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The Thieves' Guild

If Thieves climb up the metal ring in the Adventurers' Guild, they can find some Thief Marks. They show an eye under a table. Climb down, grab the Rope, and look under the desk. You'll find a clue telling you to do something with the coat hooks in the corner. Go use them.

This is a standard puzzle. When you move one rack, some others will also move. You have to get them into the positions the diagram under the desk showed. First, move the third one (counting from the left) until it points up, then the second one until it points down, then the fourth one until it points right, and finally the first one until it points left. All your fiddling will open up a secret passage above the bookcase. Go through it.

You're in looks like it was once a Thieves' Guild, but nobody's here, even though the torches have been recently lit...Anyway, first things first. Search the floor grate for a Safe Knob (weird place to leave a spare knob...), and check the poster. It has a 3-D-like hand holding a Guild Card. Grab the Card- IT'S REAL!!! Anyway, use the Card on the large doors to the side of the picture to open them.

Read the books inside the small room to learn how to disarm traps. You'll need this a few minutes later. Use the Safe Knob on the safe in the back. The problem is, the password to the safe is FILCH, but there are only the letters A, C, E, G, I, and K. Actually, clicking on the lines between the letters will register for B, D, F, H, J, and L. So spell out FILCH with that knowledge in mind.

Inside you'll fine...nothing but some Throwing Daggers and a simple Lockpick. Search the desk, and check for traps to take out an evil Poison Gas Trap. Now you can pick the lock without getting snuffed.

Inside the desk, you'll find the Acme Mark II Thieves Toolkit, which will allow you to not only pick complex locks, but also disarm nearly any mechanical trap. Also inside is the Chief Thief's logbook, which tells of castle raids, various other bad things, and a strange riddle:

Bad Boys Yell
Good Girls Giggle
Rich Girls Run

Now's a good time to practice disarming traps. Look at the two pictures on the far wall. Each one has a safe behind it. Move the picture, then use the Toolkit on the safe to begin disarming traps. The object is to time your clicks so that you get three of the same color in a straight row (not diagnolly). Fail, though,'re screwed.

Anyway, tap the barrel under the poster. It'll move aside to reveal a secret panel. Remember the riddle? The answer is:


Now a wall will move, revealing...A GIANT COCKROACH MONSTER! RUN! Wait, it has a human face! It turns out that this was the Chief Thief, before a small thieving mishap happened to cost him his human form. So let's be nice and help him, hmmm?

Go to the Monastary. Be sure to climb up the wall to get the Blackbird in the alcove. It's another fake, but who cares? Go into the basement to find a small statue. Whatever you do, don't touch it with your bare hands! Instead, use the Shopping Bag on it to scoop it up. Return the statue to the Chief, and he'll become human, as well as spare some info to you on the happenings of the town and castle.

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