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Enemy attack values were determined by seeing how many hearts an attack took from a ringless Link, then doubling the number (so enemies wouldn't have an attack power of 1/2).

Overworld Monsters

Name Picture HP Attack Items Dropped Location Info
Armos 3 1 N/A Death Mountain, Forest After obtaining your 6th Triforce Piece, these statues may be awakened when you touch them (depending on the time on the clock). They simply wander around the screen, either quickly or slowly.
Ghini 9 1 All except Bomb Cemetary There are two types of Ghinis, the ones that are always there, and ones that appear when you touch a tombstone. You cannot hurt the ones that come from tombstones unless you kill the one that was there to begin with, which will kill all others on the screen. The ones that pop out of tombstones are more agile than the ones that are there to begin with.
Leever 2 1 Red Rupee, Blue Rupee, Heart, Fairy Plains Leevers spend much of their time burrowing underground. They pop up, move around above ground for a few seconds, then return underground. Red Leevers tend to pop up near Link more often than Blue Leevers.
4 2 Heart, Blue Rupee, Fairy Plains, Death Mountain
Lynel 4 2 Heart, Blue Rupee, Fairy Death Mountain Lynels walk around and use the same sword attack as Link when he has full HP. Link can block the swords with the Magic Shield, but not the Small Shield. Red Lynels aren't as aggressive as Blue Lynels.
8 4 All Death Mountain
Moblin 2 1 Red Rupee, Blue Rupee, Heart, Fairy Forest Moblins walk around and throw spears at Link. Link can block the spears with any shield. Red Moblins aren't as aggressive as Blue Moblins.
3 1 All Forest
Octorok 1 1 Red Rupee, Blue Rupee, Heart, Fairy Southern Hyrule Octoroks wander around the screen firing rocks straight ahead. Link can block the rocks with any shield.
2 1 All Southern Hyrule
Peahat 2 1 Heart, Blue Rupee, Fairy Central/Northern Hyrule Peahats fly around the screen. While they're flying, they cannot be harmed. You can only hurt them when they stop for a rest.
Rock N/A 1 N/A Death Mountain Boulders fall from Death Mountain. They cannot be harmed, and they continually drop.
Tektite 1 1 Red Rupee, Blue Rupee, Heart, Fairy Rocky Terrain Tektites simply bounce around the screen and make nuisances of themselves. Red Tektites tend to be more aggressive than Blue Tektites.
1 1 All except Bomb Screen H-8 of the Overworld.
Tornado N/A N/A N/A Screen A5 of the Overworld. Just past the Lost Woods, on your way to the graveyard, there's a screen filled with these nusances. Touching them makes you go down a screen. They disappear after you collect 4 Triforce Pieces.
Whirlpool N/A N/A N/A Screen H4 of the Overworld. This whirlpool lies in front of a dock, which makes the area inaccessable. It disappears after collecting 4 Triforce Pieces.
Zola 2 1 Red Rupee, Blue Rupee, Heart, Fairy Watery areas Zolas surface in the water, shoot a projectile at Link, then disappear. You can block their projectiles with a Magic Shield, but not a Small Shield.

Dungeon Monsters

Name Picture HP Attack Items Location Info
Bubble N/A N/A N/A Dungeons 4-8. Bubbles roam around the screen. Touching a regular Bubble disables Link's sword temporarily. Touching a Red Bubble disables Link's sword until he touches a Blue Bubble, drinks some Water of Life, or visits a Fairy (collecting a fairy from a defeated enemy won't do the trick).
N/A N/A N/A Dungeons 5 and 7.
N/A N/A N/A Dungeons 5 and 7.
Darknut 4 2 All Dungeons 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. Darknuts basically walk around the room with their swords and shields raised. They are immune to all weapons except your sword, Super Boomerang and bombs (and it's very difficult to damage them with bombs). You cannot attack them in the front, you must attack them from behind or the side. Blue Darknuts are faster than their red counterparts.
8 4 Heart, Blue Rupee, Fairy Dungeons 5, 7 and 8.
Floor Trap N/A 2 N/A Dungeons 1-8 Floor Traps snap shut when you walk in their path. The best tactic is to step in their path, quickly step back, and cross while they're resetting.
Gel 1 1 N/A Dungeon 1 and from Zols. Gels slowly creep across the floor, and can be easily killed by any weapon, including the Boomerang. Two Gels spawn out of any Zol that is damaged but not killed.
Gibdo 7 4 All Dungeons 5-8. Gibdos aren't fancy, they simply walk around the room and damage you by contact. They are slow, but they're also very powerful.
Goriya 3 1 (2 from Boomerang) All Dungeons 1-3 Goriyas walk around and throw boomerangs at you. Their boomerangs can be blocked by any shield. Blue Goriyas tend to be more aggressive than Red Goriyas.
5 2 Heart, Blue Rupee, Fairy Dungeon 3
Keese 1 1 N/A Dungeons 1-8. A Keese is as annoying, but easily defeated foe, as any weapon (including the Boomerang) will kill it. They merely fly around, ocassionally stopping to take a rest. Red Keese (Keeses?) are faster than Blue ones, and sprout in pairs from a Vire that is damaged, but not destroyed.
1 1 N/A From Vires.
Like-Like 9 4 N/A Dungeons 4, 6, 7 and 8. Like-Likes may not seem like much, but if they touch you, Link will be damaged and engulfed. The only way to escape is to slash your way out. But when you reemerge, you'll find that your Magic Shield has been eaten. In conclusion, don't ever get touched by a Like-Like.
Pols Voice 10 4 Blue Rupee, Red Rupee, Fairy Dungeons 4 and 6. Pols Voices attack by hopping around, and are quite strong. The only weapon effective against them is the sword. You can also kill them instantly by playing the Ocarina.
Rope 1 1 All except Bomb. Dungeons 1, 2 and 6. Ropes slither this way and that until they see you, in which case they charge directly toward you.
Stalfos 2 1 All except Bomb. Dungeons 1 and 2. Stalfos simply walk around the room, damaging you if you touch them.
Statue N/A 2 N/A Dungeons 3, 5 and 7. Certain statues shoot projectiles at you. They cannot be destroyed, so just do your best to avoid them. You can block their projectiles with the Magic Shield, but not the Small Shield.
Vire 4 1 All Dungeons 3 and 4. Demons that spend their time hopping around the room. If you attack a Vire but don't defeat it in one hit, it will split into two Red Keese, so attack with the Magic Sword, Silver Arrows, or a Bomb.
Wall Master 2 1 All except Bomb. Dungeons 1, 2 and 5. When you touch the wall of a room with Wall Masters, they'll pop out and crawl toward you. If you are touched by one of them, you'll not only be damaged, but also sent to the beginning of the dungeon. Green Wallmasters are slightly faster than Blue ones.
2 1 All except Bomb. Dungeon 8.
Wizzrobe 4 2 Red Rupee, Blue Rupee, Heart, Fairy Dungeons 5, 7 and 8. Powerful magicians. Red Wizzrobes disappear, reappear, shoot a shot of magic at you, then disappear again. Blue Wizzrobes roam around the room and phase through obstacles, ocassionally shooting magic at you. The magic can be blocked by the Magic Shield, but not the Small Shield. Wizzrobes are immune to Arrows, Boomerangs (except the Super Boomerang), Candles and blasts from the Wand.
8 4 Items Dungeons 5, 7 and 8.
Zol 2 1 All except Bomb. Dungeons 2-8. Zols slowly roam around the room. If they are damaged but not killed in one hit, they will split into two Gels, so refrain from using the Wood Sword or a Candle against them.

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