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Nikolai and Anna

On any night, make sure you're outside of the town. Head three scenes south from the gate, then one screen east. You should run into a ghost at this screen. Talk to her, and she'll ask you to lead her to the town. Accept, and exit the screen the way you came. She isn't following you.

Go back and tell her she's a ghost, which means she can't leave the spot where she died. She won't believe you. Leave the screen again, then come back. Tell her about ghosts, and she'll freak out and dissapear. Leave the screen, then return. Now she'll finally be willing to accept reality; she's an undead. She'll also tell you that her name is Anna. Hmmm, where have we heard that name before?

Go one screen west, one screen south and one screen west. If you're a Wizard, a fountain will be here. Drink from it, and you'll pass out and here a speech from the Queen of the Fairie Folk. Afterwards, you'll wake up. No matter what, just go one screen north to reach Erana's Garden.

Examine the lantern for a bunch of Crowns. If you're a Wizard, you can cast Fetch on the Fruit Tree to get a Mana Fruit, which can restore your MP. You can also sleep here if you get locked out of town. Sleep here, and witness a strange dream...

Afterwards, retrace your steps back to town. Go to Nikolai and tell him about Anna. However, he'll refuse to accept that she's dead, and will run off to find here. Kill time until night.

Go back to where you saw Anna. Nikolai also met his fate here, so they can finally be together. After a touching scene, leave, then re-enter. They've come back one last time to thank you. Ask Nikolai for his hat, then say Good-Bye. They'll finally depart to the Afterlife together.

Clicking here goes back in time. Clicking here goes...TO THE FUTURE!