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The Shadows of Darkness

With all five Dark One Rituals in tow, return to Castle Borgov at night. The gate will be open, and once you go down the road, Katrina and Ad Avis will open the front door for you. All three of you will teleport to the entrance of the Dark One's Cave. Katrina will use the Mouth Ritual to allow you inside, then wish you good-luck before sending you in. Oh, and she says that the final ritual is inside, guarded by the High Priest.

Once inside, you'll see what Katrina meant; the tentacled thing from before is waiting for you in the pit. In front of it is a book that contains the final ritual. Fighters and Paladins have to climb down and enter a bloody battle to the death. Wizards can use Calm, then Fetch on the book. Thieves have to sneak up on it, take the book, and leave. No matter what, you'll learn some...interesting facts about the Borgov Family and the followers of Avoozl. Also, you'll memorize the final ritual: Essence. Get back out, cross over to the other side, and enter the center of the cave.

The bottom right valve is blinking. Open it, and you'll be where you started the game. Put your Torch back into its holder, then lite the other one if it isn't already burning. Use the Dark One's Sign on the top of the Altar, then use the Bone Ritual on it. Afterwards, the ritual will dissapear, but a trap will be sprung, launching a cage of sharp bones.

Fighters and Paladins: Bash the cage open. No bone cage can resist your awesome might! Afterwards, leave the room.

Wizards: Cast Frostbite onto the cage, then Flame Dart to weaken it. Repeat this again to shatter the cage. Now leave the room.

Thieves: Fortunately, the cage is a bit slower in catching thieves, so quickly jump back to avoid it. Now leave the room.

Now, the bottom left valve is blinking. Go through it to reach the Blood Chamber. Make your way to the Altar, then use the Blood Ritual. The Altar will now start to drip acidic blood.

Fighters and Paladins: Use the Grappel to climb up to the next ledge, then push the boulder down, blocking the acid. Climb back down and make your escape.

Wizards: Cast Frostbite on the Altar to freeze the blood, then quickly escape before the spell wears off.

Thieves: Climb up to the next ledge, then jump from platform to platform to reach the exit.

Now the upper right valve is blinking. Go through to reach the Breath Chamber. Use the Ritual on the Altar, then blow the pipes in the following order: bottom-left, bottom-right, bottom-center, top-center. The room will now be filled with wind.

Fighters and Paladins: Let the wind get you, then grab onto one of the little tentacle thingies. You'll be propelled to the door.

Wizards: Let the wind catch you, then wait until you're inside the valve. Cast Calm, then Open. Run like hell away from there before the wind starts up again.

Thieves: Let the wind get you. You'll stop when you get stuck on the screen. Climb right to escape from the room.

Now the top right valve is blinking. Once you pass through, everything literally goes black as you lose all your senses. Walk left, then up, then right; you'll regain your senses along the way, ending with your sense of sight. You're in the Senses Chamber, all right. Use the Senses Ritual on the Altar, then run like hell down. If you get shocked along the way, use a Healing Potion.

Now the Altar in the middle room is blinking. Use the Heart Ritual to gain access to the upper area. Climb or Levitate up to reach the Essence Chamber. I'm not spoiling what happens next, but needless to say, things didn't work out like Katrina wanted them to. Now you have Ad Avis to deal with.

Fighters and Paladins: Tell the Ultimate Joke to get Ad Avis laughing, then use Erana's Staff. It'll turn into a spear. Throw it at Ad Avis to hit him straight through the heart, ending his days for all eternity.

Wizards: Tell the Ultimate Joke to get Ad Avis laughing, then cast Summon Staff. Cast Force Bolt on Ad Avis to send him tumbling off his platform and into the waiting arms of Avoozl, ending his days for all eternity.

Thieves: Tell the Ultimate Joke to get Ad Avis laughing, then use Erana's Staff. It'll turn into a stake. Jump at Ad Avis to see what is quite possibly his coolest death. Anyway, he'll get run through the heart, ending his days for all eternity.

Erana's Staff will tell you to use it on the giant crystal beside you. Fighters and Paladins just have to do that, Wizards have to Summon Staff again, and Thieves have to jump back and use the staff. Now watch the well-deserved ending...or is it?


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