come out, you become seperated again. Yuna is now in the upper part of Via Purifico along with Auron Kimahri and Lulu (but you don't start with them.) There are some nice items here, so I suggest finding them. However, they aren't that great, so I suggest taking the right path, picking up Kimahri and a Mega-Potion, then heading up to meet Auron and a Save Sphere. Through the next hall is the next boss.

Isaaru's Aeons
HP Grothia: 8000
Pterya: 12000
Spathi: 20000
AP 6000
Weakness Grothia: Fire
Pterya & Spathi: None
  • Summon Shiva to take on Grathia. Grathia should go down in 2 or 3 hits with relative ease
  • For Pterya, summon Bahamut, and physically attack until in Overdrive, then use it
  • For Spathi, summon Shiva or Ixion and attack while Spathi is charging, then shield from Mega-Flare. Heal with Thundara/Blizzara

The next scene involves Tidus Wakka and Rikku in the underwater Via Purifico. Once you get to the second save point, save and prepare for a boss battle

Evrae Altana
HP 16384
AP 5800
Weakness None
  • Just use Phoenix Downs on Evrae until he's down. Then swimming through the halls, pick up the Rematch and Avenger

You will arrive on the Highbridge. This place is the perfect training grounds. Stay near the end and fight battles then hit the Save Sphere for healing. When you are ready, head off the end to where Seymour is.
Note: This battle is much easier with Reflect. I recommend getting it before going on

Seymour Natus
HP Seymour: 36000
Mortibody: 4000
AP 6300
Weakness None
  • Two rules for this battle. 1) Attack the Mortibody, not Seymour. 2) Only summon Aeons when in overdrive, Seymour disposes of them very quickly
  • If you have it, use Reflect on everyone INCLUDING SEYMOUR. This will return all Seymour's spells at you, as well as reflect the Cura spells occasionally cast on Seymour onto your party
  • Use overdrives directly on Seymour. Although you may likely be KOed, you can be revived and you also deal more damage to Seymour than attacking the Mortibody
  • If Yuna goes into Overdrive, the only Aeon to summon is Bahamut. It will easily deal around 10-12 000 damage to Seymour, PLUS 4000 for the Mortibody. Once Seymour clears out Bahamut, go upwards on the list.

Seymour shouldn't be too much trouble. Afterwards, you will end up in Macalania. Find Yuna and a scene will happen involving Tidus Yuna a starlit sky and a pond. Once the scenes are over and you regain control head left at the four way cross roads, and back to the pond where you were with Yuna. Pick up the Sphere on the left hand side. After watching it, head back to the cross roads and go out the right way. The path will take you to the Calm Lands.

- The Calm Lands -

Enemies - Anacondaur (5800), Chimera Brain (9800), Coeurl (6000), Flame Flan (1500), Malboro (27000), Mech Scouter (2750), Nebiros (700), Ogre (9400), Shred (1950), Skoll (1000), Defender X (64000)
Items - Jecht's Sphere, Aeon's Soul, Al Bhed Primer XXIII, Al Bhed Primer XXIV, Al Bhed Primer XXV, X Potion x2, Mega Potion x2, Megalixer x2, MP Sphere, Fortune Sphere, Power Sphere x30, Level 2 Key Sphere x2, Flexible Arm, Lucid Ring, 5,000 Gil, 10,000 Gil

First off, this area is home to many secrets and side quests. Go to the Secrets section to learn more about them. For now, the only interest is the shop near the center. Go there to watch a few scenes unfold with Father Zuke, a past summoner who quit his pilgramige. Aferwards, head out not too far to where you can see Belgimene. Challenge her to get another item for customizing Aeons. This one allows you to add new abilities to them. Finally, in the bottom right corner below the cliffs, there is 15,000 Gil. When you are satisfied with your training, head to the north eastern exit. Now comes ANOTHER boss fight.

Defender X
HP 64000
AP 6660
Weakness None
  • Hit Defender X with Armor and Mental Breaks
  • Make sure Yuna is hasted no matter what, you will heal often
  • If you have level 3 elemental spells, use them once Mental Break is in place
  • If you are lucky with Wakka, you can inflict Darkness, which nearly guarantees victory
  • If you have it, use Auto-Potion armor, you will be healing a lot, I guarantee

Afterwards, you can head down into the trench to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. There is good training in that area, and I recommend doing so. Also, if you have 200 000 Gil (which you probably don't) you can get Yojimbo in the back room. Finally, you can get the Rusty Sword down there, which is needed for Auron's Celestial Weapon. I recommend getting it now, since you don't have to go so far out of your way afterwards.

Once you are done, head up the trail into Mount Gagazet.

