Innocent Devils

Innocent Devil Development
Innocent Devils level up with experience points by defeating enemies, just like Hector.  When an enemy is defeated by Hector or his I.D., both Hector and his I.D. will gain experience.  An I.D. must be summoned for it to recieve any experience points however.  To truly succeed, level up both Hector and his Innocent Devils.
I.D. Growth Rate
An Innocent Devil's stat increase is based on their stat growth rate for that particular I.D.  This can be viewed from the I.D. Chart.  The graph is split into 5 sections, one for each stat: Hearts, ATK, DEF, MAG & AGL.  Depending on the I.D., one stat may go up more or less than other stats.  This one for example:
Battle-type: Speedmail
As you can see on the graph, the growth rate is spiked more towards AGL & ATK than it is to MAG & Hearts.  This means his ATK & AGL will go up at a faster rate per level than his MAG & Hearts.  So basically, if you want a battle-type with insane speed, keep him on Speedmail and level him up alot.

This same rule applies for the other different types & classes of I.D.  Check the individual growth charts and see what stats you want to go up faster for whichever I.D. (e.g. - higher MAG for mage-type or ATK for battle-type, etc).
Their are 6 types of Innocent Devils, each differing on their specialty:  Fairy, Battle, Bird, Mage, Devil, and the hidden one, Pumpkin.
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