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Heart Containers


Picture Name Attack Power Location
Arrow 2 Blue Candle Shop (Before Collecting 2 Triforce Pieces) and Blue Ring Shop (80 Rupees)
When used in conjunction with the Bow, you can shoot Arrows. Arrows quickly travel across the screen, and are quite effective in defeating enemies (and are required to defeat Gohmas). Each Arrow you fire costs you 1 Rupee.
Arrow (Silver) 4 Dungeon 8
Silver Arrows act just like regular Arrows, but are twice as powerful. You'll need them to defeat Ganon.
Bombs 4 Dropped By Monsters and Bought in Blue Candle Shop (Before collecting 2 Triforce Pieces) (20 Rupees)
Set a Bomb, wait a second and watch it explode. Not only is the Bomb a powerful weapon, but it can also blast holes in certain walls, and it doesn't even damage Link like it did in the original Legend of Zelda. Every Bomb you pick up adds 4 to your inventory. You begin by having a bomb-carrying capacity of 8, but you can increase that by 4 by paying 50 Rupees to an old man in Dungeon 4, and by 4 more by paying 50 more Rupees to an old man in Dungeon 5.
Book 1 Dungeon 8
The Book only has one effect: it makes a flame appear at the end of every Wand blast. Not really useful unless you like to use the Wand a lot and don't like to whip out your Candle often to light up dark rooms.
Boomerang (Wooden) N/A Dungeon 2
When the Boomerang is thrown, it travels about halfway across the screen, then returns. Most enemies are stunned by the Boomerang, but a couple are killed by it (Keese and Gel). The Boomerang can also be used to collect distant items.
Boomerang (Magic) N/A Dungeon 3
The Magic Boomerang is basically the same thing as the Wooden Boomerang, but it's faster and travels all the way across the screen.
Boomerang (Super) 2 At Certain Times On The Game Clock
Sometimes your Boomerang will temporarily turn into the Super Boomerang. In addition to a speed increase, the Super Boomerang can damage any enemy.
Bow N/A Dungeon 1
You can't shoot Arrows without a Bow. You'll collect the Bow early in the game, but you won't be able to use it until you buy some Arrows.
Candle (Blue) 1 Blue Candle Shop (After getting 2 Triforce Pieces) (60 Rupees)
The Blue Candle casts a flame that slowly creeps in front of you a bit before disappearing. It can be used as a weapon, but it's more valuable for burning down certain bushes and lighting up dark rooms. You can also damage yourself by touching the flame, but it's so weak, that's not a big deal. You can only use the Blue Candle once per screen.
Candle (Red) 1 Dungeon 7
The Red Candle is identical to the Blue Candle, except it can be used infinite times per screen.
Clock N/A Dropped By Monsters
Pick up a Clock, and all on-screen enemies will freeze. You will also gain invincibility. The Clock's effects wear off when you leave the screen, however.
Compass N/A One Per Dungeon
The Compass will cause a blinking light to appear on the Dungeon Map that indicates the location of the Triforce Piece.
Fairy N/A Dropped By Monsters
Sometimes a Fairy spawns out of a dead monster. Catch it to restore 3 empty Heart Containers.
Heart N/A Dropped By Monsters
Picking up a Heart will restore one empty Heart Container.
Heart Containers N/A Click Here
Heart Containers PERMANENTLY increase your health capacity by one heart. You begin with 3, you get 1 for each dungeon you beat, plus there are 5 more hidden throughout Hyrule, for a max total of 16.
Key N/A Found in Dungeons. Bought from Misc. Shop (80 Rupees) and Blue Candle Shop (Before collecting 2 Triforce Pieces) (100 Rupees).
Each Key can be used only once to open a locked door in a dungeon. There's really no reason to buy Keys, as you find plenty in the Dungeons themselves.
Ladder N/A Dungeon 5
The ladder will allow you to cross 1-square gaps in water and lava safely.
