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This page will be filled with extra stuff from the game.
Chair RoomThe TowersSecret Innocent Devil
Boss Rush ModeCrazy ModeTrevor Mode

Chair Room
You'll notice as you progress through the game, you will come across several chairs that are randomly placed throughout the game in different locations.  You can approach these chairs and sit in them if you wish, and view a description of them.  Located near the 1st warp room in Cordova Town, is a room for these chairs.  Upon entering, you can view all the different chairs that you have found thus far.  There is also some odd carnival-style music playing, as well as these strange birds with targets on there body flying around the room.  Upon finding all of the chairs, a special chair will become available to you to show that you've found all of them.  I have no idea what Konami was smoking when they thought of this, but hey, it could be.. fun, or something?
1BenchCordova TownIn the area with the path leading down to B1, it is off to the side.
2Coffee CupGaribaldi TempleAfter you use Devil-Type 'Magic Circle' to go under the cracked wall on F1, it is in the middle of the first room that you come to.
3Comedian's ChairAiolon RuinsIn the area where you use the Proboscis Fairy to knock down the wall to open up a new area, follow the path until you find a room in the upper middle part of that path.
4Director's ChairAiolon RuinsSame area as the Comedian Chair, except in the lower east room.
5Dracula's ThroneDracula's CastleIn the first fight with Dracula.
6Emperor's ThroneInfinite CorridorNear the Warp Room on 3F
7GondolaAbandoned CastleAfter you beat Crazy Armor & take the Gondola to go down to the Baljhet Mountains.
8Gunnery SeatBaljhet Mountains,
Aiolon Ruins, Mortvia Aqueduct
Baljhet Mountains - Continue on the path past Julia's Shop.
Mortvia Aqueduct - In the large open area, just above the save room on the 1st floor.
Aiolon Ruins - 1/2 way through the area, just past the first save room.
9Highbrow ChiarDracula's CastleUpon entering Dracula's Caslte, walk around the entire outside edge of F1 until you come to a dead end.  Strike the wall behind the chair to also find a Medusa Ring.
10Hilarious CushionAiolon RuinsIn the area where you use the Mage's 'Sorcery Flame' to burn away the vines, go down the southern path into the room.
11Leather ChairAiolon RuinsIn the same area as the Hilarious Cushion, but take the east path to a north room.
12PanchinkoBaljhet Mountains*Can only be done after Dracula's Castle has been resurrected*  Go to the area with the bridge & the water will be drained away.  Go down the newly opened path.  It will be in the north room.
13Park SwingCordova TownTowards the beginning of the is area, you will see a fenced off area.  Use Devil-type 'Magic Circle' to slide under the fence.  There is also a HP Max Up nearby.
14Rattan ChairForest of JigramuntGo down the path that is seemly a dead end.  Use Battle-type 'Hip Press' to smash the ground open to reveal a hidden path.  Go down the newly opened tunnel & in the SE room.
15Rocking ChairBaljhet MountainsUpon entering Julia's Shop, in the left hand corner.
16Save Room ChairAll AreasAny save area throughout the game.
17Stump StoolForest of JigramuntIn the south path past the first save room.
18Teleporter SeatMost AreasAny warp room throughout the game.
19Therapeutic ChairAbandoned CastleIn the room leading up to the 2nd set of stairs leading up to F2; in the corner.
20Throne of BonesDracula's CastleWhen you reach F1 coming up from B1, take the east path to head to a different staircase leading to another part of B1.  Follow the path, & it will be in a room  at the end of the passage.
21Two-Seater SofaMortvia Aqueduct*Can only be done after Dracula's Castle has been resurrected*  Go back to F2, and you'll find a room where the water has been drained.  Travel down the newly opened path and take the west path when you get the chance.  It is in the room, up against the wall on the left side.
22Western ToiletForest of JigramuntIn the beginning of this area, near the first save room.  The water will be drained from an area nearby (decends down; will also find a chest containing a Devil's Vein).
23Woodman's ChairForest of JigramuntInside the cave part of this area, you will find a room that is blocked off at the end of a sloping tunnel by large statues.  Use Battle-type 'Shoulder Ride' to smash through the statues to reveal a hidden path; take the upper path to a room.
