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Saving Igor

On Day 5, exit the Inn to see a scene between the three farmers and the Burgomeister. Apparantly Igor dissapeared last night, and a gypsy was found outside the gates, so naturally they think the gypsy did it! And naturally, they're wrong.

You can speak with anyone else, or even the gypsy, but you won't get any info. Now think, what's Igor's job? Why, of course! He's a gravedigger!

Leave the town and go to the graveyard. A grave has fallen. Fighters and Paladins have to simply lift the thing. Wizards can use Fetch to raise it. Thieves have to climb the nearby tree and use the Grapnel on it. Eventually, Igor will be freed from the bottom of the grave. Clumsy hunchback...

Return to the Burgomeister. He'll tell you that the gypsy was set free. Go ALL the way to the Gypsy Camp. The gypsy you freed, Davy, will thank you and take you to their leader, the fortuneteller Magda.

Magda will give you either an Undead Amulet (if you're a Fighter or Thief), or an Aura spell (if you're a Wizard or Paladin). Talk to her for a while, then give her a Crown to have your fortune told. You can do this once per day, for about four more days. Finally, say good-bye. You'll be taken to a gypsy dance.

After the interesting scene, leave the camp. You can know access most of the areas in the game.

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Note: If you are a Paladin, click here now to complete a sidequest.