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Map of Spielburg Valley

All Heroes need to know where they're going and how to get there, and what better way to do that than to have a handy-dandy map of the place where you're doing all your heroism?  Click on a point of interest (or just scroll down the page) to read more about what you might find in your adventure.  Also, the Castle, Spielburg, and the Brigand Camp all have more detailed maps, which you'll also find below.

Black lines represent borders that cannot be crossed.  Gray lines can be crossed simply by walking to the edge of the screen.  Blue lines require the Hero to go to a particular point on the screen or to solve a puzzle before crossing.  And the one red line is crossable in the EGA version but not in the VGA version.












Note:  Black areas cannot be entered, and black lines cannot be crossed (except by climbing over walls at night).

An antwerp bounces around the entrance to Fred's cave.
Archery Range An old board leaning against the southern town wall.  Entering from the south puts you in front of the target, while entering from the east or west puts you behind some bushes.  Could make for a good place to stay out of sight if you want to spy on someone...
Bear A large bear stands chained to a rock in this cave.  You'll have to calm him down somehow if you want to get close.
Baba Yaga's Hut The evil ogress lives in a hut with chicken legs, guarded by a not-entirely-loyal skull.
Brauggi You'll meet the frost giant here, where the last of the winter's snow hasn't quite melted.
Brigand Gauntlet The Hero has a bad feeling about this place.  It probably has something to do with the dozen or so brigand archers waiting to use him for target practice.  Maybe there's a safer way into the camp...
Castle Gate
The only entrance to Spielburg Castle, where Karl the gatekeeper diligently makes sure nobody enters unless they ask him to open the gate.
Dryad's Corner You'll find the Dryad by following a stag in the forest.  This is one of two safe places to sleep in the forest.
Erana's Peace In addition to the protection spell she cast on the town, Erana blessed this area as well.  The tree bears fruit that can help you save your rations, and sleeping here will restore your HP, SP, and MP to full.
Erasmus's House The physical effort required to climb Magic Mountain seems out of place for a wizard's house.
Fairy Ring A ring of magic mushrooms grows here, and fairies dance the night away among them.
Flying Falls The door to 'Enry's cave sits in the cliff side here, safe from intruders as the waterfall's spray keeps the rocks nice and slick.
Fox Trap
The second (VGA) or third (EGA) time you enter this screen, you'l see a fox stuck in a trap here.  Nothing else worth noting, though.
Fred's Cave Fred the Troll guards the back door to the Brigand Camp.  You'll need to get past him in order to go through.  Just don't go too deep into the cave--Fred's personal quarters are off-limits.
Goblin Camp Great place to build up some combat skills and make some money.  If any goblins are willing to fight you, they'll come at you in gradually increasing swarms.
Graveyard Creepy and haunted.  The only thing of interest here is the Mandrake Root, and the ghosts who will suck your life away if you try entering at night without the right protection.
Healer's House Amelia Appleberry lives in a small cottage just outside of town.  The tree in her front yard is a good place to practice climbing.
Heinrich's Farm Heinrich Pferdefedern, the centaur farmer, can be found here during the day, laboring endlessly.  He'll stop his work to chat if you strike up a conversation, though.
Hollow Log
There isn't much here--it's just a generic forest screen with a landmark.
Kobold's Lair
The Kobold Magic User lives deep in this cave, napping.  He'll be angry if you wake him up.  You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
Magic Mountain
The base of Magic Mountain has a nice view and some magic signs warning people of what they're getting themselves into.
Meeps' Peep The Meeps live under flat rocks in the western corner of the valley, occasionally popping their heads up to look around.
Ogre A big pink ogre guards the entrance to the Kobold's cave.
A collection of water from the Flying Falls.  There's nothing necessary here, except a few easter eggs and one point for visiting.
Spore-Spitting Spirea These odd plants grow on the side of a cliff, tossing a seed back and forth to each other (pollinating it?)
Town Gate
The easiest way into town.  Bruno hangs out here most days.
White Stag
Until you get the recipe for the Dispel Potion, you'll see a white stag here, who will lead you west to the Dryad.

Map of Spielburg Town

Spielburg is a small town with only a few shops and homes, so you should be able to find your way around the town pretty easily.  But for the sake of being thorough, have a map!  Because this area is relatively small, the nodes are not clickable as in the above map.


Unlike the forest, the town is not set up on a grid, so making a grid-based map of all the building interiors is a little difficult.  Each letter from A-H refers to a door that you can enter:
Northern Road

Southern Road

Bar (A)
A good place to toss back some Troll's Sweat and relax after a hard day of heroing.  Wait a second!  What are you thinking?  Real Heroes don't drink!  The Thieves' Guild is here, though, as are a few points, so you won't be able to completely skip it.
Alley (B)
A dark alley in the back of town.  You'll find Sam, the beggar, here during the day.  And thieves at night.
Sheriff's House (C)
Thieves are the only ones who will see the inside of the house.  The Sheriff lives in this cozy abode with his wife (separate bedrooms?) and Otto.
Dry Goods Store (D)
Kaspar runs this store.  It closes at sunset, and opens at dawn.
Adventuerer's Guild (E)
The Adventurer's Guild Hall is on the western end of town, and you'll find Wolfgang Abenteuer here all day every day.
LOL's House (F)
The Little Old Lady naps in her rocker out front during the day, and sleeps in her bedroom at night.  Thieves are the only ones who will see the inside of her house.
Magic Shop (G)
Zara runs the town's Magic Shop, and is the only source for potions after sunset.  She's open 24/7, but the Healer has better prices.
Hero's Tale Inn (H)
The only inn in town, run by Shameen and Shema, two Kattas from Shapeir.  It's a good place to get some wonderful food and helpful information.
Town Gate (I)
Going south through this passage takes you into the forest.
Hilde's Market (J)
Hilde Pferdefedern runs her market during the day, selling the fruits and vegetables grown on her father's farm.

Map of Spielburg Castle

A small castle courtyard with only a few points of interest.  But here's a map anyway.



The only person you'll find here is an old guard polishing a sword.  And all he'll tell you is to go away.
Castle Door
Two guards the door.  You won't be able to get inside unless the Baron wants to see you.
The cobblestone courtyard is a good place to practice swordsmanship, as the Weapon Master proves.  You'll find him here.  This is also where you enter after going through the gate.
The stables get dirty pretty quickly, and the Stable Master doesn't want to always clean them himself.  He'll pay you a few silver for each day you rake up the mess.

Map of the Brigand Camp

The Brigand Camp can be a little confusing, but the path through it is linear and a map probably won't help much.  The walkthrough covers everything you need to know about the camp, though.



Front Gate
Toro paces back and forth here, guarding the gate against any unauthorized visitors, such as insurance salesmen.
Leader's Office
The Brigand Leader, your penultimate goal in the game, resides here.
Mess Hall
A time-based series of puzzles, best solved by trial-and-error, or following the walkthrough.
Trap Room
A series of movement puzzles.  If you aren't following the walkthrough, be sure to save often in here.
Warlock's Maze
This place is best summed up by the in-game comment about it:  MC Escher would LOVE this place!