24Complete ChairChair Room in Cordova TownWill only appear once you've found all other 23 chairs.
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Arena Towers
When you enter the later part of the Forest of Jigramunt, you'll find a tower in the middle of an area.  Upon entering, you'll be unable to leave & be forced to fight your way to the top (you can still use the Magical & Memorial Tickets to leave though).  Each floor consists of different monsters, progressively getting stronger as you go up the tower.  Upon reaching the top (50 floors), you find a special item, Kit Bag, & can choose to either: A)Jump off and return to the bottom of the tower on the outside or B)Use a bird-type I.D. with 'Long Glide' and glide towards the moon to reach the 2nd Tower.  The monsters here, however, are much stronger than in the previous tower (most will be at or around 50 or higher) and you must fight your way down this time.  Same as before, 50 levels with mobs on each floor, getting stronger as you go down.  Upon reaching the bottom floor, you'll need to break away part of the wall to escape.  Doing so, will open up a door to the outside the Garibaldi Temple area.

~I did my best to make sure I counted all the mobs per room (going through both towers a couple of times in fact; kinda difficult to count all enemies on the screen and focus on not getting killed, especially in the 2nd tower).  Still, if there are any that are incorrect, feel free to tell me about it.~
Tower of EternityTower of Evermore
1Skeleton Lv.1 (6)50Magical Ticket
2Zombie Lv.5 (10)49Red Ogre Lv.75 (1)
Rapid Sniper Lv.40 (5)
3Bone Soldier Lv.18 (8)48Flame Demon Lv.43 (2)
Rapid Sniper Lv.40 (4)
4Orc Lv.14 (5)47Flame Demon Lv.43 (3)
Basilisk Lv.46 (3)
Magical Ticket
46Iron Gladiator Lv.47 (2)
Basilisk Lv.46 (4)
6Armor Knight Lv.15 (4)45Iron Gladiator Lv.47 (2)
Spirit Lv.32 (8)
7Ghost Lv.11 (9)44Great Armor Lv.46 (6)
8Cyclops Lv.8 (3)43Red Ogre Lv.75 (3)
Great Armor Lv.46 (2)
9Fenrir Lv.10 (7)42Red Ogre Lv.75 (2
Fleaman Lv.75 (9)
Potion (Trevor)
41Great Armor Lv.46 (3)
Fleaman Lv.75 (6)
11Skeleton Lv.9 (8)40High Potion
High Potion (Trevor)
Thief Lv.32 (3)
Fleaman Lv.75 (3)
12Skeleton Blaze Lv.5 (6)39Blaze Phantom Lv.44 (2)
White Dragon Lv.38 (4)
13Wizard Lv.8 (6)38Final Guard Lv.75 (2)
Blaze Phantom Lv.44 (4)
14Merman Lv.15 (5)
Fishman Lv.16 (2)
37Fishman Lv.45 (10)
Potion (Trevor)
36Final Guard Lv.75 (2)
Lizard Shaman Lv.43 (4)
16Phantom Sword Lv.15 (4)
Spectral Sword Lv.15 (2)
35Skeleton Rider Lv.45 (4)
17Cockatrice Lv.6 (5)34Flame Demon Lv.43 (2)
Lizard Shaman Lv.43 (4)
18Flea Man Lv.7 (11)33Efreet Lv.45 (3)
Flame Demon Lv.43 (2)
19Efreet Lv.11 (4)32Spirit Lv.32 (4)
Blood Skeleton Lv.75 (2)
Potion (Trevor)
31Final Guard Lv.75 (3)
Blood Skeleton Lv.75 (3)
21Skeleton Lv.9 (9)30High Potion
High Potion (Trevor)
Death Ripper Lv.40 (3)
Thief Lv.42 (3)
22Lizardman Lv.23 (6)29Merman Lv.35 (4)
Frost Dragon Lv.39 (4)
23Spirit Lv.19 (6)28Jin Lv.45 (2)
Merman Lv.35 (4)
24Dead Fencer Lv.30 (3)
