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Character Sheet

Building up skills is practically the defining element of an RPG, and Quest for Glory offers its share of that.  There are thirteen abilities in the game, six of which are only available to certain classes (unless you add them at character creation).  You must have some points in a skill in order to make use of it--if your skill level is 0 in something, it will never improve.

Whenever you open your character sheet, you might find some skills in red (due to a color problem in the VGA version, they may appear blue at night).  This means that the number has changed since the last time you viewed the character sheet.  It's a good way to keep track of which skills are improving through whatever action you're taking.

I'll often use the terms "skill", "stat", and "ability" interchangeably throughout the shrine.  They all refer to basically the same thing.

Increased By:
Raw physical power
Weapon damage and various other physical skills, as well as maximum inventory weight and Health Points Fighting, climbing, throwing... Anything involving physical force
The Hero's IQ (kidding!).
Spell power; chance to hit while throwing; chance to hit, dodge, and parry in combat; and Magic Points
Fighting, solving puzzles, casting spells, talking to people
How far the Hero can bend before he breaks
Chance to hit, dodge, and parry in combat; accuracy while throwing; Stamina Points, and anything else involving precise movement
Fighting, throwing, climbing, lockpicking, sneaking... Anything involving dexterity
The Hero's general level of ruggedness
Health Points, Stamina Points, and the amount of damage taken
Doing anything physical
Chance of things happening in the Hero's favor
Chance to succeed at anything, but to a very minor degree
Doing literally anything
Weapon Use
How adept your Hero is with that pointy metal thing
Chance to hit with weapons, and weapon damage
Attacking in combat
Skill at blocking attacks with a weapon or shield
Chance to successfully parry an attack
Parrying in combat
Moving out of the way of incoming attacks
Chance to successfully dodge an attack
Dodging in combat
The ability to move without being noticed
Chance to avoid detecting while sneaking
Sneaking.  A lot.  This is one of the hardest skills to improve
Pick Locks
Skill at opening locks and cracking safes
Chance to successfully pick a lock
Picking locks, or your nose once your skill is high enough to not be fatal
Rapidly moving small objects away from your hand
Accuracy and damage when throwing rocks or daggers
Throwing stuff, best done with daggers at the target or playing Dag-Nab-It
Getting yourself up and over things
Chance to succeed when climbing walls, cliffs, and trees
Climbing things (the wall in front of the brigand camp can get you to 100)
How well you do the voodoo that you do
Spell power, Magic Points
Casting spells

In addition to these abilities, there are several other bits of data on your character sheet:

Improved By:
Your Hero's name
Nothing.  You can give your Hero any name (up to 39 characters) and it won't affect how the game is played.
Choosing a good name at character creation.  You can change it when you import into QFG2, but you're stuck with it throughout QFG1.
A picture of your Hero, different for each class
Nothing, but it's a good way to remind yourself what class your Hero is, on the off-chance that you forget.
Choosing a class whose picture you like.  You're stuck with the same class throughout the game.
Health Points
Your Hero's life
Whether you're alive or dead.  If it reaches 0, the game is over (so save often and stay alive!)
Current HP can be renewed by resting or using a Healing Potion.  Maximum HP is raised along with Strength and Vitality.
Stamina Points
How pepped your Hero is
What your Hero is happily willing to do.  In the VGA version, he'll die if he runs out of SP during battle.  In the EGA version, he'll lose health with every action taken at 0 SP.
Current SP can be restored by resting or drinking a Vigor Potion.  Maximum SP is raised along with Agility and Vitality.
Magic Points
Your Hero's mana pool
Whether or not your Hero can cast spells.  You must have enough Magic Points available for the spell you want to cast.
Current MP can be restored by resting or drinking a Magic Potion.  Maximum SP is raised along with Intelligence and Magic.
Experience Points
The amount of stuff you've done
Nothing.  Sorry, but there's no leveling-up in this game.  It's just a counter with no maximum.
Doing pretty much anything
Puzzle Points
Your score (out of 500)
Nothing.  Another counter.  See the Points section for more information.
Solving puzzles and generally doing what the designers want you to do.