Weapons are used for fighting off the minions of darkness while you're going around seeking revenge against Issac.  Needless to say, you won't get far without them.  You start the game off with the most basic weapon, the Short Sword.  As you progress further on and find new materials, as well as the 'Combine' skill, you can fashion more powerful weapons for you to use, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Blade Sword Rapier Axe
Hatchet Spear Knuckle Special
To see a list of what materials make each weapon, refer to the Combine Chart page.

Blades are pretty standard weapons; they have a balance of attack power & speed.
10----A simple, functional sword.  Sturdy, good for taking on groups, and easy to keep under total control.
20----A two-handed blade with great power in each swing.  Thick and very heavy, but potentially devastating.
03Ada23----A sword used mainly in ceremonies.  Said to bestow its owner with holy power.  Good in a real fight too.
235--A sword designed to halt and then snap the sword of an attacking enemy.
05Schiavona25----A derivative of the broad sword; has a unique basket hilt which protects the user's hand.
28----This sword gets its name from its snake's head motiff, with the blade representing the Narga's tail.
33----Takes its name from the Damascus steel from which it is made.  Amazingly tough, almost impossible to notch.
35----An extremely well-balanced weapon that can both cut and thrust.  Large, but can be used with one hand.
50--Dark; 1 HP
lifetap per hit.
A sword with 6 blades branching off the main one.  Rarely used in combat, but has awesome potential.
55----Shrouded in mystery and with varying reports of its weight and length, many say it does not even exist.
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Swords are large weapons that are swung with both hands.
What it lacks in speed, it more than makes up for it in destructive power.
5A simple sword made from bamboo bound together.  Not very strong, but still has potential.
12Zweihander35Wielded with two hands, it cuts a massive arc in the air.  Heavy and long; requires great skill to use.
13Nodachi40A long blade that really shows off the skills of the user.  Its delicate curve is beautiful yet deadly.
14Claymore45Has a number of rings on its top.  A name that means 'great sword', and heavy to boot.
55A massive duel-handed sword.  Great for taking out big monsters... so long as you can swing it.
16Muramasa60A blade of Eastern origin with a deadly sharp edge.  Requires clarity of will to bring it under control.
70Far easier to handle than its appearance suggests, its name comes from it being light as a feather.
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Rapiers are the fastest sword type weapons.  They are not quite as strong as blades.
18Foil10--A rapier used when learning fencing.  Light, easy to grip, and serviceable in real combat.
2010A rapier that can be used to both thrust and turn aside enemy attacks, depending on user preference.
20Rapier28--A thin sword best used for drawn-out fights.  Light and easy to use; great for fighting groups.
21Colichemarde35--A sword created from highly detailed plans.  Fine and very sharp; can easily be used with just one hand.
22Estoc38--A rapier with a diamond-sectioned edge.  So thin, it can slide between the plates of any armor.
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Axes are 2 handed weapons.  They are stronger than swords, but also somewhat slower.
23Bullova40--A wide, crescent-moon bladed axe for use with both hands.  Causes massive damage if you can swing it.
24Bardiche50--A dual-handed war axe with a long blade.  Great for both swinging and chopping.
25Tabar55--A battle axe with a half-moon head and covered in ornate carvings.  Double-edged as well.
26Battle Axe70--A large war axe developed for versatility.  Requires skill to wield well, but deadly if used correctly.
27War Hammer80--A brutal mallet, like the kind used for construction, that can beat and smash.  Batters through all armor.
28Death's Scythe120DarkThe ultimate dark weapon, shrouded in mystery.  Many have lost their lives trying to duplicate it.
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Hatchets are basically blades in axe-like form.  They are a bit stronger than blades.
29Piko Piko
1--A strange hammer that makes an odd noise when it hits.  Created by mistake during a failed combination.
30Gano15--A simple, one-handed axe comprising a triangular head on a pole.  Easy to use, but not that effective.
31Frying Pan17FireIntended for cookery and hot from the kitchen, causes first degree burns to all who are hit with it.
32Club20--Humanity's first weapon -- a brutal masher.  At least this one has thorny metal spikes.
33Mace25--A brutal but very short club.  Its large, wide head creates a distinctive sound when swung.
27Used to obtain
secret Innocent Devil.
A very rare weapon said to have the power to resurrect a legendary hero.
35Morgenstern40--An extension of the mace, the spiked ball is its most striking feature.  Heavy, but packs a massive impact.
36Zaghnol45--A type of war pick, its sharp edge can be used to dispose of foes in a variety of ways.
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Spears are long range weapons that have moderate attack power.  They can be somewhat slow at times.
6--Although originally used for cleaning, sailors have also been known to ably defend themselves with it.
10--A rough lance that looks like nothing more than a stick of bamboo.  It might work in battle.  Possibly.