- Mount Gagazet -

Enemies - Biran, Yenke (Both vary(Based on Kimahri)), Bandersnatch (1800), Bashura (17000), Grat (4000), Grenade (7500), Imp (880), Mech Leader (3700), Mech Defender (8700), Nidhogg (2000), Seymour Flux (80000), Mortiorchis (4000), Achelous (5100), Ahriman (2800), Behemoth (23000), Dark Flan (12800), Grendel (9500), Maelspike (10000), Mandragora (31000), Splasher (200), Sanctuary Keeper (40000)
Items - Braska's Sphere, Mega Potionx2, HP Sphere, Fortune Sphere, Return Sphere, Star Armguard, Defending Braver, Recovery Ring, 20,000 Gil

First of all, I recommend training a lot in the Calm Lands before taking Mount Gagazet on. Also, you should vigorously train Kimahri, as well as have him Lancet as many enemies as possible. Not far from the start, you will encounter Biran and Yenke, who start a boss battle with Kimahri, and Kimahri alone.

Biran and Yenke
HP Depends on Kimahri's
AP 9000
Weakness None
  • Whenever Biran or Yenke perform blue magic which you don't have, LANCET THEM. Even if it's weak, it still puts you in Overdrive
  • Since the two Ronso's differ sides often, change your tactics for it. Use single attacks on one while they are seperated, and grouped attacks while they are together
  • If you have it, use Mighty Guard as soon as possible, it nearly guarantees victory
  • Either Ronso will respond to the other's loss by casting Berserk on themselves. This falls in your favour if you have Mighty Guard on
  • Since Biran and Yenke's stats are based on Kimahri's stats, you shouldn't have ANY trouble no matter how good or poor Kimahri is

Along the way, you can aquire Braska's Sphere. It is up a short narrow path about halfway across the second screen. If you got the second Jecht's Sphere like I told you to, Auron will learn a new Overdrive. Continue up the path until you are nearing the end of the second screen. Save here. Also, run around in circles and get everyone who you use (including your Aeons) into Overdrive. The next boss is just around the corner. As you come up the next screen, you will encounter Seymour.

Seymour Flux
HP 70000
AP 10000
Weakness None
  • As with the previous battle with Seymour, attacking him will lead to a nice counterattack. Attack his Mortiorchis this time
  • Bio and Silence Seymour as soon as possible. Also, cast protect across your party
  • When Mortiorchis begins to charge, heal everyone and begin to attack it furiously. It will release Total Annihilation in a few turns
  • If you got everyone/thing into Overdrive, use them all directly on Seymour. If all your characters are in Overdrive you can take Seymour out quite easily.

Once you have finished Seymour off, search behind the columns just ahead for the Saturn Crest. Once you have that, continue inside Mount Gagazet. The enemies inside are quite difficult, so make sure you save. Take the left path until you come to an underwater portion. Being the only swimmers, Tidus Rikku and Wakka must continue alone. At the end is a simple challenge. Wakka must shoot a Blitzball inside a rotating shield to hit the center. This causes a staircase appearing near the entrance, which allows you to pass.

Take the left path again to another underwater portion. This time the challenge waiting at the end is tricky. Swim your characters into the color which represents them on the Sphere Grid (Tidus Blue, Wakka Orange, Rikku Green.) This causes a chest to appear containing a Fortune Sphere. Once you are ready to exit Gagazet, head to the right at the fork. Not far outside you will encounter the Sanctuary Keeper.

Sanctuary Keeper
HP 40000
AP 11000
Weakness None
  • First off, you will need most of the following abilities on your armor: Sleepproof, Silenceproof, Darkproof, and Confuseproof. Sanctuary Keeper's Photon Wings causes all these effects
  • As soon as the fight begins, use the following abilities: Haste or Hastega, Protect (on everyone), Armor and Mental Break
  • Since the Sanctuary Keeper casts Curaga on itself so much, cast Reflect on it
  • If you still have any, use leftover Overdrives from the fight with Seymour. A few Overdrives could easily take out the Sanctuary Keeper

- Zanarkand Ruins -

Enemies* - Defender Z (42,300), Fallen Monk (3300), YAT-97 (3700), YKT-11 (6200), Spectral Keeper (52000), Yunalesca (24,000, 48,000, 60000)
Items - Sun Crest, Fortune Sphere, Luck Sphere, Friend Sphere, Level 3 Key Sphere, Spiritual Targe, 10,000 Gil
*All enemies inside of mount gagazet appear on the road to the doam. Inside the dome, these enemies appear.

After finishing off Sanctuary Keeper, you will descend into the Zanarkand Ruins. You must head into the dome, which if you cannot recognize, is actually the Blitzball Stadium from the introduction. A quick note, Most of the enemies inside the dome are either Machina or Zombies. You can kill them easily via Steal or Life.

