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Abandoned Castle
FenrirLv.5Skeleton BlazeLv.5
CyclopsLv.8Armor KnightLv.7
MermanLv.4White DragonLv.10
Lv.3Crazy ArmorLv.9

Abandoned Castle 1F
Before your adventure begins, turn around and head away from the Castle, following the path outside.  At the end of the circular clearing, you will find a Potion.
*If you have a Castlevania: Lament of Innocence save on your memory card, you will also find the Moai item here.*

Retrace your steps, and enter the Castle for your fight against an Executioner.  Simply run around this hulking figure, and cut it down to size.  The barriers will drop, and you will acquire the Memorial Ticket.  Use the Save Room in front of you, and proceed to the east end of the Castle.  Dispatch a trio of Skeletons, and exit through the double doors.  In the following room, a large group of Skeletons will swarm you.  Keep them in front of you, and dispatch them one at a time.  They are pretty weak, so you should have no trouble with these undead.  The prize in the center room is the Quick Step Skill, which will allow you to evade attacks.
Abandoned Castle 2F
Head upstairs to 2F, which will take you outside to the outer wall.  On these ledges, several Fenrir will pounce out of the ground - so attack them quickly to knock them down, and be sure to finish them by striking before they can get back up.

Walk along the perimeter through the next couple of rooms, and destroy another trio of Skeletons.  To the left is a Save Room that you may want to use.  Continue forward to a round section that contains the Abandoned Castle Map.  With this in your possession, you can now see most of the Castle and all of its floors.

Follow the outer ledge to the next circular area, and enter the door.  Inside this room are a Cyclops and several Skeletons.  The big guy has a huge club that gives it great range.  Attack it from the back, and use the Quick Step to dodge its arching attack.  If you are taking a lot of hits from the Skeletons, move out of range of the Cyclops and reduce their number first.

When the battle is won, go through the green doors to obtain your first Innocent Devil.  In this room you will gain the aid of the Infant Fairy.  With your new pal by your side, head back out through the green doors, and open the chest to find the Dragon Crest.  With this new item in your possession, back track downstairs and go to the west end of the Castle past the first save room.
Abandoned Castle 1F
Walk down the stairs into the flooded room.  Two Mermen will jump you when you enter their watery home.  These base level Mermen have a pretty standard swipe attack, but they can also roll themselves up and spin toward you like a bowling ball.  Block this attack, and counter with your own to get rid of these pests.

Take the staircase leading up, and grab the Potion in the hallway.  The doors at the end of the room are sealed, and you will need to press the action button to use the Dragon Crest to open them.

Once you gain access to this room, a slew of Skeletons and an Executioner will bar your way  Attack the Executioner will continuing the strafe around it and Quick Step to avoid this large hammer.  When all the enemies are defeated, collect the Bestiary Skill.  You will noew be able to access important data about each of the monsters you fight.  Enter the dark tunnel leading down to the basement.
Abandoned Castle B1
Several sword-toting Ghosts will greet you, but they are no match for a Deil Forger.  A fw qick slashes and they will be nothing but vapor.  Exit through the patterened doors, and descend the long ramp, vanquisheing several Skeletons.  At the bottom the this slope is a Save Room next to the entrance of the next area.  This next section has a branch that exteneds to the west (area 1).  However, continue running straight down, defeating several Fenrirs in the next two sections, to reach area 2.

At the bottom of this slope the exit in front of you will be blocked.  Slay all three Ghosts to lower the bars, but take the path to the right, that leads south, to finish this part of the map.  This time around you will be going uphill fighting more familiar canines.  The path will curve to the left, and the next room will combine Skeletons and Fenrir.  Focus on the canines first, and eliminate the Skeletons when they get close.  About half way up this path is a set of doors on the rights.  Enter this room and smash all the wine barrels.  Not only will you collect a Wine bottle, but the next room holds a Potion and a locked chest with Aluminum.

Go back out the way you came, and continue north (right) to arrive back at area 1.  Head all the way back down where you fought the Ghosts and enter the next  room to the east.  A short ways up, there will be a door on the right side.  Enter this room full of Ghosts and Fenrir.  Try to take out the dogs first, since they are faster and provide the greatest threat.  If you get surrounded, Quick Step out of the way to give yourself some room.  In the center of the room is a bag of $100.  Grab the cash and continue on your way.

The next room you enter appears to be a dead end: a ? icon will appear.  Grab the Weapons Combine Skill.  This is a very important skill that will allow you to create new weapons and armor.  If you have been picking up the materials as you've defeated enemies, you should be able to make Soft Leather Armor, Leather Helm and several weapons.  Be sure to always check for new combinations to upgrade your gear.  Next to this skill is a pillar that has particles falling from it.  Repeatedly attack this pillar to collapse a section of the ceiling, making a handy ramp.