Dead Baron Lv.31 (3)
27Executioner Lv.47 (4)
Potion (Trevor)
26Executioner Lv.47 (1)
Frost Demon Lv.38 (4)
26Lesser Demon Lv.23 (3)25Frost Demon Lv.38 (2)
Armored Sprinter Lv.44 (4)
27Slogra Lv.14 (5)24Unicorn Lv.44 (4)
28Gaibon Lv.17 (4)23Unicorn Lv.44 (2)
Ectoplasm Lv.37 (4)
29Skeleton Rider Lv.26 (6)22Cyclops Lv.75 (2)
Potion (Trevor)
21Cyclops Lv.75 (1)
Dark Warlock Lv.42 (5)
31Skeleton Lv.9 (10)20High Potion
High Potion (Trevor)
Fleaman Lv.75 (5)
Gi-Lee Lv.31 (2)
32Spirit Lv.32 (9)19Assassin Zombie Lv.44 (2)
Thunder Dragon Lv.40 (4)
33Blaze Master Lv.14 (8)18Assassin Zombie Lv.44 (4)
34Assassin Zombie Lv.24 (5)17Amduscias Lv.44 (2)
Thunder Demon Lv.43 (3)
Potion (Trevor)
16Duke Mirage (3)
Amduscias Lv.44 (3)
36Vassago Lv.25 (6)15Duke Mirage (3)
37Red Ogre Lv.25 (4)14Amduscias Lv.44 (4)
38Thief Lv.21 (9)13Basilisk Lv.46 (3)
White Gravial Lv.43 (2)
39Sniper Orc Lv.24 (12)12White Gravial Lv.43 (6)
Potion (Trevor)
11Assassin Zombie Lv.44 (3)
Ghoul Lv.75 (3)
41Skeleton Lv.9 (12)10High Potion (2)
High Potion (2) (Trevor)
Death Ripper Lv.75 (3)
Fleaman Lv.75 (3)
42Basilisk Lv.23 (5)9Slogra Lv.45 (2)
Gaibon Lv.45 (2)
43Wolf Skeleton Lv.23 (6)8Slogra Lv.45 (2)
44Great Armor Lv.25 (6)7Cockatrice Lv.46 (3)
Blood Skeleton Lv.75 (3)
Potion (Trevor)
6Harpy Lv.46 (2)
Cockatrice Lv.46 (2)
46Flame Demon Lv.31 (5)5Red Ogre Lv.75 (2)
Harpy Lv.46 (3)
47Thunder Demon Lv.27 (6)4Red Ogre Lv.75 (1)
Gladiator Lv.47 (1)
48Frost Demon Lv.28 (6)3Fleaman Lv.75 (50)
49Executioner Lv.26 (6)2Vampire Blood (1)
ATK Up (Trevor)
50Kit Bag
ATK Up (Trevor)
1Fleaman Lv.75 (5)
Golden Bones (1)
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Secret Innocent Devil
On the 6th Floor of Dracula's Castle, you'll eventually come to a room and notice some blue mist emanating  from underneath the north wall.  Use the Devil-type's 'Magic Circle' ability to go under the wall, and follow the short path until you come to a green door leading to an innocent devil sanctum.  Inside is where you obtain the hidden ID-type, Pumpkin.  You'll notice that this one will not come to life as you approach it like the others, instead, you must strike the tombstone using a special weapon, the Pumpkin Mace, which is made from a Piko Piko Hammer & a Pumpkin Head (refer to combine chart & materials to see how to make them).  Once you make it, simply strike it to bring it to life.

Pumpkin is similar to the Fairy-type, in that it doesn't really attack (it technically does have 2 attacks: a jab attack that does damage, and a cry attack that does damage + stun, but he has to be next to an enemy in order for it to hit), so don't expect him to help out offensively.  He also has has very low HP, so leveling him might be kinda tricky.  His main aspect is his eventual insane boost to STR & LCK.  His forms do not really change much with each evolution (mostly just adds something to cover his face or head).  To get 3 of his final forms, however, certain conditions must be met, but are not that overly hard to do.
