Helmets, like weapons & armor, must be made by combining different materials together.  Helmets provide defense for your player's head.  Some combines can only be done if the previous ones are made.

To see a list of what materials make each helmet, refer to the Combine Chart page.
01School Cap--1------It's going too far when a school uniform includes a cap.
02Top Knot--1------Invented by a comedian in the East, perhaps the joke doesn't translate very well.
03Ten-Gallon Hat--110----A type of cowboy hat.  Although all bear the same name, weather, wind conditions and job affect style.
04Leather Helm--2------Light and easy to wear, cheap and easy to find.  Just don't expect it to protect your head that well.
05Stone Mask525-5DarkA shaman's stone mask, used in rituals where the heart of the victim is offered to a dark god.
06Face Guard--3------Exactly who this is, no one knows.  But their latent power can still be strongly felt.
07Corinthian Helmet--4------A beautiful piece, but its total coverage of the ears may make hearing orders a little tricky.
08Iron Mask--5------Used by a certain country to train elite secret agents by sensory deprivation on children.
09Tengu Mask--5------The mask of a spirit native to a Far East island.  Often appears in traditional Noh plays.
10Pumpkin Head--5------Pumpkin is so popular, he became a mask!  What fun!  Trick or treat?
11Thracian Helmet--8------A helmet from centuries ago, with moustache and beard modeled onto it.  Makes anyone look manly.
12Gallic Helmet--10------An iron helmet created by an ancient empire.  Also protects neck and cheeks, offering solid protection.
13Frog Mouth Helm--12------A lancer's helmet, its opening is angled up rather than forward so one can lean forward.
14Sallet--14------A helmet with slits to see out of.  Decorated beautifully, also used for formal occassions.
15Masakado's Helmet101510-10--Said to belong to a general whose neck was twisted.  Still infused with his rage.
16Barrel Helmet--16------A barrel-shaped basket helm, mainly used by cavalry.  High defense but very hard to see out of.
17Lobster Tail Pod--18------This helmet takes its name from the movable neck guard attached to it.
18Armet--20------An incredibly heavy helmet supported by the shoulders.  Opens out when not in battle.
19Burgonet--22------Its large visor deflects the sun during long battles.  The large cheek guards offer extra protection.
20Crest Helm--24------Created for use in jousting tournaments.  heavily decorated, with a space for the wearer's crest.
21Cross Helmet--26------A helmet with a crest and visor.  Best to leave it open when not in combat.
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