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Axes (54)
Usable by: Warrior, Dragonute; Attack Delay: 12; Attack Recoil: 15

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Item NameATKAXE LV.Special Effects
 Short Axe190
 Hand Axe220
 Stone Axe340
 Goblin Axe281VIT +3
 Red Axe281VIT +5
 Middle Axe291
 Power Tomahawk331
 Battle Tomahawk402
 Broad Axe442
 Power Axe513
 Heat Axe523RFR +10
 Fire Axe 1523Critical hit +3
 Bolt Axe 1523DEX +3
 Venom Axe 1523Attack speed +1
 Chaos Axe 1523+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
 Ice Axe 1523VIT +3
 Darkness Axe 1523INT +3
 Shining Axe 1523DEF +3
 Buster Halberd553Critical hit +10
 Executioner6035% of damage goes to HP, Cursed
 Ryujin's Axe534VIT +2
 Battle Axe584
 Large Axe624
 Double Axe654
 Giant Axe675DEF +5
 Fire Axe 2675Critical hit +5
 Bolt Axe 2675DEX +5
 Venom Axe 2675Attack speed +2
 Chaos Axe 2675+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
 Ice Axe 2675VIT +5
 Darkness Axe 2675INT +5
 Shining Axe 2675DEF +5
 Pole Axe695
 Soul Axe7055% of damage goes to HP
 Great Axe735
 Crescent Axe765
 Cursed Axe775Recoil +4, Cursed
 Dragon Axe857 +20, RIC +20, Critical hit +8
 Fire Axe 3857Critical hit +7
 Bolt Axe 3857DEX +7
 Venom Axe 3857Attack speed +3
 Chaos Axe 3857+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
 Ice Axe 3857VIT +7
 Darkness Axe 3857INT +7
 Shining Axe 3857DEF +7
 Apollo Axe877RFR +30
 Evil Axe937Cursed