Once you reach the end of the dome, you will arrive at the Cloister of Trials in Zanarkand. You must step on the pieces displayed in the monitor. Doing so opens a second room where four puzzles will innitiate. Solve them all, then take the Kilika Sphere near the monitor, and put it in the pedestal on the left in the first room. Take the Besaid Sphere and insert it in the pedestal on the right in the first room. A Save Sphere will appear in the first room. SAVE HERE. In the second room, the Spectral Keeper awaits.

Spectral Keeper
HP 52000
AP 12000
Weakness None
  • First off, the person with the most HP should be in the second slot on your formation list. If not, put them there
  • As your first act for everyone, move to Platforms one space apart from each other, leaving the middle person in their original position. This keeps the Spectral Keeper from attacking all 3 at once
  • If the Spectral Keeper uses it's Berserk Tail, nevermind it. You have more important things to worry about
  • The Gylph Mines will cause whoever is on the pad they are on to die (from damage, not from Death effect), so move according to them.
  • If you summon Aeons, make sure they either A) Use an overdrive, or B) Have enough HP to withstand a Gylph Mine, which they probably don't. Aeons are stuck on one area, so Gylph Mines are a guaranteed loss of one

I would recommend at this point, going out into the dome, and charging all your characters and Aeons into Overdrive. You will need it. Once you are done, head further into the temple until you come to Yunalesca. Since Yuna's morales don't match Yunalesca's, it is time for another boss battle.

HP Form 1: 24000
Form 2: 48000
Form 3:60000
AP 14000
Weakness None
  • In form one, merely pound Yunalesca hard with physical attacks. Most magic is too weak to damage her enough. Once you deal 24000 damage, Yunalesca will change to her second form
  • In her second form, Yunalesca can deal Zombie Status to the entire party. I recommend healing none of them
  • Summon your first Aeons (Valefor Ifrit Ixion and Shiva) to do their Overdrives. Afterwards, have your party attack until Yunalesca transforms into her third and final form
  • In form 3, Yunalesca will use Megadeath, which instantly KOs any character who isn't in Zombie Status, which is why you shouldn't have cured it.
  • Grand Summon Bahamut, then perform his Overdrive twice in a row. This should shave most of Yunalesca's HP off. Finish off with your characters Overdrives

After the battle is over, head out to Zanarkand Dome, then out to the Ruins. Not far out of the Dome, Cid will pick you up in the Airship.

- Freedom Point -

At this point in the game, you can do anything. With the Airship's search command, you can go to the Omega Ruins to train. The location is approximately (72,35). That's (X,Y) if you don't know math well enough. For more information on what you can do, go to the Secrets section. For now I will continue with the walkthrough in one final large block.

- Sin -

Enemies - Left/Right Fin (65000), Sin's Core (36000), Sinspawn Genais (20000), Sin (140000), Adamantoise (54,400), Ahriman (2800), Barbatos (95000), Behemoth King (67,500), Demonolith (45000), Exoray (7400), Gemini (36000), Great Malboro (64000), Land Worm (80000), Wraith (22,222), Seymour Omnis (80000), Braska's Final Aeon (60,000, 120000), Final Boss
Items - Elixer, HP Sphere, Defense Sphere, Attribute Sphere, White Magic Sphere, Skill Sphere, Level 3 Key Sphere, Level 4 Key Sphere, Special Sphere, Phantom ring, Wizard Lance, Four on One, Defending Bracer, Laevatein, Knight Lance, Stillblade, Mage's Staff, IOnfinity, Wicked Cait Sith, Hrunting, 20000 Gil

Be prepared for a lot of fighting. There are 6 boss battles in this area (7 bosses, but there are two in one battle). I would recommend training for a few hours in the Omega Ruins. Once you are ready, head to Highbridge and go to the end of the platform. There you will find the distress of everything. Once the scene is done, head back to the airship. If you want, you can now return to the chamber of the fayths for the first four Aeons to learn a bit more about the story. On the airship, a new area named Sin is at the top of the list. Be prepared before choosing it, by doing so you will innitiate THREE boss battles in a row. The first two are perfectly identical, so there is only one strategy for both of them.

Left/Right Fin
HP 65000
AP Left: 16000
Right: 17000
Weakness None
  • This battle is similar to Evrae because you can pull out or in towards Sin. Stay away as Sin causes MAJOR damage at close range
  • Hastega and shell your entire party, which should be Lulu Wakka and Yuna. Have Lulu Doublecast Flare, Wakka attack, and Yuna use Holy, and heal when necessary
  • If you have her, you can bring out Anima. Anima can easily take out either of the Funs with one Overdrive (although I recommend saving it for later)
  • Battle 2 is the exact copy of Battle 1, except more AP
Now it is time to finish off the last of the Sinspawn. You will fight Sinspawn Genais at the same time as Sin.

