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Magic & Skills

There are two types of magic. White and Black. White magic is Yuna's forte, it is located primarily in the lower left of the Sphere Grid. Black Magic is Lulu's forte. It is located primarily in the bottom right of the Sphere Grid. In addition, there are also Skills, and Specials. Skills also use MP but are not based on Magical Effects. Specials do not use MP at all with the excetion of four.

White Magic Black Magic
Special Abilities Skills

- White Magic -
White Magic is primarily in the lower left hand corner of the Sphere Grid. However, in Tidus' section, there is Haste, Slow, Slowga, and Hastega (in that order respectfully). There is also the lone Scan ability in the center of the Sphere Grid.
Ability Name MP Cost Effect
Cure 4 Restores a small ammount of HP to the target.
Cura 10 Restores a medium ammount of HP to the target
Curaga 20 Restores a large ammount of HP to the target
Esuna 5 Cures posion darkness silence sleep petrification confusion berserk and slow. Does NOT work for zombie curse Doom and KO
Scan 1 Displays information about the enemy. Certain bosses (Mainly Arena monsters) cannot be scanned.
Nul (Shock, Blaze, Tide, Frost) 2 Nul Shock protects one thunder attack, Blaze one fire attack, Tide one water attack, and Frost one ice attack
Life 18 Revives a party member
Full-Life 60 Revives a party member with full health
Haste 8 Increases one character's turn rate
Hastega 30 Casts haste on entire party
Slow 12 If succesful, decreases enemy's turn rate
Slowga 20 Casts slow on all enemies
Shell 10 Raises one party member's Magic Defense stat
Protect 12 Raises one party member's Defense stat
Reflect 14 All spells cast at the enemy are re-directed to the opposing party
Dispel 12 Removes all positive status changes from the target
Regen 40 Target's HP gradually restores
Holy 85 Deals HOLY damage to the target. Holy damage is unique to this ability and works best on undead creatures
Auto-Life 97 Target is automatically revived when KOed. Expires after reviving. During the final battles, all party members have Auto-Life on at all times (Once you start battling the Aeons)

- Black Magic -
Black magic is located primarily in the bottom right of the Sphere Grid. However, there are also Drain and Osmose in Wakka's path, and Ultima, in the center, behind four Level 4 locks (but you only need to open 3). In addition, the Double Cast ability lets you use two Black Magics in a row.
Ability Name MP Cost Effect
Fire/ Thunder/ Water/ Blizzard 4 Deals low level damage of corresponding element
Fira/ Thundara/ Watera/ Blizzara 8 Deals medium level damage of corresponding element
Firaga/ Thundaga/ Waterga/ Blizzaga 16 Deals high level damage of corresponding element
Bio 10 If succesful, the target is poisonned
Demi 32 Inflicts 25% of current HP to all enemies
Death 20 Instant KO
Drain 12 Damage dealt is ammount healed on caster
Osmose 0 Damage dealt is in mana. It is transfered to the caster
Flare 54 High Non-elemental damage
Ultima 90 High Non-elemental damage to all enemies

- Special Abilities -
Special abilities are located all throughout the Sphere Grid. Rarely do they require MP to use. Any dashes under MP Cost means no MP Required.
Ability Name MP Cost Effect
Steal - Steals an item from an enemy.
Use - Uses special items such as Al Bhed Potion
Flee - All party memebers escape from battle. (Not always effective)
Pray - Restores a small ammount of HP to the party
Cheer - Raises party's Str and Def
Aim - Raises party's Accuracy
Focus - Raises party's Mgc and Mgc Def
Reflex - Raises party's Evasion
Luck - Raises party's Luck (which alters Acc Eva and Critical Hits)
Jinx - Lowers enemy's Luck (read above for what Luck alters)
Lancet - Siphon HP and MP. Kimahri also learns new Ronso Rages with Lancet
Guard - Take a physical hit for a party member
Sentinel - Take a physical hit for a party memeber in defensive stance
Spare Chance - Damage is equal to 1/10 of Gil Thrown
Threaten 12 Target stops
Provoke 4 Directs enemy's attacks toward caster
Entrust 8 Gives Overdrive charge to another party member
Copycat 28 Copies the last action performed. Cannot copy Summons or Overdrives
Doublecast Spell's MP Cost Casts two Black Magic spells one after another
Bribe - Pay enemy Gil to go away and leave an item. Pay 20 times their max HP

- Skills -
Skills are attack abilities which are not Magic based but still have special effects. A lot of them are located in Wakka's area with his status attacks, then Auron's Break attacks, and Tidus' Quick hit and Delay attack and buster and Rikku's Mug abilities.
Ability Name MP Cost Effect
Dark/ Silence/ Sleep Attack 5 Low chance of inflicting Darkness/Silence/Sleep for 3 turns
Dark/ Silence/ Sleep Buster 10 High chance of inflicting Darkness/Silence/Sleep for 1 turn
Delay Attack 8 Delay's targets next turn slightly
Delay Buster 18 Delay's targets next turn greatly
Zombie Attack 10 Inflicts Zombie status on the target
Triple Foul 24 High chance of inflicting Darkness Silence and Sleep for 3 turns
Power/Magic Break 8 Lowers targets Str/Mgc stat
Armor/Mental Break 12 Lowers targets Def/Mgc Def stat
Mug 10 Steal while attacking
Quick Hit 12 Attack normally but next turn comes faster