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The Town of Mordavia

When you reach the town gates to Mordavia, there are two things to grab. First, get some Corn from the corn stalks. Second, search the stump for some old cash (ewww...). Now head into the joyful town.

The first place you'll reach is the town square. Here you'll find a large rock with an obviously magical staff driven into it (after all, everyone knows that only magical items are placed inside rocks). Grab some Flowers from the rock. You can try to take the staff, but doing so will only result in you hearing an eerie voice and letting go of the staff. Head to the upper-left.

You'll meet your first "cheerful" resident now: Dmitri Ivanov, the town Burgomeister (or mayor). After the usual "how in the world did you get here" spill, he'll be free to talk to you. He doesn't have much to say when you talk to him through his window, so go inside his office. Ask him about the Adventurers' Guild, and he'll give you the Guild Key (some security they have here). Ask him and tell him about everything you can, then leave.

The next building over is the General Store. Inside you'll meet Olga, the very...well...sturdy-looking shopkeeper and her unholy army of cats. Buy Garlic, Candy, a Pie Pan, some Oil, and about ten Rations. If you're playing as a Thief, also get the Shopping Bag. If you're a Paladin, also get the Hand Broom. The shopkeeper is the local gossip, so ask her about anything you want. Also be sure to ask for her name; you'll see why later.

Okay, next building: the Inn. Guess we should go "inn", huh? *dodges hordes of people outraged by the bad pun* Anyway, inside you'll meet Yuri. Pay him the 15 Kopeks for seven nights, and sit in the chair for a meal from Yuri's wife, Bella. Talk to the farmers, too: Hans, Franz, and Ivan. They're hilarious. Trust me...You can go to your room if you want, but besides a chest to store equipment in, there's nothing to do here right now. Leave the Inn and head north.

You'll see Igor, the local gravedigger, next. Talk to him about everything, then use the Guild Key on the broken-down building behind him. You're in the Adventurers' Guild. Sign and read the logbook. If you're a Fighter, Thief, or Paladin, take the Rope. You can use it on the metal ring in the roof to practice climbing. If you're a Fighter or Paladin, break open the case above the logbook for a Fine Sword. Read the books. Fighters and Paladins can learn Climbing by doing this. Also, you HAVE to read the HERO magazine to progress in the game. Also use the excersize machine if you want to raise your Strength; work out until you're close to exhaustion, then rest for about two hours, then repeat until you can't do any more.

Note: Thieves can access the Thieves' Guild through the Adventurers' Guild. Click here for instructions on how to reach it.

Now head towards the creepy-looking building next to the Guild, but don't get too close to the door yet. Use the Dark One's Sign on the door to open it and enter the Monastery. If you have enough strength, you can smash open a cabinet for a Healing Potion, but your main attraction here is to get access to the basement. Use your Garlic on the Hexapod above the fireplace, then touch the fireplace bar on the right side of the fireplace to open a secret passage.

In the Monastery basement, go to the desk. Fighters and Paladins have to force it open, and suffer the Poison Trap. Don't worry, the effects will wear off quickly. Wizards should stand a reasonable distance away, then cast Open on the desk. Thieves should have the Toolkit by now, so they can disarm the trap. Inside you'll find the Mad Monk's Diary, which will explain where to find the Dark One Rituals. Worry about those a bit later. Now leave the Monastery and head right.

The old man, Nicholai, is walking around outside. You can talk to him, but he doesn't do much worthwhile. Instead, concentrate on the building on the right. When you try to open the door, you'll have to solve an absurbly easy puzzle. Just memorize the order the bells ring in, and click them in that order. Voila!

Welcome to Dr. Cranium's house of mind-boggling PAIN! Anyway, open the door on your right. You'll be Antwerped, but since they're baby antwerps, you won't be killed. Check the machine in the middle of the room. You have to answer questions relating to the Antwerp. The order is random, but here are the characteristics of an Antwerp:

It bounces
It has no legs
It does NOT sing "Waltzing Matilda"

If you do it right, you should learn that Antwerps love Avacado (those monsters!), so use one of your Rations on the machine. Now open the door again. Soon, an antwerp will bounce right into your trap.

Open the door on the left. You have to guide the antwerp through the maze by rotating it. Your creature must reach the key, then get to the exit. Just be careful, and you'll figure it out. Now go to the northern door. You have to build a keyhole using the pieces. Be warned; on the highest difficulty, you'll also have to rotate some pieces! Anyway, when the keyhole is built, use the key you got from the maze on it to enter Dr. Cranium's Lab.

Ask Dr. Cranium about Healing and Poison Cure Potions. You'll have to enter a formula from the manual. When you get it right, you'll be able to pick up one of each potion once per day. Also stock up on some Empty Flasks, and be sure to ask him about EVERYTHING! (I just love Dr. Cranium.)

Also, around midnight on Night 2, be sure to be at the town gates. You'll see Katrina. If you're a Wizard, she'll give you the VERY important Frostbite Spell!

Now kill some time. If you want to do a minor sidequest, click here. If not, click here.