39Dung15--A long, thin, double-bladed spear.  The hilt is wound with metallic cloth, which acts as a grip.
40Sasumata19--A long weapon used more to threaten or capture than kill.  Can be used in combat, but not very deadly.
41Lance23--The weapon of mounted knights, with a bulb tip.  Many refineries have made it easy to use.
42Naginata27--Slice up enemies with its wickedly curved blade set on a long pole.  Developed on an island in the East.
27--Born from a fairly simple concept -- keep the enemy as far away as possible.  What's more, it works.
44Trident30--A long, three-pronged fork, created with the intent of increasing accuracy.
30FireAn all-around weapon with many uses.  Can thrust, cut and parry attacks.
46Halberd32--The combination of a long shaft and wicked axe head make for a fearsome weapon.
47Nyoi-bo15--A mythical pole that can extend or shrink at will.  Extremely rare, few have actually seen it.
48Do Sanga38--A long spear with a second head made from a special alloy.  Often brightly decorated.
49Chauve-souris50Used to obtain
final Devil form.
A weapon said to be forged in the blood of countless humans.  Isaac's favorite weapon.  Use it a lot and...?
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Knuckles are some of the fastest weapons in the game, but there attack power isn't that much and there range is extremely short.
50Champion Glove2--The rage of an undefeated champion who died in an accident is infused in these blood-soaked gloves.
51Punch Rings7--A metal weapon that strengthens punches.  Easy to use but simply made, and thus not too strong.
52Baghnakhs10--A set of punch rings with claws attached.  These tear up an opponent like a tiger's claws.
53Claws13--Massive claws that almost totally obscure the wearer's hands.  Can shred metal and flesh.
54Jur15--Used for assassinations.  With practice, this bullhorn of a weapon can pierce enemy hearts with one blow.
55Knuckle Duster15--Steel hands attached across the knuckles by a leather belt.  Turns a punch into a knock out.
56Metal Glove20--Gloves covered with hard metal chuncks.  Powerful, but very heavy.
57Iron Shell Fists25--Only the best materials are used to make these tough hand-to-hand weapons.  Loved by ninjas.
--Although only a metal ring, using the best materials can massively strengthen its attack power.
59Hora30--A precious weapon made from the bone of a long dead beast.  Harder than steel after many centuries.
60Pata35--A unique close-combat weapon with blades on the end of gauntlets.  Can cut and thrust.
61Force Glove45DarkGauntlets created from an unknown metal and dark powers; so strong they may damage the user's arms.
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Special Weapons are a sort of oddity.  They have varying attack power, range and speed.
62Gatling Gun----A super long-distance weapon that does not need reloading for its fearsomely rapid fire.
63Bomb--FireFloats in the air and explodes upon contact with an enemy, or after a brief period.  Unlimited.
64Boomerang----Will return to its owner if thrown correctly.  Its sharp edges make it strong, but hard to catch.
65Fire Flask--FirePotent explosive.  Designed to burn for long periods.
66Shuriken----A lethal projectile used by ninja.  Very effective if used precisely.
67Hien55HolySpecial weapon similar to tonfa.  Transforms the user's life-force into energy and attacks with it.
68Spike Shield40--Originally for defense; it's so hard that it has also come to be loved as a weapon.
69Bat20--Supposedly the result of research into the ultimate weapon... but absolutely zero class and style.
70Electric Guitar25StunA ceremonial artifact with real soul.  Some people can't play it, and some just pretend to.
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*These can only be obtained/used by Trevor in a @TREVOR game.*
The Vampire Killer & other variants of it, that add additional or elemental damage to his attack.
01Vampire Killer20--A whip with the power to vanquish evil: passed down through the Belmont family for generations.Have it at the start of the game
02Ice Whip15IceThe Vampire Killer transformed into a whip of ice via a magic stone fitted into its grip.Forest of Jigramunt
03Holy Whip15HolyThe Vampire Killer transformed into a holy whip via a magic stone fitted into its grip.Infinite Corridor, 2F
04Flame Whip25FireThe Vampire Killer transformed into a whip of flame via a magic stone fitted into its grip.Baljhet Mountains
05Thunder Whip25ThunderThe Vampire Killer transformed into a whip of thunder via a magic stone fitted into its grip.Eneomaos Machine Tower, 2F
06Wind Whip30WindThe Vampire Killer transformed into a whip of wind via a magic stone fitted into its grip.Garibaldi Temple, 2F
07Abyss Whip50DarkThe Vampire Killer transformed into a whip of darkness via a magic stone fitted into its grip.Aiolon Ruins
08Circle Tip40--The Vampire Killer with an iron ball attached to the tip that greatly increases its attack power.Mortvia Aqueduct, 1F
09Square Tip50--The Vampire Killer with a platinum cube attached to the tip that greatly increases its attack power.Dracula's Castle, B1F
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