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Enemy attack values were determined by seeing how many hearts an attack took from a ringless Link, then doubling the number (so enemies wouldn't have an attack power of 1/2).

Picture Name HP Attack Location
Aquamentus 6 1 Dungeon 1
Aquamentus barely moves and attacks by shooting three balls of energy at you. You probably don't have the Magic Shield in Dungeon 1, so just dodge them. Aquamentus is very easy, you shouldn't have any trouble.
Dodongo N/A 1 Dungeons 2, 5 and 8
Dodongos don't really attack, they just wander around the room. Their tough hide makes them immune to all weapons, the only way to beat them is to get them to swallow two bombs. Lay a bomb right in front of their mouth (or in their mouth) to get them to swallow it.
Manhandla 4 (per head) 1 Dungeons 3 and 7
Manhandlas move around the room shooting unblockable balls of energy at Link. The only part of Manhandla that can be damaged is its heads, and Link must destroy all 4 to slay the beast. As each head is defeated, the Manhandla goes faster. All four of Manhandlas heads can be destroyed by a single, well-placed bomb.
Moldorm 4 (per segment) 1 Dungeons 4 and 6.
Not a true boss, more of a sub-boss that appears in a couple of dungeons. Moldorms are huge worms that crawl around and wait for you to kill them, segment by segment. Note that a segment cannot be defeated until the segment behind it has, so attack from the rear.
Digdogger 8 (per segment) 4 Dungeons 4 and 6.
Digdogger begins the battle by slowly moving around the room. At this point, Digdogger is invincible. Play the Ocarina, and Digdogger will split into 3 speedy mini-Digdoggers. Defeat all three of them, and the battle will be won. Try to attack from a distance to help keep your health up.
Patra 11 (6 for mini-Patras) 4 (2 for mini-Patras) Dungeons 5 and 8.
Patra is a large flying eye-creature, circled by several smaller eye-creatures. It moves up and down, while its mini-doppelgangers circle around it in formation. You must defeat all the smaller Patras before you can attack the larger Patra. Patras are immune to all weapons except your sword (and your wand, although they're immune to the wand's blasts).
Gohma 2 2 (1 for projectiles) Dungeon 6
Gohma scuttles around the room, opening and closing its eyes, while shooting unblockable projectiles at you. The only weapons it's vulnerable are arrows, and you can only hit him in the eye, while it's open. Still, this is a very easy boss.
Patra(2) 15 (each) 4 Dungeon 7
Instead of being surrounded by mini-Patras, this is two large Patras that fly together. Like the other type of Patra, you'll need to use your sword here. The formation they fly in is kind of tricky, so be careful.
Aquamentus(2) 6 (per color) 4 (1 for projectiles) Dungeons 7 and 8.
This battle starts out like a regular Aquamentus. After depleting 6 HP, its color will change to blue, and it will shoot its fireballs faster. While it's blue, it's immune to all weapons except your sword, wand (it is immune to the wand's blasts) and Super Boomerang. After 6 more HP, it will turn red and start shooting 5 unblockable projectiles at a time (all while keeping its previous weapon immunities).
Blue Gohma 6 4 (1 for projectiles) Dungeon 8
Blue Gohmas are basically the same as regular Gohmas, but slightly stronger. You'll also have to fight two of them at the same time, but that shouldn't be a big problem.
Ganon 15 4 (2 for projectiles) Dungeon 9
Ganon remains invisible for most of the fight, while teleporting around the room and shooting unblockable projectiles at you. Your only hope is to slash randomly with your sword until you hit him. Hit him enough times, and he'll turn Blue. At this point, quickly shoot him with a Silver Arrow, and he'll be gone.

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