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- Tidus -

Tidus in general:
Tidus is your typical RPG hero. He always does what's right, and falls in love with the summoner girl. Being the main character, he also uses the typical swords that come along with the role

Tidus in battle:

Tidus is based more on speed, much like Zidane was in FF9. His power is still great for his speed. His Overdrives are nice and powerful. Two focus the power accross all enemies, and the other two focus a great ammount of power on one.

Tidus on the Sphere Grid:

Tidus' section of the sphere grid is from the top middle to mid left. It contains mostly strength and speed spheres. As well, there are the white magics Slow, Slowga, Haste, Hastega. There are the specials Flee, and Cheer, and the specials, Delay attack, Delay buster, and Quick Hit.

- Yuna -

Yuna in general:
Yuna is the whole hearted summoner. The story is based around Yuna and her pilgramige to defeat Sin. She is the only one in the group that can summon Aeons. She is also the white mage

Yuna in battle:

Yuna is not a real battle type person until much later in the game (after completing a few other peoples sections of the Sphere Grid). So her strength is in her magic and summoning. She can summon any of the 8 Aeons once obtained, unless she is battling another summoner and they summon it.

Yuna on the Sphere Grid:

Yuna's section of the Sphere Grid starts just left of the center, heads to the mid left, then downward. In it, there is the white magics Cure Esuna Nul-Tide Nul-Blaze Nul-Shock Nul-Frost Life Cura Shell Protect Reflect Dispel Curaga Regen and Holy, as well as Auto-Life just upwards of her starting point, and Full-Life to the right of her ending point. She has the special Pray as well, and no skills.

- Auron -

Auron in general:
Auron is the powerhouse in Final Fantasy X. He carries large Katana. He was one of Braska's guardians on a past pilgramige. His most important abilities are his breaks, which allow him to nutralize an enemies Attack Defense Magic attack or Magic defense.

Auron in battle:

As said before, Auron is a powerhouse. However, with this comes a price. Until later in the game, his accuracy is low. Also, his weapons often have the piercing ability on them, which allows him to do full damage to shelled enemies.

Auron on the Sphere Grid:

Auron starts just right of the center of the grid. The path goes upwards towards the top right, then ends slightly after the beginning of Tidus' path. His path contains the skills Power Magic Mental and Armor Break, as well as Zombie attack. There are also the specials, Guard, Threaten, Entrust, and Sentinel.

- Wakka -

Wakka in general:
Wakka is the blitzball player. He's somewhat carefree, but true to his religion. His weapon of choice is a Blitzball oddly enough. He has always believed the teachings of Yevon to be 100% true.

Wakka in battle:

Wakka is of great use in battle. He learns many status ailment attacks, but there is also one important reason for him. Until much later in the game, only Wakka and the Aeons stand a chance at physically attacking Flyers.

Wakka on the Sphere Grid:

Wakka's path starts slightly under Auron's. It contains many status ailment attacks, as well as accuracy and speed. Also, two black magics, Drain and Osmose, are located in his section. His path contains the Skills Dark Attack, Silence Attack, Sleep Attack, Dark Buster, Silence Buster, Sleep Buster, and Triple Foul, which inflicts Dark Silence and Sleep all in one. He also has the special Aim, which increases the party's accuracy.

- Lulu -

Lulu in general:
Lulu is the local Black Mage. She also seems to be quite the goth. She is now on her third pilgramige with Yuna. Although it is not definate, Lulu most likely had a relationship with Wakka's older brother, Chappu

Lulu in battle:

Lulu is one of my favorites in battle. She attacks with miniature Mogs, Moombas, Cait Siths, Pupus, Cactuars, and an Onion Knight. However, her forte is in Black Magic. She starts with level 1 elemental spells, and soon learns many more powerful spells.

Lulu on the Sphere Grid:

Lulu has one of the least complicated paths on the Sphere Grid. At the first half. During the second half, if you have Level 4 Key Spheres you can branch off and take an alternate path which contains Double Cast. Her area starts under the center, heads down to the bottom right, then back up towards Wakka's. It contains Level 1 2 and 3 elemental spells, Bio, Demi, Death, and Flare, with Drain right outside her area. She also has the specials Reflex and Double Cast.

- Kimahri -

Kimahri in general:
Kimahri is a Ronso, a large blue beast from mount Gagazet. He is also the groups 'Blue Mage', but only in Overdrive. He has sworn to protect Yuna and has done so ever since Braska's defeat over Sin

Kimahri in battle:

Kimahri is extremely customizable. You can make him into almost any character except for his Overdrive. Therefore, just look at the battle section of whoever's path he is on.

Kimahri on the Sphere Grid:

Kimahri has an INCREDIBLY small part of the sphere grid. It connects to all other sections with the exceptions of Auron's. I prefer sending him down Wakka's until you come to a point where you can enter Auron's section. His small section houses the Ultimate Black Magic, Ultima, as well as the useful Scan ability.

- Rikku -

Rikku in general:
Rikku is an Al Bhed. Therefore, she is good with Mechanics. Using her Steal ability will instantly wipe out any Machina. She also houses the most complicated Overdrive, MIX

Rikku in battle:

For Rikku to be much good in battle, she has to do a lot of stealing. You will need many items. Her main use is the Al Bhed potions, which restores 2000 HP and some status ailments. She also learns Spare Change and Bribe, which uses Gil to damage enemies (bribe you must do it in one shot to kill, and you get an item for it)

Rikku on the Sphere Grid:

Rikku has an easier sphere grid path. It contains Steal, Use, Bribe, Luck, Copycat, and Spare Change, as well as the white magic, Full-Life. Finally, it contains the skill, Mug