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NumbrMan (NumberMan) is your opponent. Lan finds out that Higsby's going to give him the win, but knowing Lan, he wouldn't let that happen. So, time to see Higsby, so head back to ACDCTown and talk to Higsby in his shop.
Time to be Higsby's errand boy. After receiving the 20 HigbyAds, head back to Lan's HP and jack in.
Talk to the first Mr. Prog you see and then goo down and talk to the Normal Navi. Now head to ACDC Area2. In ACDC Area2, head right and talk to the Heal Navi. Then head back up and talk to the Mr. Prog. To the left of him, is a Purple Navi, so give one to him too. Now, on to ACDC Area3. First head right at the fork. Follow the path and give an ad to the Brown Navi. Now, we're done with the ACDC Areas, so on to the Town Areas.
In Town Area1, there's a Red Navi standing at the entrance to Town Area2. Give him one and then head to the next area. Give a flyer to the Orange Navi. Head to the entrance to Town Area3, talk to the Blue Navi and give him a flyer. In Town Area3, follow the yellow path and give the second Mr. Prog a flyer. And you are done, depending on how many flyers you gave her, you get a different prize. It's up to you to continue, but I like to maximize everything. Towards the end of Town Area3, there's a Heal Navi, so give him a Flyer. Jack out now.
Jack into the MicrowvComp and give Mr. Prog a flyer. Head to Elec Town1 and head to the LCD Comp in Elec Town2. Give the Red Navi a flyer. Continue on and jack into ElTwrComp1. Give the first Normal Navi you see a flyer. Head forward and give the Purple Navi a flyer. In ElTwrComp2, there should be a Brown Navi near the entrance, so give him one. At the far top left, is a Blue Navi, so give him one too. Now jack out and jack into the StereoComp and give the Normal Navi a flyer. There's also a Blue Navi to the left that wants one. The last flyer to give is to a HealNavi in the HotdogComp in DenDome.
I don't really remember what chip you'd get, but this one of the possibilities, a Ball T BattleChip. That guy comes back in and says some stuff. Time to find Higsby, so jack into Lan's HP and head to Town Area1. Head all the way to left, past the entrance to Town Area2.
The gate appears to be locked. So jack out and head to Higsby's Shop. Talk to his employee to get the HigsbyKy KeyItem. She also tells Lan that there's a password lock...yay... So head all the way back to the locked gate.
The next gate needs a sequence of passwords. They vary so:
Three lines (1 1 1)
August, April, May (8 4 5)
200 - 80 - 1 (1 1 9)
'Hi' = 'He???' (1 1 0)
147, 258, ??? (3 6 9)
12, 10, 8, ?, ?, ? (6 4 2)
1-31, 2-28, ?-?? (3 3 1)
x = 3, y = 4, xyx = ??? (3 4 3)
After talking to NumberMan, jack out and head to Higsby's Shop. Isn't this such a touching moment?
Head to DenDome and initiate your match.
If you didn't get it already, Lan will receive the NumSoul (NumberSoul).

I Ain't Afraid a No Ghost
Starky Returns! (BM)

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