Welcome to the walkthrough of the Lunar 2:EBC Shrine! This walkthrough was written by myself, and may not be altered in any fashion or used elsewhere without my consent. I have put ALOT of time and effort into creating this walkthrough to make it user friendly, fast, and to the point while being as in depth as I possibly can. Do note however, that nothing has been left unturned, so read ahead at your own risk since there ARE spoilers within.

You can choose between the Text or Picture versions, but do note that the Picture version will take ALOT longer to load. I will also eventually be making a downloadable version soon too as well.

You may choose from the following selections:

Disk 1
Salyan Desert
Introduction Text Picture
Gywn's House Text Picture
Blue Labyrinth Text Picture
Blue Spire Text Picture
Larpa Text Picture
Dalton Text Picture
Starlight Forest Text Picture
Illusion Woods Text Picture
Takkar Text Picture
Ghost Manor Text Picture
Bandit Butte Text Picture
Katarina Zone 1
  East Nota Text Picture
Madoria Carnival Text Picture
Mystic Ruins Text Picture
West Nota Text Picture
Zulan Text Picture
Meribia Text Picture
Taben's Peak Text Picture
Meribian Sewers Text Picture
Vane 1 Text Picture
Sluice Forest Text Picture
Disk 2
Minea Sea 1
Katarina Zone 2
  On the Destiny    
White Dragon Cave    
Blue Dragon Cave    
Marius Zone
  Zaback Mines    
Black Dragon Cave    
Minea Sea 2
Serak Palace    
Red Dragon Cave    
Althena's Fortress    
Goddess Tower    
Vane 2    
End Game