Armor is for your protection against enemy attacks.  The better the defense, the less damage you take.  Like weapons and helmets, these must also be made by combining materials or previously made armors.

To see a list of what materials make each armor, refer to the Combine Chart page.
01Alucart Mail--1------Look carefully, one letter is different!  It's not who you think!  Also offers terrible defense.
02Sports Kit52------How many times have I told you?!  Take this home and get it washed every once in a while!  It stinks!
03Special Ops--2------Worn by operatives on special missions; proof of the top brass's implicit trust.
04Hide Armor--35----Clothing covered in animal furs.  Mainly used by hunters; popular because of its warmth.
05Sports Jersey--35----Girls may wear this to avoid the looks from boys brought on by a sports kit... or so I'm told.
06Clown Suit--3--5--Worn by the heroic Vampire Hunter Comesafter C.  Filled with the rage of those he killed.
07Prince's Clothes--3--10--Oh, my prince!  All girls dream of a shining prince coming to whisk them away... or so I've heard.
08Soft Leather Armor--5------Cheap and easy to find, great armor for the beginner.  Created with love and care.
09Black Belt Suit555----The color of the belt indicates rank, with black being the highest.  Proof of a lethal fighter.
10Hard Leather Armor--8------Layer upon layer of leather built up to make tough armor, yet still allows free movement.  Very popular.
11Lorica--10------Old but sturdy armor detailed with beautiful relief, a symbol of the metallurgic quality at the time.
12Kendo Suit--10------A traditional sword-play uniform from a small, far Eastern island.  Boiling hot in summer.
13Hanzou's Clothes101010----Said to have been worn by a famous assassin from the Far East with much tension and suspense.
14Lamellar--12------Beautiful armor made of leather scales.  A historical piece from a once mighty empire.
15Eastern Armor--145----From a small country in the Far East, comprised of many small metal disks.  A collector's item.
16Brigandine--16------The tightly fitted golden plates comprising this armor could be dragon scales.  A snug fit.
17Chain Mail--20------Countless metal rings linked to form armor.  Takes a long, long time to make.
18Half Plate--24------Safe, sturdy armor that also allows freedom of movement.  Highly decorated and attractive.
19Barbarian Armor--285----Created by an empire in the West, but taken and improved by and island in the orient.
20Banded Mail--30------Additional metal plates added to chain mail to create very tough armor.  However, also very heavy.
21Dracula's Clothes103010-5DarkCreated over thousands of years by the denizens of the dark, they absorb human blood.  All powerful.
22Plate Mail--32------Armor created with the requests of wearers in mind.  Perfect in battle; standard garb for many soldiers.
23Field Armor--35------Armor focused on high defense for heavy infantry.  So heavy that few wear it by choice.
24Cuirassair Armor--40------Designed to cover the weak points of field armor; very easy to use and wear.
25Parade Armor--45------Armor designed for formal occassions, but offers such high defense that it is now also used in battle.
26Maximillian Armor--50----LightHigh-level techniques are required to created this aerodynamic armor.  So smooth that it's very light.
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