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Picture Name Info
Link Most patches made for BS Zelda convert the main character to Link. You all know him, the legendary hero of Hyrule and all that good stuff.
Bantai-Satellaview Mascot This guy's the Bantai-Satellaview Mascot. If you're playing the original, unhacked BS Zelda ROM, this is the character you'll play as.
Bantai-Satellaview Girl Mascot Some versions of the ROM have you playing as this girl. I can only assume she's the female equivalent of the BS Mascot.
Old Man The notorious Old Man appears in various caves and Dungeons in Hyrule, usually offering sage words of wisdom to our intrepid young hero, although he's been known to give items or offer other services as well.
Merchant It's a Hyrulian merchant. Fork over some dough and he'll sell you his wares. There's also one extremely hungry merchant in Dungeon 5. It'd be wise to bring him some Meat...
Good Moblin This Moblin hides out in hidden caves throughout overworld. Find him and he'll give you some Rupees.
Old Woman The old woman runs the Medicine shop. She won't sell you anything unless you show her the Letter from the Old Man.
Fairy Throughout Hyrule and its dungeons, you may run across a Fairy Pond. Approach the Fairy you find there and all your Hearts will be refilled free of charge.
Zelda The Princess of Hyrule, who was kidnapped by Ganon. She doesn't do much but sit on her ass and wait to be rescued.
Ganon An evil sorceror who was transformed into a pig-like creature. He desires all the Triforces, and already posesses the Triforce of Power. You must defeat him, reclaim the Triforce and rescue Zelda. Or die trying. Whichever.

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