Sin, Sinspawn Genais
HP Sin: 36000
Genais: 20000
AP 19800
Weakness Sin: None
Genais: Fire
  • Genais absorbs magic cast at Sin's Core, however it can be easily taken out with a Doublecast of Firaga and a few physical attacks
  • Afterwards, if you haven't used it yet, and have her, use Anima's Overdrive. It can be refilled by the next boss battle. Otherwise, Double cast Flare, and cast Holy until Sin's core is down.
After this fight, you can go rest and recharge Overdrives, which I recommend doing. Also, if you don't have Anima yet, I recommend getting her. See the Secrets section for more details. Also, be sure to have either Zombieproof armor, or A LOT of Holy waters. Confuseproof and Stoneproof are also nice to have, as well as necessary if you don't like using Aeons.

HP 140000
AP 20000
Weakness None
  • Start off by using EVERYONE's Overdrive. Auron's Banishing Blade, Wakka's Attack Reels, Tidus' Blitz Ace, Lulu's Fury with Flare, Quartet of 9999 is also helpful (see Mix List for more details), Kimahri's Mighty Guard if you insist on fighting Aeonless, and save Yuna's for later
  • Using everyone's Overdrives should take off most of Sin's HP. NOTE: If Sin's Overdrive bar fills up, SWITCH TO YUNA AND SUMMON ANY AEON. I can nearly guarantee you won't survive his Overdrive
  • Now Grand Summon Anima, and use Oblivion. Sin should be down in no time

You will now be taken inside Sin. You can leave at any time however. I strongly recommend getting Anima if you haven't already. There are still a few bosses in here that are quite difficult to defeat unless you have passed a few sections of the Sphere Grid.
WARNING: Behemoth Kings cast Meteor when they die, which can whipe out your entire party.
Once you are ready, just head to the upmost point on the map. I like to call this a Dark Dungeon, because the Minimap is only revealed as you pass the area. There are items on top of the waterfalls, but they take some time to go around and get them, and I feel it is just a waste. Once you reach the end of the screen, SAVE. There is a boss battle once you climb the stairs.

Seymour Omnis
HP 80000
AP 24000
Weakness Changes
  • Start this battle by using any and every Overdrive you have on Seymour
  • Cast spells of the same element as the color pointing towards Seymour
  • If Seymour messes with the wheels behind them, attack them to switch them back to any alignment where the same color is on the inside. Continue casting
  • If you want some fun, summon Anima to see Seymour's reaction

After finishing off Seymour for the final time, you will arrive in a maze of sorts. Everything is a puzzle in this area. As soon as you see the Gylph on the wall (and if you are interested in a Lvl 4 Key Sphere) Run around in circles until you defeat 10 fiends. Open the first door. Fight another 10 fiends, and open the second, then the same for the third door. As you pass by the single tile with a Yevon symbol on it, stand still to be lifted to Four-on-One armor for Wakka. Just slightly further on you can get to an HP and Defense Sphere the same way. Once you are ready, head forward until you reach the tiles which rise before you can move infront of them. Go to the wall on the right and look around for a door. It leads to a slide down into a pit. Go in and proceed to climb up the wall. Don't miss the Laevatein. Follow the path, save, and turn up. The Tower of the Dead will fall from the sky. Enter at your own risk, you CAN NOT turn back after entering. Once inside the Tower, run around and touch 10 Yevon symbols. Don't step on the white circles, icicles shoot out of them and force fights. You can encounter a Land Worm this way, which has 80000 HP. Once you hit 10 Yevon symbols, you will be warped to the upper area, where you will find The Final Boss. (Actually there are more after, but just read down to find out why I don't consider them bosses at all)

Braska's Final Aeon
HP Form 1:60000
Form 2:120000
AP None (Can't use it after this point)
Weakness None
  • At any time during this fight, having Tidus use his Trigger Command will cause BFA's Overdrive gauge to drop to 0. You only have limited Trigger Commands, so use only when needed
  • Use Zombie attack right away. The Yu Pagodas heal BFA, but it can be reversed for your own purposes
  • Double cast FLARE, not Ultima. With Zombie in place, the Pagodas will actually hurt BFA, so don't kill them
  • Quick Hit and Overdrive until the boss reveals it's second form
  • Once BFA is in form 2, summon the Aeons and destroy him full force. If the Aeons die without killing him, resort back to Quick Hit and Doublecasting Flare
After this battle you will start an event where you must defeat every Aeon you have obtained. You have Auto-Life cast at all times, so don't worry about a thing. After they all die, you will fight the true Final Boss, but you still have Auto-Life. You can easily defeat the Final Boss by using Zombie Attack followed by Life/Full-Life

Now sit back, relax, and watch the well deserved ending.