Bloody PumpkinCursed PumpkinCollect 100 Evo. Crystals using Death's Scythe
Tiny KingWhimsical AngelCollect 100 Evo. Crystals using Short Sword
Clown NoseGenius ChefCollect 100 Evo. Crystals using Frying Pan
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Boss Rush Mode
After beating the game & getting 'CLEAR', go into any Warp Room and you'll notice that the chambers colors have changed from blue to purple(ish).  When you get on the warp chair, you'll see an option called "Boss Rush".  Use it, and you'll start Boss Rush, where you fight all the bosses in the game, in order, until you defeat them all or you die.  The monsters, however, are stronger than what they were when you first fought them.  This also gives you a chance to obtain rare items that can only be found by stealing from certain bosses, incase you missed you chance the first time around.
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Crazy Mode
Upon beating the game and getting a 'CLEAR' mark on your save, you can create a new game with the name @CRAZY to play the game in Crazy Mode.  The monsters throughout this game will be 2x stronger.  Nothing new has been added to this, just harder, a lot harder actually, to beat it this time through.  Upon beating it though, and unlocking the CLEAR mark again, you can enter Julia's Shop & purchase an ACCY. called a Mebius Brooch, which will allow you to use your Innocent Devil's special moves without consuming hearts.  I figure it's kinda worth it, I guess.
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Trevor Mode
After beating the game & getting a 'CLEAR' mark, you can start a new game using the name @TREVOR to play the game as Trevor Belmont.
  • Does not gain EXP or levels.
  • Can't use potions, etc; he can pick them up, however, but he uses them immediately.
  • Obtains parameter upgrades to increase his HP, Hearts, ATK & DEF. 
  • Obtains weapon upgrades that can add additional damage or elemental damage to your whip.
  • Starts off with access to all 5 subweapons (dagger, axe, holy water, cross, stopwatch) & their Item Crash.
  • Maps for all areas have been opened up.
  • For places that require 'Glide', 'Long Glide', or 'Magic Circle', there will be instead a warp point that will take you to the assigned destination.
  • Has access to several of Hector's Skills, such as: Guard, Perfect Guard, Double Jump, Quick Step, Double Step.
  • When he successfully does a Perfect Guard, it restores some of his HP & Hearts.
Starting StatsFinal Stats
ATK (with Vampire
Killer equipped)
30ATK (with Vampire
Killer equipped)
His stats should go from this..to this, if all the power ups where obtained.
Power Ups
HPMax HP up 30Abandoned Castle x1
Garibaldi Temple x1
Forest of Jigramunt x1
Eneomaos Machine Tower x1
Infinite Corridor x1
MPMax Hearts up 10Baljhet Mountains x1
Mortvia Aqueduct x1
Cordova Town x1
Aiolon Ruins x1
Dracula's Castle x1
ATKATK up 5Abandoned Castle x1
Baljhet Mountains x1
Garibaldi Temple x1
Mortvia Aqueduct x1
Forest of Jigramunt x1
Cordova Town x1
Eneomaos Machine Tower x1
Aiolon Ruins x1
Tower of Eternity x1
Tower of Evermore x1
DEFDEF up 5Abandoned Castle x1
Baljhet Mountains x2
Garibaldi Temple x1
Mortvia Aqueduct x2
Forest of Jigramunt x1
Cordova Town x1
Aiolon Ruins x1
Dracula's Castle x1
PerameterMax HP up 50
Max Hearts up 5
ATK up 5
DEF up 5
Abandoned Castle x2
Baljhet Mountains x1
Garibaldi Temple x2
Mortvia Aqueduct x1
Forest of Jigramunt x1
Cordova Town x1
Eneomaos Machine Tower x1
Aiolon Ruins x1
Infinite Corridor x1
Dracula's Castle x1
NormalItem Crash
NameEffectMP UseNameEffectMP Use
KnifeThrows 3 knives in front of you towards enemy.1KnifeReleases a stream of daggers that homes in on enemies for a short time.10
AxeThrows 2 axes straight
in front of you.
5AxeSlams a giant axe down in front of you, causing damage to the surrounding enemies.10
Releases a vial of holy
water that spreads in
a circle around you.
Releases a vial of holy water that homes in on a nearby enemy.8
CrossThrows a boomerang straight out in front of you; will return if it doesn't hit a wall.5CrossReleases a spiral of holy crosses around you, damaging nearby enemies.15
Stops time for about 5 seconds.20Stop
Stops time for about 10 seconds.40
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