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 = Monster has an entry in the game's Monster Dictionary
Paste Family
 Paste  Green Paste  Bubble Paste  Fire Paste  Lightning Paste  Ice Paste

Goblin Family
 Goblin (Rare) Goblin  Hobgoblin (Rare) Hobgoblin  Goblin King

Orc Family
 Orc  Red Orc  Orc Captain  Blue Orc

Kobold Family
 Kobold  Kobold Captain  Kobold Lord  Kobold Bomber

Bat Family
 Giant Bat  Sea Bat  Thunder Bat  Vampire Bat  Cave Bat

Skeleton Family
 Skeleton (Rare) Skeleton  Skeleton Mage  Dark Skeleton  Skeleton Archer  Ice Shooter  Evil Sniper

Mummy Family
 Mummy  Poison Mummy  Living Dead

Mage Family
 Dark Mage  Arch Mage  Demon Master  Evil Druid

Gizmo Family
 Gizmo  Dark Smoke  Evil Cloud  Mist Demon  Volcanic Ash

Rat Family
 Giant Rat  Gray Rat  Vermin

Spider Family
 Spider  Giant Tick  Ice Spider  Tarantula

Fairy Family
 Fairy  Noble Fairy  Chaos Fairy

Unicorn Family
 Unicorn  Fire Mare  Unicorn Elder

Doll Family
 Doll  Puppet  Dark Puppet

Hobbit Family
 Hobbit  Hobbit Soldier  Hobbit Leader  Hobbit Marksman  Hobbit Sniper  Hobbit Ace

Ghost Family
 Ghost  Phantom  Wraith

Viking Family
 Viking  Viking Lord  Viking Leader

Eyeball Family
 Watcher  Bloodshot Eye  Forest Eye  Evil Eye

Archer Family
 Death Archer  Dark Sniper  Bow Master  Chaos Archer

Worm Family
 Worm  Evil Worm  Purple Worm  Lava Worm

Scorpion Family
 Scorpion  King Scorpion  Death Scorpion

Harpy Family
 Harpy  Harpy Queen  Poison Harpy

Toadstool Family
 Toadstool  Matango  Myconid

Humanoid Family
 Yeti  Bigfoot  Mad Ape

Minotaur Family
 Minotaur  Death Minotaur  Dark Minotaur

(Will o' the) Wisp Family
 Wisp  Snow Elemental  Wicked Flame  Dark Spirit

Knight Family
 Rune Knight  Silver Knight  Dark Knight

Gargoyle Family
 Gargoyle  Ice Gargoyle  Belial

Colossus Family
 Colossus  Colossus II  Colossus III

Demon Family
 Lesser Demon  Demon  Arch Demon

Cerberus Family
 Cerberus  Hell Hound  Poison Hound

Golem Family
 Golem  Ice Golem  Mudman

Lizard Family
 Snow Lizard  Salamander  Vampire Lizard

Dragon Family
 Dragon  White Dragon  Soul Dragon

Angel Family
 Angel  Seraph  Archangel

Vampire Family
 Vampire  Blood Fiend  Vampire Lord

Mortal-Enemy Family
 Reaper  Specter  Envoy of Death

Giant Family
 Holy Giant  Blue Giant  Titan

Automaton Family
 Flaming Eye  Frigid Eye  Dark Eye

Fan-created Family
(Idea by Hoursey [Umatan])
 Kitten Champ
(Idea by H.hiryu)
(Idea by Taiyou)

Master Family
 Captain Gully  Giant  Haunted Armor  Yeti King