Useable Items

Items marked with an asterisk '*' can also be bought from Julia's Shop.

Found InDrops FromSteal From
Abandoned Castle, B1 x1 -- Abandoned Castle, F1 x3 -- Abandoned Castle, F2 x1
Baljhet Mountains x1 -- Mortvia Aqueduct, F1 x2 -- Garibaldi Temple, F1 x1
Tower of Eternity, F5 x1 -- Tower of Eternity, F10 x1 -- Tower of Eternity, F15 x1
Tower of Eternity, F20 x1 -- Tower of Eternity, F25 x1 -- Tower of Eternity, F30 x1
Tower of Eternity, F35 x1 -- Tower of Eternity, F40 x1 -- Tower of Eternity, F45 x1
Spirit Lv.4/19/32
Wolf Skeleton Lv.17/23
Possible candle drop.
Blaze Lv.5
DescriptionMedicine that recovers 50 HP.
High Potion*
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Mortvia Aqueduct, F1 x1 -- Tower of Evermore, F40 x1 -- Tower of Evermore, F30 x1
Tower of Evermore, F20 x1 -- Tower of Evermore, F10 x2
Spectral Sword Lv.15/47
Final Guard Lv.42/75
Possible candle drop.
DescriptionMedicine that recovers 200 HP.
XS Potion
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Baljhet Mountains x2 -- Forest of Jigramunt x1 -- Aiolon Ruins x1N/AN/A
DescriptionMedicine that recovers all HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Abandoned Castle, F1 *only if you have a Castlevania: Lament of Innocence save file*.N/AN/A
DescriptionAncient Moai stone carvings.  Very valuable to those that are interested.  Recovers all HP.
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Found InDrops FromSteal From
Baljhet Mountains x1
Garibaldi Temple, F2 x1
White Gravial Lv.27/43
Possible candle drop.
DescriptionHeals the effects of poison.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Garibaldi Temple, F1 x1
Garibaldi Temple, F2 x2
Ectoplasm Lv.16/22/37
Possible candle drop.
DescriptionPurifies the effects of a curse.
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Magical Ticket*
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Baljhet Mountains x1
Garibaldi Temple, F1 x2
Tower of Eternity, F5 x1
Tower of Evermore, F50 x1
N/AArmor Knight Lv.7/15
DescriptionInstantly transports the user to Julia's shop.
Memorial Ticket*
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Abandoned Castle x1
Garibaldi Temple, F1 x1
N/AWizard Lv.6/8
DescriptionWarps to last registered save point.
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Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/ASlogra Lv.14/37/45N/A
DescriptionA spicy red soup with lots of meat.  The color comes from beetroots.  Restores 250 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AN/AIssac Lv.50
DescriptionA cheese known as Emmentaler.  The holes in it are called 'cheese eyes'.  Restores 100 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AN/ATrevor Lv.40
DescriptionMade with 17 different spices, leave it overnight before cooking to really bring out the flavor.  Restores 250 HP.
French Fries
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AOrc Lv.7/14N/A
DescriptionFried potato.  Great eaten just after frying.  Restores 20 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AExecutioner Lv.2/26/47N/A
DescriptionA meat patty squashed inside a bun to make it easier to eat.  This one has lots of tasty pickles.  Restores 20 HP.
Hot Dog
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AFenrir Lv.5/10N/A
DescriptionSausage in bread.  Great for eating and walking at the same time.  Restores 35 HP.
Ice Cream
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AFrost Demon Lv.28/38/43
Death Ripper Lv.29/40/75
DescriptionRich, sweet dessert made from real cream.  Eat it up quickly before it melts!  Restores 20 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/ALesser Demon Lv.13/23N/A
DescriptionA large circle of candy on a stick for licking.  Can you withhold the desire to just crunch it?  Restores 1 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AFleaman Lv.7/40/75N/A
DescriptionFrom cows raised in wide open pastures.  Great for breakfast.  Restores 50 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AN/ANuculais Lv.53
DescriptionPasta cooked with ketchup.  Watch out if you're wearing white.  Restores 125 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AGaibon Lv.17/34/45N/A
DescriptionA flat bread from Russia.  Also tasty when baked.  Restores 250 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/A N/ALegion Lv.52
DescriptionA simple-is-best thin crust with cheese topping.  Restores 90 HP.
Pork Bowl
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/ARapid Sniper Lv.31/40N/A
DescriptionPrime pork cuts on rice.  Can be sealed in with an egg for extra flavor.  Restores 200 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/APhantom Sword Lv.15
Basilisk Lv.23/46
Ghoul Lv.27/42/75
DescriptionLong noodles from the East in a tasty soup.  Slurp them down in one gulp.  Restores 100 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/ACyclops Lv.8/47/75N/A
DescriptionRice from the Far East, boiled and steaming.  Restores 75 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AN/AWyvern Lv.14
DescriptionA light sponge topped with strawberries and cream.  Certainly not short on taste or calories.  Restores 15 HP.
Sunnyside Up Egg
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/ACockatrice Lv.6/46
Efreet Lv.7/11/45
DescriptionFresh at breakfast, just the way you like it.  Restores 150 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AN/ASkeleton Diver Lv.24
DescriptionA new type of food that might not be to everyone's liking.  Restores 150 HP.
Tomato Juice
Found InDrops FromSteal From
N/AN/ADracula (1st form)
DescriptionA simple juice with no additives at all.  Restores 50 HP.
Found InDrops FromSteal From
Abandoned Castle, B1 x1Dead Baron Lv.12/31N/A
DescriptionVintage 1476, brewed to commemorate the fall of Dracula.  Restores 5 HP.
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