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Heart Containers

Heart Containers

There is a maximum of 16 Heart Containers. Link begins with 3, leaving 13 to find. 8 of these are found by beating dungeon bosses. That leaves 5 Heart Containers hidden throughout Hyrule. This section will help you find them.

Picture Coordinates Info
H-7 The most easily missed Heart Container. While you still have only 0-1 Triforce Pieces, visit screen H-7 between the times of :20 and :28 to find this Heart Container. If you don't get it before you collect your second Triforce Piece, you can never get it, so be careful.
B-7 You can get your second overworld Heart Container after you get the Blue Candle. Make your way to screen B-7, and burn down this tree to find a man offering you a Heart Container or Red Water of Life. Choose the Heart Container.
H-5 After you get the Ladder, go to H-5 and cross over the planks to get this Heart Container.
C-3 Another Heart Container you can't get without the Ladder. Screen C-3 has a bombable wall. Inside this cave, you'll find an Old Man offering the Heart Container or Red Water of Life. Pick the Heart Container.
D-8 Just a couple screens left of the place you got the Wooden Sword lies a Heart Container. But you need the Ladder to reach it. Inside the cave, you'll find the Old Man again. I think you know which gift you should accept.

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