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The Littlest Vampire

After saving Igor, you might be awakened by Bella's crying. Exit your room and listen through the Innkeeper's door to hear about Tanya. Now return to your room and sleep. Also, you might be awakened sometime by a blue creature called the Domovoi. He'll tell you more about Tanya, and says that he'll help you if you help his friend. Also, if you're a Paladin, Piotyr's ghost will tell about her. I guess everyone's hinting that you'll have to save the girl, huh?

On your third visit to Dr. Cranium, he'll tell about his newest idea: a "Rehydration Solution". Unfortunately, he kinda forgot the formula. Once again, solve the formula, and he'll ask for some Grue Goo. Get him some, and he'll give you the Rehydration Solution. Head into the Monestary and use the Rehydration Solution on the dried-up thing in the cabinet. It'll turn into another Domovoi. Leave the Monestary and talk to Igor. Ask about the Crypt Key, and he'll give it to you.

Go back to the Inn and sleep. You'll be awakened by the Domovoi again. Talk to him about everything, they take the Doll from the cabinet. Now either Levitate down or climb down from your window to leave (since the front door's locked, barred, deadbolted, and reinforced with concrete).

If you're a Wizard, head back to one screen south of Erana's Garden. There'll be a Fountain. Drink from it, and you'll pass out. When you wake up, leave and re-enter. A staff will be floating. Cast Fetch on it, and the Faerie Folk will show up, with the Queen in front. She'll give you the Ritual of Release spell, and tell you to use it to get Erana's Staff and give it to her.

Anyway, head to the Graveyard. Use the Crypt Key on the crypt door to enter the Borgov Family Crypt. (I like the word "crypt".) This place is extremely confusing if you're new, but after your first trip, you'll have it down pat. Don't bother with any of the graves but the one on the far right. Search it to find a keyhole, then use your Crypt Key to open a secret passage. You just made your way into Castle Borgov.

Head north to the first stair scene. When you reach the top, you'll hear an argument. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!!! Use the Oil on it first, then listen through the door to hear an argument between a very different-looking Katrina and-*gasp*-Ad Avis! What's he doing here? (Ah, the plot thickens.) Afterwards, open the door and continue to the left.

Make your way through the castle. Don't open any chests unless you have the Aura spell or Undead Amulet handy; Wraiths guard them. If you go off-track, you might see a scene involving two Goons guarding the dungeon. Don't approach them unless you have a deathwish. Instead, make your way through the castle to the child's room. If it's day, you won't be able to continue, so wait until night, then open the door.

Inside will be a massive monster and a small vampire child. Upon further interrogation, this child turns out to be none other than Tanya! Give her the Doll, and she'll let you in. Tell her about Erana's Staff, and she'll accompany you back to town (with her monster friend, Toby, in tow).

At the staff, you'll see some stuff, including a touching scene involving Tanya and Toby. However, it all ends the same; Toby sacrifices his life so that Tanya can live again, and you get Erana's Staff. If you're a Wizard, this'll give you the Summon Staff spell.

Wait a few more days. You'll recieve a note from Katrina, and she doesn't sound like she's in a good mood...go to where she tells you to meet her.

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