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"Enough with the vague tips!  Just tell me what to do!"  Well, here you are.  I've organized the walkthrough by my preferred order to do things, but most of this can be done in any order.  Also, unlike most of the rest of the series, there is no time limit to the game (my record is midday on day 43 before I got bored) so don't worry about missing anything if you don't do it on the right day (there is one quest that has a time limit, though--I'll tell you when you get there).

Since there are multiple solutions to most puzzles depending on your class, you'll find lists throughout the walkthrough showing the three solutions.  Look for the following icons for class-specific quests and solutions:

  • Fighter
  • Magic-User
  • Thief

Note that I wrote this walkthrough using the EGA version, which I greatly prefer to the VGA version, and then went back through the VGA version and modified what needed to be modified.  Because of this, VGA users might find things in the walkthrough slightly different from what you see in the game.  I still recommend the EGA version for everyone, though, since it allows you to export your character into QFG2.

Also note:  Throughout this walkthrough, I'll be putting puzzle points you'll be earning in parentheses after the task.  If a point award is class-specific, there will be a letter along with the number.  For example, (F1) means a Fighter earned one point, (M3) means a Magic User earned three points, and (T3) means a Thief earned three points.  At the end of each section, I'll also show a total of the points you should have earned so far.

Also also note:  Since EGA users will have to enter their commands by typing, and since one of the most frustrating things in typing-based game is trying to figure out exactly what word the game wants, I'll put commands to be typed in bold text.  VGA users will have it easier in this respect, since it's all point-and-click.  If the icon to use or the place to click isn't intuitive, I'll include that information where applicable.

Character Creation
Welcome to Spielburg!
The Lost Ring
Silver Lining (Thieves Only)
Call of Nature
Dispel, Dat Spell, What's the Difference?
The Bear Necessities
A Dinner Date
Spelling Lessons
A Fight to the Finish (Fighters Only)
The Brigands' Brig
Just Desserts

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