Race up this ramp to find a chest with the I.D Evolution Crystal Skill.  This will allow you to collect crystals to evolve your Innocent Devils into new creatures with new moves.

The next large room contains several Zombies.  They are somewhat slow moving, but they are rather resilient for undead monsters.  Their primary attacks are swinging strikes, and a grab move that can drain your life pretty well.  Keep them just in range, and unleash a combo to send them back to the grave.  The connecting hallway is barren, so continue to the next room to battle several more Zombies and Skeletons.  Attack the Zombies first, and pursue them until they are finished before fighting the Skeletons.  When you enter the following room, you will encounter several Wizards.  These spell casters can shoots fireballs, and will try to keep their distance.  Close in on them to prevent them from having time to use their magic.

The final room on this floor is filled with Skeletons and Zombies.  You must defeat them all to lower the gates.  A simple approach is to lock on to an enemy and keep attacking in that direction.  Just keep using fast combos and crush anything in your path.  When the room is clear, run up the staircase to the first floor.
Abandoned Castle 1F
This time you will need to contend with Zombies that throw-up ywllow damaging ooze; obviously avoid stepping in it!  Be sure to take out the Wizard first, since he will enhance the Zombies.  The next room on this floor will bar your way until you defeat a group of Zombies who can't hold their stomachs either.  Also in this room is a Skeleton Blaze.  The have long blade arms, and they can move and hop very quickly.  Give yourself some room from them while fighting the Zombies or take them out first, to avoid their quick sporadic strikes.

The next room has a valuable Potion in the center, along with several Zombies and a Wizard.  Take out the monsters, and grab your life-supporting potion.  A large group of Zombies awaits you in the following chamber.  Swing your weapon with wild abandon, until fall of the staggering undead have been defeated.  Take not of the Therapeutic Chair next to the exit.  Try the chair out for kicks and head up to the second floor.
Abandoned Castle 2F
When you emerge from the staircase, you will have to face several Armor knights.  These are the first enemies you fought that can block.  Quick Step to their backsides and attack from the rear to drop these armored foes.

The next room will add several Wizards to the equation.  They will heal the Armor Knight, so be sure to drop them first before you tackle the metal menace.  The next two sections of hallways each have an Armor Knight.  Defeat them for the experience, and continue to the next room.  A swarm of Wizards and an Armor Knight protect the Double Step Skill.  With this ability, you can increase your evasion by essentially performing two Quick Steps.  Defeat the Wizards and their meal accomplice to claim this item.  Before you head to the third floor, go south to the last room on this floor to complete this part of the map.  There is also a handy Save Room you can use in the hallway.
Abandoned Castle 3F
Wizards and Skeleton Blazes will assult you.  Try to clear out the magic users first, and then juggle the Skeletons with a combo.  After the next hallway, you will have to fight two more Skeleton Blazes, and a pair of White Dragons joins them.  Luckily these Dragons are "attached" to the walls, but they can still shoot fireballs at you from a distance.  Fight the Skeletons on the opposite side of the room, then jump up and perform an air combo to take out the Dragons.

The next fight will consist of even more Skeleton Blazes and another pair of White Dragons.  Stay out of range of the Dragons and finish the Blazes first.  When everything is eliminated, the gates will drop, and you can go through the red doors.  Run up the stairs with red carpeting to ascend to the next floor.
Abandoned Castle 4F
Use the Save Room on the left before you enter the red skull doors to your first boss fight...
Lock on to this Boss, and continue to attack until it swings at you.  Perform a Quick Step to avoid the strike, and continue your assault.  Keep the pressure on the Boss with rapid attacks only pausing to dodge its huge weapons.

Another technique you can try is to jump to avoid its attack, and execute an air combo on the way down.  Try to stay toward its back as much as possible to avoid an obvious frontal assault.

If this battle seems a little easy, that's because this is only the first form of the Boss.  Once its life bar is gone, it will reform, and you must defeat its second form.  Its right arm will rain down a shower of flames that covers a lot of ground.  You can avoid it by staying far away, but if you want to drop this foe, you will need to get in close.  Stay behind it, and continually attack it, letting your Fairy I.D. heal you as you dish out damage.

It can also launch fireballs at you even at close range.  Dodge these with the Quick Step and continue your assault.  You can try a hit-and-run approach, waiting for its flame attacks to subside, but this is a battle of attrition that you can win.  Although this may seem less strategic and more like brute force, it is the easiest and fastest way to defeat this boss.

When the boss is gone, step into the blue light to replenish your health and heart meters.  Approach the large birdcage and press the action button to go to the Baljhet Mountains.
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