The game's protaganist.  A former devil forgemaster who betrayed Dracula three years ago.  After renouncing his powers, Hector had been leading a normal life when his beloved was executed as a witch.  He has vowed to exact revenge upon Isaac, who cleverly manipulated the witch trial.
A devil forgemaster that served Dracula alongside Hector.  Convinced that Dracula's defeat at the hands of Trevor Belmont was due to Hector's betrayal, Isaac has lured Hector back to Valachia and forced him to once again embrace the dark power of devil forgery.
A true witch that escaped the witch hunts.  Sells items and takes care of Innocent Devils that are not with Hector.  She desperately wants for Isaac to be defeated.
The man who defeated Dracula three years ago.  A descendant of the Belmont Clan, he wields the infamous whip, the Vampire Killer.  He returns to Valachia after hearing rumors of a devil forgemaster once again stirring chaos in land.  Will he help Hector or try to destroy him?
A man that seeks to abolish the curse that is afflicting Europe.  He wishes for Isaac to be vanquished so that the curse many finally be lifted.  He constantly supplies Hector with information about Isaac and his whereabouts.
A mysterious individual whose true motives are unknown.  He wishes for Hector to stop his pursuit of Isaac...but for what purpose?