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Every RPG has its share of non-player characters (NPCs) that can help or hinder you along your way.  Most of them have some kind of information that can be helpful to you, and since there is no quest log in the game to keep track of what you've done and need to do, it's useful to talk to everyone about everything you can think of.  This is easier in the VGA version, since the conversation tree tells you everything a given NPC will respond to.  EGA players, unfortunately, will have to think up their own questions to ask.

Wolfgang Abenteuer
The master of the all but abandoned Spielburg Adventurer's Guild.  He can tell you everything you need to know about most of the monsters you'll encounter in the forest.
Baba Yaga
An ogress who flew into the valley several years back and has been wreaking havoc on the Baron and his family ever since.
The Baker
Don't expect to find him in his store--he's on a perpetual fishing trip with the Butcher, at a table in the bar.
The Barber
With so few heads to trim in Spielburg, he spends his time slouched on a stool in the bar, "Out to lunch".
The Bartender
Bartenders are usually full of gossip, but this guy is all business.
The aptly named skull is Baba Yaga's gatekeeper.  He won't let you in unless you do something for him first.
A shadowy figure who never leaves his post in the Thieves' Guild.  You can sell your stolen loot to him, once you've purchased a license.
A big blue behemoth belching bad poetry and always alliterating. He'll happily help the Hero for a few fistfuls of fruit.
Brigand Leader
The mastermind behind the brigand raids.  Get rid of the leader, and the brigands will be easily overrun.
Brigand Warlock
A caster of spells and puns.  Ask him about the right thing, though, and he'll help you out.
A rather shady-looking guy who hangs out most afternoons in front of town, tossing a poisoned dagger in his hand.  He'll give you information, for a price.  It's best to stay on his good side--that poison works quickly.
A brigand who holds a key that you might need later on.  He's a little paranoid about your heroics and would love to take your head home to his leader.
The Butcher
The sign on his door says "Gone fishin'".  You won't find him at the lake, though.  He's in the bar with the Baker.
Chief Thief
The head of the Thieves' Guild in Spielburg.  You can practice throwing with him, and earn a bit of cash--just stay out of his way.
The Thieves' Guild's muscle.  He'll let you into the Guild if you can give him the password, or toss you out of the bar if he decides he doesn't like you.
Zara's familiar.
Abdulla Doo
A merchant who was robbed by brigands on his way into town.  Help him out and he might tell you something interesting...
The Dryad
The keeper of the woods in the valley.  Helping her is necessary to complete the game, so be nice.
'Enry the 'Ermit
As 'is name suggests, 'e's an 'ermit, and also a friend of Erasmus.  'E lives in a cave near the Flying Falls, and is definitely worth visiting, if just for the comedic value.
A powerful archmage who once passed through Spielburg.  She's long gone by now, but her protection spell still hangs over the town, and the healing spell on her field, Erana's Peace, makes it the best place to sleep.
A rather eccentric wizard who lives in a rather eccentric house in the northeast.  He's full of information, if you can tolerate his bad jokes.  Just try to humor him (no pun intended--that's Fenrus's job).
Forest sprites that come out at night to dance in the mushroom circle.
Erasmus's familiar (or is it the other way around?), he's constantly defeating the wizard in battles of wits.
A troll who guards the back door to the brigand's camp.  He'll leave you alone if you know the password.
The doorman of Erasmus's house.  If you want to get by him, you'll have to answer three questions, which get harder (but still possible) to answer if you've managed to annoy Erasmus.
Otto von Goon
The sheriff's deputy, who can (literally) throw you in jail with his little finger if you get caught breaking any laws.
The Healer
If you ask, she'll tell you that Amelia Appleberry is her name, but she's mostly known as the Healer.  She can make and sell potions for you, and is willing to buy any potion ingredients you happen across.
The gatekeeper of Spielburg castle.  He's a good source of information, but not much else (besides opening the gate for you).
The clerk at the Dry Goods store.  Until I played the VGA version of the game, I didn't realize he even had a name.  He wants to be an adventurer, but instead spends his time reading adventure books and selling things that the real heroes need.
A pretty unfriendly creature who is holding the Baronet hostage.
Little balls of fur with legs.  The green Meep is the only one who will talk to you.
Schultz Meistersson
Sheriff of Spielburg, and ex-adventurer.  He has some good stories to tell if you ask.
Heinrich Pferdefedern
A centaur farmer who spends his days working in the field to the north of town.
Hilde Pferdefedern
Heinrich's daughter, who runs the produce stand in town.
A beggar who hangs out in the alley during the day.  Help him out and he can answer a few questions.
The Katta owner of the Hero's Tale Inn.
Shameen's wife, the waitress and cook of the Hero's Tale Inn.
Barnard von Spielburg
The arrogant Baronet has been missing for a while.  Rescuing him should be one of your first acts as a soon-to-be Hero.
Elsa von Spielburg
The Baron's daughter, also missing.
Stefan von Spielburg
The cursed Baron of Spielburg.  You'll meet him only once, so be sure to ask him some questions for those puzzle points!
Stable Master
The keeper of the Baron's horses.  He has a lot of work of his own to do, so he'll pay you for a few hours' work if you want to help him out.
A minotaur guarding the entrance to the brigands' camp.  The toughest fighter in the game, but fortunately there are ways of getting past him.
Weapon Master
A swordsman who practices in the castle courtyard.  If you have the Parry skill, he'll offer you a lesson for a gold piece.
The court jester went missing shortly after Elsa did.  Alas, poor Yorick!
The half-human and half-fairy owner of the Magic Shop in town.  She's pretty much all business, but will answer some questions if you have them.  She is also the only source of three spells Magic-Users will need to complete the game.