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Bows (53)
Usable by: Archer; Attack Delay: 10; Attack Recoil: 1

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Item NameATKBOW LV.Special Effects
 Wooden Bow60
 Short Bow90
 Iron Bow110
 Steel Bow141
 Ranger Bow161
 Bone Shot181DEX +5, RDK +10
 Middle Bow191
 Hunter's Bow242
 Composite Bow262
 Rock Bow293
 Gale Bow323DEX +5, +150% damage to flying
 Fire Bow 1323Critical hit +3
 Bolt Bow 1323DEX +3
 Venom Bow 1323Attack speed +1
 Chaos Bow 1323+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
 Ice Bow 1323VIT +3
 Darkness Bow 1323INT +3
 Shining Bow 1323DEF +3
 Heavy Crossbow343
 Doppler Bow343RDK +20, RLT +20
 Diabolic Bow403RDK +30, Cursed
 Robin's Bow354DEX +2
 Battle Bow364
 Great Bow414
 Sonic Bow435Attack speed +2, Critical hit +5
 Fire Bow 2435Critical hit +5
 Bolt Bow 2435DEX +5
 Venom Bow 2435Attack speed +2
 Chaos Bow 2435+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
 Ice Bow 2435VIT +5
 Darkness Bow 2435INT +5
 Shining Bow 2435DEF +5
 Wrapped Bow445
 Soul Bow4555% of damage goes to HP
 Heavy Ballista465
 Battle Longbow495
 Blood Bow5152% of damage goes to HP, 2% of damage goes to SP, Cursed
 Master Bow535DEX +10, Critical hit +10
 Lunar Bow567RFR +5, RIC +5, RTH +5
 Fire Bow 3567Critical hit +7
 Bolt Bow 3567DEX +7
 Venom Bow 3567Attack speed +3
 Chaos Bow 3567+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
 Ice Bow 3567VIT +7
 Darkness Bow 3567INT +7
 Shining Bow 3567DEF +7
 Sagittarius Bow587RFR +10, RIC +10, RTH +10
 Cantarela Bow647Cursed