Letter N/A Man On Beach
Show the Letter to the old woman in the Medicine Shops and you'll be allowed to purchase Water of Life.
Magic Shield N/A Bought in Misc. Shop (90 Rupees) and Blue Candle Shop (130 Rupees)
An upgrade to your shield. With this, you can block more projectiles than before. If you are eaten by a Like-Like, your Magic Shield will disappear, and you'll need to buy a new one.
Map N/A One Per Dungeon
Each Dungeon hides a Map. Most rooms are shown on a map, but some hidden rooms may not be.
Meat N/A Misc. Shop and Blue Ring Shop (60 Rupees)
Meat is used to draw enemies' attention away from you. You must also use it to feed a hungry man blocking your path in Dungeon 5. After feeding the man, the Meat disappears, and you'll have to buy a new one if you want it back.
Ocarina N/A Dungeon 4
Playing the Ocarina has many effects. When on the Overworld, it can transport you to a previously beaten dungeon. It is required to enter Dungeon 6, and it is even useful in defeating Digdoggers and Pols Voices.
Power Bracelet N/A Beneath An Armos
During certain times after collecting 6 Triforce Pieces, you can awaken Armos Statues by touching them. Under an Armos in screen B2 is the Power Bracelet, that lets you move certain boulders in the Overworld.
Raft N/A Dungeon 3
The Raft lets you sail across stretches of water connected by docks. This is necessary to access Dungeon 4 and northwestern Hyrule.
Ring (Blue) N/A Blue Ring Shop (250 Rupees)
Having the Blue Ring in your inventory doubles your defense and turns your tunic blue.
Ring (Red) N/A Beneath an Armos
Between :25 and :35 after collecting 6 Triforce Pieces, look under an Armos Statue in screen C7 to find the Red Ring, which offers twice the defense as the Blue Ring (4x your regular defense), and turns your tunic red.
Rupee N/A Dropped By Monsters
Picking up a Rupee adds 1 Rupee to your inventory. Rupees are used to shoot arrows and buy things.
Rupee (Blue) N/A Dropped By Monsters
Pick this up to add 5 Rupees to your inventory. Rupees are used to shoot arrows and buy things.
Sword (Wooden) 1 Old Man At Start
The game's first sword. Although weak, it gets the job done. Normally, you can just stab with this, but when your health is full, each stab releases a sword-beam that goes across the screen.
Sword (White) 2 Graveyard
In the graveyard, push aside a tombstone to unveil a cave housing the White Sword, which you can pick up if you have 5 Heart Containers. It's basically the same as your old Wooden Sword, but it's twice as powerful.
Sword (Magic) 4 Waterfall Cave
Between :25 and :35 on the clock after collecting 6 Triforce Pieces, go atop the Waterfall and into the cave you find to pick up the Magic Sword. It is twice as powerful as the White Sword, dealing 4 HP of damage per hit.
Triforce Piece N/A One Per Dungeon
At the end of each Dungeon is a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom. Your quest is to collect all 8. Collecting a Triforce Piece fully restores your life, and every time you collect two, the properties of the game clock change.
Triforce of Power N/A Dungeon 9
Ganon holds the Triforce of Power. Slay him to get it back.
Wand 3 (2 for Wand itself) Dungeon 6
The Wand shoots out the same projectiles as Wizzrobes. The Wand itself is a good replacement for the White Sword, since it's as powerful as the sword, but with a more powerful projectile.
Water of Life (Blue) N/A Medicine Shop (40 Rupees)
You can purchase this from the Medicine Shop after you get the Letter. Drinking this causes your Heart Containers to all be refilled. After drinking it, it turns back into the Letter. If you purchase a Blue Water of Life when you already have a Blue Water of Life, it will transform into a Red Water of Life.
Water of Life (Red) N/A Medicine Shop (68 Rupees)
The Red Water of Life is essentially the same as the Blue Water of Life, except it has two doses (when you drink it, it turns into a Blue Water of Life).

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