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The Rituals

Note: You can tackle the rituals at any time, in any order. However, this is the preferred one for me.

Blood Ritual: The Mad Monk's Diary says that, "Only those who willingly seek dark visions shall find it". Head back to the monastery basement and tap the cask of Amon Tillado. After the nightmare scene, the wine drops will change into the Blood Ritual. Now use the Torch on the Necrophilicon to burn down the evil Monastery. Yay.

Bone Ritual: The Mad Monk's Diary says that it's "Placed within the Mad Monk's tombstone, there forever to be guarded by followers." Head to the swamp. If you're a Fighter or Paladin, I hope you've mastered strength, because you'll have to make you way through a LOT of slime to reach the tombstone. Wizards have to use Glide, while Thieves must jump from mound to mound. No matter what, dodge the hands; if they grab you, you die. Eventually, you'll reach the Mad Monk's tombstone, which is guarded by two Chernovies. Kill them quickly, then use the Dark One's Sign on the tombstone. Click on the Mouth Symbol, then go clockwise from there to get the Bone Ritual.

Sense Ritual: The Mad Monk's Diary says that this ritual is, "Placed within the 'Stone of Squids', and is revealed only by the light of a dead child's soul." Make sure it's night, and head to the swamp. The Will o' Wisps (dead children's spirits) are here. Drop some candy on the ground, wait for the Will o' Wisps to land on it, and use a Flask to catch them. Head to the Squid Stone and use the Will o' Wisps to reveal a secret indentation. Use the Dark One's Sign on the stone. The combination here is A-V-O-O-Z-L (refer to the bugs section if the game is having trouble here). You'll get the Sense Ritual. Now release the Will o' Wisps back into the swamp.

Breath Ritual: The Mad Monk's Diary says that this is, "Inside the Hanged Man's tree." However, upon closer inspection, there isn't anything inside the tree. However, since Baba Yaga lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR, maybe we should ask her. Go inside and give her either some Bonemeal or Grue Goo, then ask for the Dark One Ritual. She'll cough it up, as well as some info on their use.

Heart Ritual: This one depends on your class:

Fighters, Thieves and Paladins: Go to the southmost wraith burrow and kill the wraith. Along with 250 Crowns, as well as another weapon (an Axe for Fighters, and Piotyr's Sword for Paladins), you'll recieve the Heart Ritual. Also, Paladins should take Piotyr's Sword to the Burgomeister and show it to him. He'll tell you that he's Piotyr's Grandson, and give you Piotyr's Shield.

Wizards: Remember the Faerie Folk? Well, return to them. The Queen and her two guards will surround you and try to take Erana's Staff, but apparantly it isn't too keen on the concept. So, they'll try to take it out by force. IMMEDIATELY cast Summon Staff, as you'll soon be pounded by spells. You'll probably lose about half of your HP like this. Now go back to your spell menu, and another spell should be available: Resistance. Quickly cast it, use a Healing Potion, and cast Frostbite repeatally on the Faerie Queen to take her and her guards down in one blow. After a few casts, they'll dissapear, and you'll get permanant access to the Resistance Spell, as well as the Heart Ritual.

Mouth Ritual: Don't worry. Katrina has this one, even though the Mad Monk's Diary mentions it. I mean, WHAT DID YOU THINK SHE WAS DOING OVER THERE?

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